[Top 5] Dark Souls 3 Best Fist Weapons That Pack a Punch!

[Top 5] Dark Souls 3 Best Fist Weapons That Pack a Punch!
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Some of the most unique and interesting builds you can make in Dark Souls 3 are going to be Fist/Claw weapon builds. These weapons deviate from the norm of range and instead offer more nuanced close-ranged combat. Fighting with these weapons is insanely fun and you can have some great build variety between them, so the overall experience is never boring, and you’re always having fun. This article will cover some of the best Fist/Claw weapons, why they’re fun, and how to get them.

5. Crow Talons

How to get the Crow Talons

At number 5, we have the Crow Talons. This weapon is found on a rooftop in the Corvian Settlement, in the Ashes of Ariandel DLC. The Talons pack some crazy damage output due to their great Dexterity scaling and moveset, which is vicious and aggressive, so a similar playstyle is recommended for successful utilization of the weapon. Besides this, we also have some unique running and backstep attacks when two-handing, which amplifies the lethality of a weapon such as this.

What makes the Crow Talons great:

  • Great Dexterity scaling
  • Devastating Weapon Art
  • Strong and effective moveset
  • Unique attack patterns when two-handing

Crow Talons stats:

  • Regular: 91 physical attack | Dexterity scaling: C
  • Regular +3: 118 physical attack | Dexterity scaling: C
  • Regular +6: 145 physical attack | Dexterity scaling: C
  • Regular +10: 182 physical attack | Dexterity scaling: C

4. Dark Hand

How to get the Dark Hand

The best way to describe this weapon is to say that it’s all over the place. It is a spell catalyst but isn’t, it can function as a shield, but isn’t one, it’s a striking weapon with a fist moveset… so many things in one package. Don’t let this detract from the fact that despite the ambiguity of the weapon design, it’s still a  decent weapon for PvE, and especially PvP since it has a unique life drain mechanic that works only against humans. The moveset is straightforward, but strong because it has incorporated Dark damage. It can be acquired as early as Vordt of the Boreal Valley and can serve as a good substitute for a weapon until you find what you need.

What makes the Dark Hand great:

  • Dark damage
  • Unique shield
  • Lifedrain
  • High stagger potential

3. Caestus

How to get the Caestus

A simple, brawler-type weapon, the Caestus is excellent for many situations requiring stagger and Poise damage, seeing as the Weapon Art, Perseverance is ideal for this. It is the lightest infusible weapon, so some niche infusions are great to put on it for some added benefits. Also, two-handing the Caestus is extremely good against shield-wielding enemies, because its attacks will not be blocked by them, allowing you to break their guard and pummel them into a pulp like Bronson.

What makes the Caestus great:

  • Great stagger potential
  • Shield breaking
  • Good scaling
  • Great for parrying
  • Light weight

Caestus stats:

  • Regular: 91 physical attack | Strength scaling: D
  • Regular +3: 118 physical attack | Strength scaling: D
  • Regular +6: 145 physical attack | Strength scaling: D
  • Regular +10: 182 physical attack | Strength scaling: C

2. Demon’s Fist

How to get the Demon’s Fist

One of the more metal weapons on this list, the Demon’s Fist is awesome in many regards. Don’t believe me? Read the description of the weapon art: Flame Whirlwind
Spin through opponents with abandon, flaming fists outstretched. Using a strong attack while spinning utilizes your momentum to slam the ground with both fists. I rest my case. 

Jokes aside, this weapon is a great tool for getting through the game, due to its high damage and solid scaling, as well as the fantastic Weapon Art. You should consider picking this up for a playthrough.

What makes the Demon’s Fist great:

  • Amazing Weapon Art
  • Good damage
  • High stamina damage
  • Good for Pyromancers

Demon’s Fist stats:

  • Regular: 111 physical attack | Strength scaling: D
  • Regular +3: 165 physical attack | Strength scaling: C
  • Regular +5: 202 physical attack | Strength scaling: C

1. Claw

How to get the Claw (0:34)

And now, we come to the best Fist/Claw weapon in the game: The… Claw. Bet you weren’t expecting that. Nevertheless, we’re looking at a weapon that is extremely good at what it does, which is cutting people’s heads off. The Weapon Art is a leaping slash that aims for the opponent’s head, inflicting heavy critical damage if successful. On top of that, the moveset itself is quite reliable, as well as the scaling, which is a C in Dexterity. A weapon such as this should not be passed up if your goal is to demolish enemies.

What makes the Claw great:

  • Excellent Weapon Art
  • Good damage
  • Solid scaling
  • Can be used to parry attacks

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