[Top 5] Dark Souls 3 Best Builds for New Players

[Top 5] Dark Souls 3 Best Builds for New Players
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When you’re a new player you always want to have a decent strategy for progressing through the game, and that’s where I come in! In this article, I will list some of the best Dark Souls 3 builds that are oriented towards new players. They are simple builds that do not require much setup, so you can either get started with them immediately or get them going after some short progression. Have fun!

5. Basic Sorcery

Sorcery provides a very reliable damage output on top of keeping you safe through the utilization of long-range Sorceries. When using this build, it is quite simple to set it up, so you can acquire some top-notch Sorceries very early on. It is augmented with an array of rings, and you can utilize a melee weapon for a more aggressive approach if you prefer.

What makes the Basic Sorcery build great:

  • Reliable
  • Good damage
  • Long-range
  • Easy to set up

4. Quality Build

The Knight class offers some very nice, balanced stats which are easy to convert into a Quality build. This type of build benefits from both Dexterity and Strength, drawing excellent damage from them. To maximise the potential of this, you need to find a Refined Gem and infuse it into your weapon of choice. Overall, Quality builds are very fun because they provide a balanced experience for newcomers.

What makes the Quality build great:

  • Very balanced
  • Reliable damage
  • Solid damage output
  • Easy to set up

3. Pyromancy

Pyromancy is very similar to Sorcery, exceptthe style of utilization, while Sorcery uses quick-casting spells and range, Pyromancies are usually slower to cast and Pyromancers can and should engage in melee combat to keep the pressure up. 

What makes the Pyromancy build great:

  • Great damage
  • Reliable
  • Versatile
  • Multiple approaches to combat

2. Full Dexterity

Dexterity is always useful when you want to be a mobile damage machine, so new players can benefit greatly from these types of builds. They are usually focused on Endurance and Dexterity, for damage and the ability to dish out damage at a decent rate. Sharp Gems are really useful here, as they increase the Dexterity scaling on your weapon.

What makes Dexterity builds great:

  • High attack speed
  • Great damage
  • Easy to get a good weapon early
  • Straightforward strategy

1. Full Strength 

Now we come to the arguably best build for new players, the Full Strength build. This one focuses on Strength and Vigor as main attributes. As opposed to the nuanced, quick damage that you get from Dexterity builds, these builds are much slower, but with much higher damage per hit, allowing you to chunk out bosses in a few hits. It’s very reliable and should be used by anyone who wants to establish a solid skill base for Dark Souls 3. Heavy Gems are preferred here.

What makes the Full Strength build great:

  • Massive damage
  • Simple and straightforward
  • Easy to set up
  • Extremely fun and satisfying

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