[Top 10] Dark Souls 3 Best Armor (And How To Get Them)

[Top 10] Dark Souls 3 Best Armor (And How To Get Them)

Armor is one of the most important aspects in a slow-paced game such as Dark Souls 3. The many attributes that armor carries will help you absorb damage and survive fight after fight as you progress through the game. Aside from functionality, we all know that the main focus of armor is the fashion side of things, so this article will center around the general effectiveness of certain armor sets, but also around how good it looks as a set. 

10. Lothric Knight Set

How to get the Lothric Knight Set

More often than not, you’ll have some bad memories of the Lothric Knights that patrol the High Wall of Lothric, the Grand Archives, and Lothric Castle, I know I do. They are notoriously difficult enemies to face, with great offense and very strong defense. Nonetheless, they also look very cool, as their armor resembles the classic image of a regal, elite knight. Because of this, their set is great to use for general functionality and aesthetics, and you should consider grabbing it in your next playthrough. 

What makes the Lothric Knight Set great:

  • Extremely good defense
  • Well-rounded aesthetically
  • Relatively easy to get when more levels are acquired
  • The Lothric Knight weapons are an added bonus to the set

Lothric Knight Set details

9. Wolf Knight Set

 How to get the Wolf Knight Set

This set is riddled with nostalgia surrounding the great Artorias, Knight of the Abyss. It is a medium armor set, so you can remain mobile while fighting, much like the beloved boss of Dark Souls. Aside from the lore implications, it is a generally decent armor set that provides solid defense with the added benefit of mobility, in spite of the chicken legs. 

What makes the Wolf Knight Set great: 

  • Good for mobility and equip load
  • Very aesthetically pleasing
  • Solid defense
  • Lore galore

Wolf Knight Set details

8. Havel’s Set

 How to get Havel’s Set

Here we have the big boy armor, some of the heaviest equipment second only to Smough’s Set. You’re going to need some serious equip load to maximise the use of this set, best to do it using rings. Combining all of the pieces, Havel’s Set offers the highest Fire resistance in the game at one given time, ideal if you’re running into issues with fire. Being an extremely heavy set, the Poise you gain from wearing it is quite good, so you won’t be knocked around as much. 

What makes Havel’s Set great: 

  • Great damage resistance
  • Good Poise
  • High Fire resistance
  • Feels nice to use with the right equip load

Havel’s Set details

7. Faraam Armor Set

 How to get the Faraam Armor Set

Here we have an armor set that is tied to a god of war, and to Dark Souls 2, being the original armor your character was supposed to wear to “go beyond death”. Speaking from a functional standpoint, this armor set provides solid defense, and aesthetically it looks ever so slightly bulky, implying that it works wonders. Besides this, there isn’t much going for it aside from being an all-round great choice for a playthrough. 

What makes the Faraam Armor Set great: 

  • Lore implications
  • Looks great
  • Provides solid defense
  • Decent for mobility

Faraam Armor Set details

6. Armor of Thorns

How to get the Armor of Thorns

The Armor of Thorns is an unusual armor set, because it actually deals damage to enemies. Rolling into enemies with this armor set equipped will deal 2 damage, and it stacks the more pieces you wear. Of course, this tactic is not effective in actual gameplay at all, but it is a nice little addition to the game. It provides solid defense, and is aesthetically pleasing, since it is covered in thorns and looks quite menacing. In higher NG+ cycles the damage that the armor set deals is a bit higher, and can be increased further with items such as the Red Tearstone Ring.

What makes the Armor of Thorns great: 

  • Fun rolling mechanic
  • Nice to look at
  • Decent defense

Armor of Thorns details

5. Archdeacon Set

 How to get the Archdeacon Set

Here we have an armor set that does not feature much in the way of straightforward defense, but it looks awesome and is great for builds that focus on Faith or casting spells in general. One added bonus of the Archdeacon Set is that it has excellent Curse resistance. Definitely consider rocking the Pope look in your next playthrough if you’re not planning on worrying about taking damage. 

What makes the Archdeacon Set great: 

  • Very basic defense
  • Great Curse resistance
  • Looks very regal and cool

Archdeacon Set details

4. Millwood Set

 How to get the Millwood Set

The first armor set from a DLC, the Millwood Knight Set features a bulky look that is imposing and signifies the deadliness of the Millwood Knights. It looks absolutely badass, with a horned helm reminiscent of a stag, and individual pieces that flow into each other and create a fulfilled look. It really carries the notions of winter and a dreary setting, made more prominent by the symbol of the Ethereal Oak. 

What makes the Millwood Set great: 

Great defense

Decent weight

Looks incredible

Millwood Set details

3. Alva Set

How to get the Alva Set

The Alva Set is one of the armor sets that offers very good Poise for its weight class. Other armor sets feature better resistances, but this one makes up with it in Poise. Aside from the obvious functionality features, the Alva set just looks beautiful. Its description says that it was trimmed down to lower the weight, but it still looks like it was meant to protect your character, and the red tones that accompany the grey armor are simply stunning. 

What makes the Alva Set great: 

  • Visually stunning
  • Lower weight
  • Good for mobility
  • Good Poise for its weight class

Alva Set details

2. Ringed Knight Set

 How to get the Ringed Knight Set

The Ringed City DLC is a great amalgam of challenges, and the Ringed Knights are no exception to that. They are extremely difficult enemies that wield spectacular weapons, but they also wear this armor, which looks absolutely amazing. The visuals that are included in the set are a glowing ring in the middle of the chest, as well as fire effect on other areas, which suit the generally dark theme of the set wonderfully. 

What makes the Ringed Knight Set great: 

  • Good defense
  • Solid weight and Poise
  • Ideal combination with the weapons of the same class
  • Visually stunning

Ringed Knight Set details

1. Iron Dragonslayer Set

How to get the Iron Dragonslayer Set

The final armor set I’m going to be mentioning is the Iron Dragonslayer Set. This is the same armor that you have to fight in the base game, except the Ringed City DLC allows you to actually wear it, and let me tell you, it’s worth it! Ideal for Strength builds that want great defense and Poise, the Iron Dragonslayer Armor is a top-notch pick. Aside from its obvious functionality, the armor set is probably the best-looking set in the game, as it is imposing, huge, heavy and badass. 

What makes the Iron Dragonslayer Set great: 

  • Great defense
  • Very high Poise
  • Visually beautiful
  • Great for Strength builds

Iron Dragonslayer Set details

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