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Traversing the end of the world in style

Dark Souls 3 is the culmination of the best fashion taken from the entire Souls’ series. What do you get when you take the best armor and fashion from the previous 2 installments in a series and put them into the third game? You get the armor in Dark Souls 3!

DS3 has the most viable and best looking armor of DS1 and DS2, as well as having a ton of options of its own, giving an insane amount of player choice and freedom with different stats and looks that can fit any build. However, there are quite a few armor options that are just better than others.

So, this list will focus on the best armor options available in DS3!


15. Dragonscale Set 

The Dragonscale set is one of the coolest looking sets in the entire game, save for the fact that you don’t wear shoes with it. This is a really cool set with wind and storm motifs, reminiscent of the legendary God of War that once wore it.

The crown with the flowy hair is a very common pick amongst many players, even those that like to mix and match armor pieces. Why? Just because it looks so cool. Walking around like an ancient storm god with ashen hair definitely gets many stylistic points.

How to get it: This armor can be purchased at the old woman in Firelink Shrine after defeating the Nameless King.


14. Havel’s Armor

Havel the Rock was one of the biggest badasses in the entire lore of Dark Souls. A stout supporter so loyal to Gwyn that he was seen as a friend, as well as being one of the most ardent and capable dragonslayers in the entire kingdom, so much so that his main weapon was the very tooth of a dragon that he had slain. Havel was a legendary figure who commanded his own legion of men who dressed and fought like him, aptly named the Havel Knights.

This armor is one that is extremely powerful and useful to have in the whole game. This is because of its ability to withstand most physical damage without staggering, as well as the insane amount of poise it gives you. It is made out of rock so you really feel like an actual tank when you have this on!

How to get it: It is found on a corpse where you fight the Stray Demon on the bridge above the Old Farron Watchdog. This corpse only appears once you have defeated the Havel Knight in Archdragon Peak.


13. Lorian’s Armor

Armor belonging to the best brother in the damn world. Lorian was one of the most celebrated knights in all of the Lothric kingdom, the man who single handedly defeated the Demon Prince in a fight where his sword was imbued with Chaos Flame forever. Upon learning about his brother's wish to renounce linking the flame, Lorian partook in his illness/curse and stayed by his brother's side.

Lorian’s Armor is fantastic. It is a mix between regal and dangerous, as the flowy robes underneath definitely give a look of royalty, whereas the thorny crown helmet gives the overall armor a very dangerous and scary look.

How to get it: Can be purchased from the Shrine Maiden in Firelink Shrine after defeating Lothric and Lorian.


12. Firelink Armor

The armor worn by the amalgamation of the souls of all the Lords of Cinder that have ever chosen to link the fire. Soul of Cinder includes even the soul of Gwyn and is summoned as a last ditch effort to stop you from reaching the first flame.

Though at first glance it seems only like an above average knight set, what it represents is incredible. This was the armor worn by the perfect send off to the fans of the series, and even has embers on the clothes that are slowly burning them away, signifying that this boss really is the manifestation of the flame and those who linked it.

How to get it: From the Shrine Handmaiden in Firelink Shrine after defeating Soul of Cinder.


11. Eastern Armor

This armor is a very good choice if you want to use katana’s but also want to stay safe from them, meaning that it has a ton of viability in PvP. This armor set also really stands out a lot because it is the only Eastern looking armor set in a game filled with Knights and medieval castles. Highly detailed and strangely beautiful, this armor is a great choice for any playthroughs.

How to get it: Can be bought from Shrine Handmaiden at Firelink Shrine after finding the Eastern Ashes before Anor Londo.


10. Undead Legion Armor

Some of the edgiest, yet coolest looking armor in the entire game. The undead legion was a massive army of soulless soldiers who all shared a singular soul in allegiance with the Great Wolf of Farron. They were modeled after the legendary Artorias and were essentially used to completely melt down entire kingdoms wherever they saw traces of the Abyss.

The set consists of leather armor with a cape. This cape has pitch black tendrils creeping up it, which signifies the eternal battle that the watchers did with the Abyss, to the point where it latched itself onto them as well. Oh, and there is also a really snazzy helmet.

How to get it: Can be bought from the Shrine Handmaiden at Firelink Shrine after defeating the Abyss Watchers.


9. Morne’s Armor

This cool armor was worn by Eygon of Carim in the main game, who was in the lands of Lothric accompanying his blind handmaiden Irina. The knights of Carim were all like this, dedicating their entire lives in service to just 1 handmaiden, just as their hero Morne had dedicated himself to 1 goddess.

This cool set consists of a heavy armor that seems to be made with crude black iron. The armor itself is fairly simple and not very ornate, save for the terrifying helmet which looks like some random beast which may or not be Morne himself. Very useful for striking fear in the hearts of your opponents.

How to get it: Can be bought from the Shrine Handmaiden at Firelink Shrine if you kill Eygon of Carim in the Undead Settlement.


8. Silver Knight Armor

The armor set worn by the very loyal knights of Gwyn and the guards of the legendary city of Anor Londo. These knights still guard the city to this day, sniping you from their greatbows from miles away.

The armor is a very cool, fully metal set which is a combination of both ringmail and plate armor. The helmet of this set is really unique as well, with these horns that give them a very ominous yet kind of angelic look, which definitely fits their role as staunch guardians of their city.

How to get it: Random drop from Silver Knights.


7. Gundyr’s Armor

The armor belonging to the tutorial boss of the game, Gundyr is one tough cookie. An absolute tank of a man, he was chosen to link the fire, only to find his maiden dead when he reached Firelink Shrine. This caused Gundyr to refine himself to an area right in front of the Shrine, serving as a test to all those who seek to link the fire after him. The gravestones in the entire area belong to those who were unable to best him.

This heavy plate set is incredibly strong and gives a ton of resilience and poise if you wear the full set. It is also incredibly ornate and beautiful, making the wearer an absolute menace in every fight.

How to get it: Can be bought from the Shrine Handmaiden at Firelink Shrine after defeating Champion Gundyr


6. Fallen Knight Armor

The armor that everyone wore for at least some time in their first playthrough. It belonged to a fallen knight who had disbanded from his company and met an untimely death at the Road of Sacrifices. 

This armor looks super edgy, but also really cool as it consists of very tough black armor with ornate gold patterns on it, all covered by torn and tattered robes that give a very rogue look. This set also offersgreat fire resistance.

How to get it: Found on a corpse on the Road of Sacrifices behind one of the giant crab enemies.


5. Black Knight Armor

The spikier and more emo version of the Silver Knight armor, this set belonged to those chosen few Silver Knights that were taskedto descend to the depths of the world to fight the Demons and Chaos Flame. These battles charred and burned their armor black as well as twisting it in some places to make a very devilish and cool armor set.

This is very similar in looks to the Silver Knight set, but is completely black and has spikier finishes. It is said that the Black Knights that roam the lands are basically ash and fight Demons to this day. Contrary to the angelic, guardian-like look of the Silver Knight set, this armor set has been burned and twisted, essentially flipping the roles to those of demons or devils that hunt down their enemies.

How to get it: Dropped by Black Knights in the Demon Ruins.


4. Iron Dragonslayer Armor

The incredibly cool armor worn by the Dragonslayers, the highest ranking and most powerful of all the knights in Gwyns army. This faction was led by the famous Dragonslayer Ornstein, who too donned armor similar to this. This particular set belonged to a long deceased dragonslayer but was reanimated by the Pilgrim Butterflies to battle us.

This whole set is made from very tough iron and offers very good physical damage reduction and poise. It has these seemingly chainmail robes but the real hero of the set is the red plume on the helmet which does give a very Spartan look to it.

How to get it: Can be bought from the Shrine Handmaiden at Firelink Shrine after defeating Dragonslayer Armor.


3. Artorias Armor

The armor of the famous Artorias of the Abysswalker. He was one of the 4 knights of Gwyn, the most elite generals in all of Gwyns army and were instrumental in the success of the gods over the dragons. He was then tasked to bring down the Abyss from Oolacile but was unsuccessful, giving his life to stop it. 

Artorias is remembered to this day as a legend and a hero, one that was willing to give his life to stop the spread of the Abyss. The armor itself is really cool, slender and absolutely badass, really showing how cool and powerful he truly was.

How to get it: Can be bought from the Shrine Handmaiden at Firelink Shrine after defeating Champion Gundyr


2. Drakeblood Knight Armor

Perhaps I’m old fashioned, but this set looks very similar to the classic knightly hero stories that we have been listening to our entire lives. And that’s why I love it. It is absolutely beautiful and ornate, with black iron armor which is offset with beautiful and intricate gold engravings that give a very unique look.

The lore speaks of this armor belonging to the Drakeblood Knights, a sect of knights that used to worship the blood of dragons. And so, this is why they are found in Archdragon Peak, protecting and worshiping their scaly gods. Their red cloth hanging from the armor signifies their yearning for dragon’s blood.

How to get it: Sometimes, the bell ringing enemies in Archdragon Peak will summon these knights. When they do, kill them and then warp to the Oceiros bonfire and make your way to the place where you picked up the ‘Meditate’ emote. The set is located on the same corpse.


1. Faraam Armor

Now for what will always remain my favorite armor set in the entire series, we have the Faraam set. The Faraam set was made in the distant land of Faraam and has ornate metalwork on it and was said to have been made as a tribute to the god of war that they worshiped in those lands. The engravings located on the helmet seem to show the battles that this god fought.

This armor is just the perfect blend of beautiful and cool, with intricate metal work, combined with instances of leather and gambeson as well, all covered by the fur draped over the shoulders. More than most armors in the game, it seems like one that can actually exist in the real world that we live in, as well as being the perfect fantasy armor. All these things come together and make this the best looking armor in the entire game.

How to get it: Defeat the NPC enemies right outside of the Grand Archives. One of them will be wearing this set.

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