[Top 3] Dark Souls 3 Best Greatbows That Are Lethal

[Top 3] Dark Souls 3 Best Greatbows That Are Lethal
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Greatbows are extremely powerful versions of normal bows that have the capacity of destroying enemies in a single shot. This is counterbalanced by how strong you need to be to use one, since most of them are very heavy and require a good deal of strength use, on top of having a long draw time, leaving you vulnerable while you attack. These weapons are great for players that want to have some decent artillery at their disposal and prefer strong ranged combat instead of melee. Happy hunting!

3. Onislayer Greatbow

How to get the Onislayer Greatbow

This weapon, lore-wise, is employed in hunting giant horned Oni, so it’s already notorious by word-of-mouth. Gameplay-wise, however, it stacks well against the other Greatbows, making it an excellent weapon with the longest range of any Bow, so you’re basically a sniper while using it. The only disconcerting thingis its strange scaling since it has mediocre Dex scaling to a point, then very bad scaling, after which it has good scaling… don’t ask. 

What makes the Onislayer Greatbow great:

  • Very long range
  • Good damage
  • Strong Weapon Art
  • Stronger damage depending on ammo used

Onislayer Greatbow stats:

  • Regular: 111 physical attack | Dexterity scaling: C
  • Regular +3: 155 physical attack | Dexterity scaling: C
  • Regular +5: 194 physical attack | Dexterity scaling: B

2. Dragonslayer Greatbow

How to get the Dragonslayer Greatbow

Quite similar to the Onislayer Greatbow, except with higher damage, the Dragonslayer Greatbow is a devastating weapon capable of absolute destruction in most situations. Its Weapon Art allows it to fire a very strong puncturing arrow that makes its way through any and all enemies it comes across. The drawback to such power is that it needs to be anchored to the ground before it can be fired, which takes up a lot of time and leaves you vulnerable. 

What makes the Dragonslayer Greatbow great:

  • High damage
  • Very good Weapon Art
  • Good scaling

Dragonslayer Greatbow stats:

  • Regular: 126 physical attack | Dexterity scaling: D
  • Regular +3: 176 physical attack | Dexterity scaling: C
  • Regular +5: 220 physical attack | Dexterity scaling: C

1. Millwood Greatbow

How to get the Millwood Greatbow

The Millwood Knights are some of the coolest enemies you will face in the Dark Souls series, and these bows are in another world when it comes to raw damage output. Bows usually scale with Dexterity, but this Greatbow scales with Strength, to a ferocious degree. It also has a unique Weapon Art, which draws the arrow back with more power, and makes it explode on impact, demolishing anything it touches. Players focusing on Strength build with some range should consider this Greatbow for a blast!

What makes the Millwood Greatbow great:

  • Very good damage
  • Incredible Weapon Art
  • High Strength scaling

Millwood Greatbow stats:

  • Regular: 139 physical attack | Strength scaling: C
  • Regular +3: 193 physical attack | Strength scaling: B
  • Regular +5: 242 physical attack | Strength scaling: A


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