[Top 15] Dark Souls 3 Best Miracles That Fortify Your Gameplay

43. [Top 15] Dark Souls 3 Best Miracles That Fortify Your Gameplay
Prepare to be shot down

15. Sacred Oath

 How to get Sacred Oath

Sacred Oath is very useful as a small buffing niche Miracle, which adds a percentage of your attack rating and increases absorption, ideal for a little power boost in early to midgame. Its range and duration can be increased by specific items. Take this Miracle into consideration when trying to make any Faith build or any build that requires additional damage early. 

What makes Sacred Oath great:

  • More damage
  • More absorption
  • The range can be increased
  • Duration can also be increased
  • Very useful early

Sacred Oath details

14. Great Heal

How to get Great Heal (7:48)

You can never go wrong with some good healing, and Great Heal fills that requirement quite well, restoring a large amount of HP to you and allies in the vicinity. It is excellent for any situation and should be considered when creating a support-type build, or any builds that require some last-minute healing.

What makes Great Heal great:

  • High amount of HP restored
  • Good AOE heal
  • Reliable
  • The range can be increased with the Sacred Chime of Fillianore

Great Heal details

13. Vow of Silence

How to get Vow of Silence (19:03)

One of the most useful Miracles to use against spell-casting enemies and general enemies in PvP. The AOE is effective and silences you as well as your enemies. Its range can be increased, it reveals Mimics, and is generally quite useful against any projectile-casting enemy.

What makes Vow of Silence great:

  • Disables spells in the vicinity
  • Its range can be increased
  • Great against enemies that use many spells, such as Aldritch

Vow of Silence details

12. Lightning Blade

How to get Lightning Blade (10:46)

Lightning Blade is a useful Miracle that basically acts as a simple Lightning infusion on your weapon, so you can keep whatever infusion you have on your main weapon, and use Lightning Blade when you have enemies that are specifically weak to Lightning damage. It is especially useful on weapons that already have innate Lightning damage, such as the Dragonslayer’s Axe.

What makes Lightning Blade great:

  • Good Lightning damage
  • Duration can be buffed
  • Great of Faith builds

Lightning Blade details

11. Force

How to get Force (17:47)

Force makes your enemies respect social distancing whether they like it or not, and is great for giving yourself some breathing room to approach combat differently. It is incredibly useful, even though it does no damage, and can be used as a last resort against powerful enemies that would do better to stay back.

What makes Force great:

  • Very useful
  • Strong against groups of enemies
  • AOE attack

Force Details

10.  Deep Protection

How to get Deep Protection (18:49)

A great Miracle for beginners that need a bit of help before midgame, Deep Protection offers severalbonuses to your character, namely extra attack damage, damage absorption and resistance, and stamina recovery speed. You never know when one of these stats could mean the difference between life and death, so it’s a prudent idea to include this into your build. The buff lasts 60 seconds.

What makes Deep Protection great:

  • Adds extra damage
  • Adds more resistances
  • More absorption
  • Extra stamina regen
  • Reliable
  • Good for new players

Deep Protection details

9. Blessed Weapon

How to get Blessed Weapon (21:32)

A very simple Miracle, Blessed Weapon adds a flat percentage of 7.5% to the buffed weapon’s attack rating, along with health regeneration. This is great for builds that require some extra damage, as well as some more survivability. There is a lot of additional information regarding scaling and more, so follow the Miracle detail link to read up on it to implement it into your build.

What makes Blessed Weapon great:

  • Useful
  • Extra damage
  • Added health regeneration
  • Can be buffed for more regen

Blessed Weapon details

8. Dorhys’ Gnawing 

How to get Dorhys' Gnawing (6:51)

One of the darker Miracles on this list, Dorhys’ Gnawing is a direct upgrade to the normal Gnaw. It fires two projectiles of swarming insects to eat foes. Pretty metal, isn’t it? The swarms deal high-scaling Dark damage and inflict the single highest amount of Bleed build-up in the game, at 210 points. While the targeting of the swarm is a bit lazy, at medium distances it tends to hit most of the time and when it does, you’ll know.

What makes Dorhys’ Gnawing great:

  • High Dark damage
  • Highest Bleed build-up
  • Reliable for Dark builds

Dorhys’ Gnawing details

7. Soothing Sunlight

How to get Soothing Sunlight (23:12)

Gained from defeating the Dancer of the Boreal Valley, this Miracle is an AOE healing spell that restores a large amount of HP to the caster and any allies within the affected area. It is ideal for support-type clerical healing builds, and it is a must-have for any build that wants a reliable and powerful heal. The range of the heal can also be boosted by the Sacred Chime of Fillianore.

What makes Soothing Sunlight great:

  • Restores a large amount of HP
  • Long healing range
  • Can be buffed
  • Can be delayed so allies can get within range

Soothing Sunlight details

6. Lightning Storm

How to get Lightning Spear (4:00)

Another great AOE Miracle, Lightning Storm calls forward a barrage of lightning-infused arrows that have the capability of decimating enemies. It’s a wide, circular AOE so it is quite reliable against groups of enemies. With the immense power that the Miracle has, it’s not so easy to get it as you do need to defeat the Nameless King, one of the more difficult bosses in the game.

What makes the Lightning Spear great:

  • Very high damage
  • Excellent AOE
  • Versatile and strong against groups of enemies

Lightning Storm details

5. Lightning Arrow

How to get Lightning Arrow

The Lightning Arrow is a great Miracle that offers excellent range and high Lightning damage, ideal for safe gameplay. It is quick to cast, as it takes approximately 1 second to use it at the highest casting speed. Overall, it is very reliable for many combat situations, and great for any Faith build requiring some extra range.

What makes the Lightning Arrow great:

  • Good damage
  • Long range
  • Reliable
  • Great for Faith builds

Lightning Arrow details

4. Darkmoon Blade

How to get Darkmoon Blade (9:28)

In the realm of weapon buffs, the Darkmoon Blade is excellent for many situations, adding Dark damage to your weapon and increasing your overall damage output considerably. The Miracle is great for weapons that already have some sort of magic damage or magic scaling, both of which can be increased by using items such as the Magic Clutch Ring and the Crown of Dusk.

What makes the Darkmoon Blade great:

  • Adds Dark damage 
  • Powerful
  • Can be increased further with items that boost Dark damage
  • Great for Faith builds

Darkmoon Blade details

3. Wrath of the Gods

How to get Wrath of the Gods (12:21)

AOE attacks are almost always reliable for groups of enemies or creating a path for you to progress, and Wrath of the Gods is a monster when it comes to those things because it deals excellent physical damage and knocks any enemy away. Since it deals physical damage, it can be further boosted by items that increase physical damage, such as Flynn’s Ring. 

What makes Wrath of the Gods great:

  • AOE damage
  • High damage, can be boosted
  • Very good for groups of enemies
  • Reliable

Wrath of the Gods details

2. Tears of Denial

How to get Tears of Denial

The Tears of Denial Miracle is a great spell that safeguards you from dying, instead of leaving you alive with 1 HP. Very useful when you misjudge a jump and end up almost dying from fall damage, or when a pesky enemy sneaks up on you and you lose your progress. The buff doesn’t last forever, however, and you should use it when you’re expecting to die, or when there is a high risk of dying.

What makes the Tears of Denial great:

  • Excellent overall Miracle
  • Reliable
  • Saves you from dying
  • Easily attained

Tears of Denial details

1. Sunlight Spear

How to get Sunlight Spear

Standing at the top of the list is the Sunlight Spear, arguably the most powerful Miracle in the game. It hurls a giant lightning spear at your enemies, dealing massive damage which can be further increased by items that increase its damage types, as well as casting it at close range. When you use this Miracle at melee range, the spell adds a second hitbox which increases the damage by 67%, so you can parry a boss and use this while they’re vulnerable to really bring the pain! It is obtained by transposing the Soul of the Lords.

What makes the Sunlight Spear great:

  • Huge damage
  • Long range
  • Added damage at close range
  • Very reliable

Sunlight Spear details

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