Dark Souls 3 Best Class - What to Choose?

Dark Souls 3 Best Class - What to Choose?
Choose Wisely, Ashen One

Your starting class will  define your playthrough of the game, so it is prudent to choose carefully and make sure that you utilize each class to the maximum. Proper stat alignment and a plan of action are very important for Dark Souls 3, so this article will cover all of the starting classes in the game, their strengths and weaknesses, when to pick them and what to expect when launching a playthrough with each given class. 

10. Knight

The Knight is a basic class that many players will select when starting out for the first time. This is because of the straightforward elements that the class offers in the form of good balance of damage and defense, as well as a reliable means of traversing the game. It has the highest starting Vitality to accommodate the heavy armor you get. The armor itself is a great way of protecting yourself from enemies and bosses alike, so the early stages of the game aren’t as gruelling as with lower-defense classes. 

Pick the Knight class if:

  • You value good defense
  • You want a balanced build 
  • You’re a beginner
  • You want higher Vitality and equip load

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9. Mercenary

The Mercenary class offers the highest Dexterity out of any class, along with lower armor at the beginning. The innate stats allow this class to dish out damage at a rapid rate using the Sellsword Twinblades and high attack speed. With the proper infusions and build path, this class can get some crazy damage output against enemies. The Sellsword Twinblades are a favorite in the Souls community because of their reliability and general usefulness. It is possible to two-hand the blades to use their Weapon Art for even more damage output. 

Pick the Mercenary class if: 

  • You prefer an aggressive approach
  • You want a strong damage output
  • You prefer faster gameplay
  • You want to be more mobile

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8. Herald

The Herald is one of the more underappreciated classes in the game. It starts out with a shield and spear, preferring a safer approach to gameplay because the shield offers a 100% block and the spear can be used while the shield is blocking. Aside from the good range, the Herald also employs the use of lesser restorative Miracles that focus on healing, and can use more spells the higher their Attunement, eventually leading to much more powerful Miracles. Generally, the Herald is a great class for new players that want a safer approach to combat.

Pick the Herald class if:

  • You want a beginner-friendly experience
  • You want to be able to use some spells
  • You prefer shield-and-spear gameplay
  • You want to stay safe during battle

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7. Thief


The Thief starts out with the highest Luck stat out of any class, which means it has the highest starting Discovery, ideal for Bleed builds as well. As fits the theme, the Thief has very high mobility, opting for dashing in between enemies to slash them up from multiple angles instead of going for a head-on approach. This class is quite fun for players that prefer an aggressive and mobile playstyle, similar to the Mercenary. The proper infusions and upgrades allow this build to prosper to the maximum. It is also the only class that starts with a bow, as well as a bladed weapon.

Pick the Thief class if: 

  • You want to focus on Luck builds
  • You want more mobility
  • You prefer an aggressive playstyle
  • You want to give bow combat a try

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6. Warrior

A personal favorite of mine, the Warrior class offers the highest starting Strength out of any class, while also having low Attunement, so their spell usage is limited. Higher Strength and Vigor allows the Warrior to use a strong Battle Axe, favoring straightforward, high damage attacks instead of more nuanced gameplay. The player can opt to use only the starting weapon, but basically any heavy, Strength-scaling weapon will be ideal for traversing the game as a Warrior.

Pick the Warrior class if: 

  • You want strong straightforward damage
  • You want to use larger weapons
  • You prefer slower, in-your-face gameplay
  • You want a simple, balanced experience

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5. Assassin

The Assassin class is another class that offers high Dexterity and an aggressive playstyle, opting for thrusting damage and one of the best spells in the early game: Spook. Spook negates any fall damage that is not within the death threshold, allowing you to traverse the map without worrying about breaking your knees. The quick gameplay is especially emphasized by the Estoc, the starting weapon of the class, which is best used by thrusting in quick succession. Because of its usefulness, the Estoc and the Assassin class is a favorite among speedrunners, who want to finish the game in the quickest way possible.

Pick the Assassin class if:

  • You want quick, dextrous gameplay
  • You prefer higher mobility
  • You don’t want to be encumbered by heavy armor
  • You want to lower your fall damage
  • You want to have a fun experience

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4. Sorcerer

The Sorcerer class has the highest starting Attunement and Intelligence, ideal for casting spells at long range. The class itself starts out with the Mail Breaker, Soul Arrow, and Heavy Soul Arrow, putting emphasis on ranged combat right from the beginning of the game. As you progress, you will get more Attunement and, subsequently, more powerful spells. The reason this class is so fun and effective is because it takes a different approach to gameplay, instead of physical damage you focus on magic, and that is generally very fun. The offensive potential of the class is counterbalanced by very low Vigor and Strength, so you can’t really tank that much damage.

Pick the Sorcerer class if:

  • You want a fun approach to gameplay
  • You prefer damage over distance
  • You want a very strong damage output
  • You prefer safer gameplay
  • You like wizards

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3. Pyromancer

Similar to the Sorcerer and the Cleric, the Pyromancer class allows the player to manipulate Flame magic to destroy their enemies from a distance. Unlike the Sorcerer class, the Pyromancer is also strong when it comes to physical damage output, utilizing a hand axe for close quarters combat. The catalyst used by this class is called Pyromancy Flame, and can be upgraded as you progress through the game. Of course, through the use of Attunement and Faith, the Pyromancer can also get stronger Flame-based spells to lob at enemies, eventually leading to the use of Dark Pyromancies. Overall it is a very strong class that is quite reliable.

Pick the Pyromancer class if:

  • You want a fun experience
  • You prefer long-range gameplay
  • You want a fresh approach to combat
  • You want a reliable damage source for the entire game

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2. Cleric 

Next up we have the Cleric. Clerics prefer using high Faith builds to cast powerful Miracles and Lightning spells, along with solid Strength to wield the Mace effectively. This class is ideal for “Paladin” builds that utilize Strength and Faith for a deadly combination, complete with lightning and healing spells for a well-rounded setup. It is also the only class along with the Herald that starts with a healing source besides the Estus Flask, allowing for more versatility. 

Pick the Cleric class if:

  • You want to cast awesome healing spells
  • You want more versatility for restorative Miracles
  • You want to spice up your offensive potential
  • You want a reliable build for any situation

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1. Deprived

The underdog of the classes, the Deprived starts out at Soul Level 1, making them the weakest starting class. However, since the starting level is so low, you can easily mold this class into any specific build you want, even though players usually choose this build when doing a SL1 run, a challenge run where you beat the game without levelling, something every serious Souls player should try at some point. This class starts out with a loincloth, a Club and a crude shield, so the offensive capabilities are quite limited, but don’t let that stop you.

Pick the Deprived class if:

  • You want a good challenge
  • You want to make your own build
  • You want to try out a specific build that requires the starting class
  • You are a masochist

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With the caveman, we have come to the end of the article. The classes listed are not in a Top 10 order, but rather just an overview of what each class offers and how to utilize it in your playthrough. The important thing to take away from this is to have fun with them and make sure you play the game the way you want, with your own playstyle. Have fun and good luck!

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