[Top 15] Dark Souls 3 Best Sorceries That Destroy Enemies

[Top 15] Dark Souls 3 Best Sorceries That Destroy Enemies
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Sorceries are an amazing gameplay mechanic that everyone should try out when playing the game. The spells that are available for you to use are scaled so you can’t have all of them at the beginning of the game, but as you progress, it becomes much easier to acquire the spells you need to destroy your enemies. This article will cover some of the best spells that are available to the player in Dark Souls 3.

15. Great Soul Arrow

How to get the Great Soul Arrow (Orbeck of Vinheim)

The Great Soul Arrow is the direct upgrade of the Soul Arrow and proves itself to be quite an efficient spell that is reliable throughout any part of the game. It is acquired by unlocking Orbeck of Vinheim, who gives you more advanced spells. It has excellent damage that is applied before resistances. 

What makes the Great Soul Arrow great:

  • Great damage
  • Good for any Sorcery build
  • Cheap
  • Low FP cost

14. Heavy Soul Arrow

How to get the Heavy Soul Arrow (Yoel of Londor)

One of the most efficient sorceries in the game due to the low FP cost, the Heavy Soul Arrow is an amazing spell that can be a central part of any Sorcery build, aside from other spells that you can use. It is acquired by unlocking Yoel of Londor, who will make the spell available to you. 

What makes the Heavy Soul Arrow great:

  • Extremely efficient
  • Good at long range
  • Can be upgraded into the Great Heavy Soul Arrow

13. Farron Dart

How to get the Farron Dart (Orbeck of Viheim)

Here we have a Sorcery that is extremely fast and FP-efficient, fitting into any build similar to how Throwing Knives do. Nearly instant when casting, it is extremely good and fun to use, ideal for players that want a fast Sorcery build for high mobility. 

What makes the Farron Dart great:

  • Near-instant cast time
  • Great for mobility builds
  • Cheap for purchase
  • Can be upgraded to the Great Farron Dart

12. Farron Hail

How to get the Farron Hail (6:45)

A beefy version of the Farron Darts, the Farron Hail fires a volley of darts, overwhelming enemies. While it does deal lower damage, the darts fired are numerous, so the damage stacks up quickly. The cast time is a bit longer than other spells we have mentioned so far, so you do need to be more careful.

What makes the Farron Hail great:

  • Great damage
  • FP efficient
  • Easy to get

11. Old Moonlight

How to get the Old Moonlight (5:53)

A very powerful spell that is a one-shot attack using the image of the Moonlight Greatsword, slashing enemies directly for great damage. The spell can be charged to fire off moonlight projectiles over a distance. Coupled with the nice scaling and versatility, this spell is quite useful for many situations and many builds.

What makes the Old Moonlight great:

  • Great damage
  • Good scaling
  • Can fire projectiles
  • Increases power if charged

10. Hidden Body 

How to get the Hidden Body (6:08)

Stealth is more than viable in Souls games, and Hidden Body is an excellent spell that fills that requirement very well. It allows you to turn yourself nearly invisible, making enemies detect you less easily. It is not perfect invisibility, due to the lore, but it is quite efficient nonetheless. The Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring and the Untrue White Ring will make you essentially a ghost for your enemies, so they can’t detect you at all. Very useful when you want to avoid combat!

What makes Hidden Body great:

  • Makes you nearly invisible
  • Cheap cost
  • Can be combined with other items to make you even more undetectable

9. Great Magic Shield

How to get the Great Magic Shield (4:25)

This spell, found in Irithyll, provides a buff to your equipped shield, increasing the absorption immensely and it allows any shield to provide a 100% block on any attack. This is great when you have a weak shield and you need to increase its effectiveness in combat, and don’t want to go out of your way to get a better one.

What makes the Great Magic Shield great:

  • Great buff for shields

8. Crystal Hail

How to get the Crystal Hail (Crystal Sage Soul)

To get this spell, you need to transpose the soul of the Crystal Sage with Ludleth of Courland. The fight itself is relatively easy so you can get it quite early in the game. It creates a mass of crystals that hover above you and strike at enemies periodically, so it’s very useful for fights that require you to move around a lot, and play a bit safer.

What makes the Crystal Hail great:

  • Good damage
  • Easy to acquire
  • Very useful in many situations

7. Crystal Soul Spear

How to get the Crystal Soul Spear (7:58)

A very powerful sorcery, the Crystal Soul Spear is a direct upgrade to the normal Soul Spear, and is quite effective in combat, dealing high damage quickly. It is acquired by getting the Crystal Scroll, which will make it, as well as other sorceries available for purchase. 

What makes the Crystal Soul Spear great:

  • Good damage
  • Easy to attain
  • Straightforward execution

6. Soul Greatsword

How to get the Soul Greatsword (Orbeck of Vinheim)

The Soul Greatsword is a spell that is quite similar to the Old Moonlight sorcery, so it is quite useful when your magic falters, you’re in a bad spot, and you need some melee damage to clear some enemies to make way for progress. It deals great damage, is easy to get, and pairs well with other spells such as Farron Flashsword.

What makes the Soul Greatsword great:

  • Good damage
  • Great for groups of enemies
  • Can pair nicely with other spells 
  • Easy to get

5. White Dragon Breath

How to get the White Dragon Breath (defeat Oceiros)

Here we have a great AOE spell that is acquired after transposing the Soul of Consumed Oceiros. It is quite powerful, as it allows the caster to spew a breath that creates crystals in front of the caster, dealing damage. It is excellent in tight spaces and can even be formed up walls and ladders, aiding in such situations.

What makes the White Dragon Breath great:

  • AOE damage
  • Good scaling
  • Great for small spaces
  • Good damage

4. Homing Crystal Soulmass

How to get the Homing Crystal Soulmass (7:58)

One of the most powerful sorceries in the game, the Homing Crystal Soulmass forms 5 crystal orbs above you which will periodically launch themselves at enemies, dealing huge damage. It is acquired by getting the Crystal Scroll and can be purchased by Orbeck of Vinheim for 10,000 souls. Great deal, if you ask me.

What makes the Homing Crystal Soulmass great:

  • Huge damage
  • Reliable
  • Quick to cast
  • Relatively cheap

3. Spook

How to get Spook (Orbeck of Vinheim)

Spook is one of the most useful spells in Dark Souls 3, mainly because it negates any fall damage that is above the death threshold, making it ideal for performing jumps, skips, jumping off of roofs without breaking your precious knees, etc. It is especially useful for speedrunners, who use it constantly for more efficient runs.

What makes Spook great:

  • Negates fall damage
  • Very useful
  • Easy to get
  • Great for speedrunning

2. Great Magic Weapon

How to get the Great Magic Weapon (0:53)

Providing a buff that adds magic damage to your main weapon, the Great Magic Weapon is a spell that anyone focusing on sorcery with a dash of melee should have. It provides excellent damage and is quite reliable in many situations, and can be even further buffed with items such as the Lingering Dragoncrest Ring.

What makes the Great Magic Weapon great:

  • Reliable
  • Good damage
  • Can be found easily
  • Can be further buffed by certain items

1. Soul Stream

How to get the Soul Stream (5:08)

Soul Stream is one of the best Sorceries in the game that needs to be executed perfectly to get the maximum out of it. It makes the player shoot out a gigantic laser beam of soul energy, which has multiple damage ticks, so it’s best used against larger enemies that won’t be blown away and can take the brunt of the damage. 

What makes Soul Stream great:

  • Extremely long range
  • Great damage
  • Requires skill to execute
  • Fastest projectile in the game

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