[Top 5] Dark Souls 3 Best Medium Armor And How To Find Them

[Top 5] Dark Souls 3 Best Medium Armor And How To Find Them
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Medium armor provides a very stable form of defense that isn’t as flimsy as light armor, yet also not as cumbersome as heavy armor. You retain much of your mobility while using armor such as this, and it is usually quite effective at preventing damage to your character. This article will cover some of the best medium armor sets in Dark Souls 3.

5. Undead Legion Set

How to get the Undead Legion Set

The Undead Legion Set features some really nice defense, both in the realm of physical damage and elemental resistance, as it has high elemental resistance to everything except Dark. In terms of weight, it is the lightest medium armor set in the game, yet it boasts very high-quality protection for the weight. 

What makes the Undead Legion Set great:

  • Very light
  • Great defense
  • Good elemental defense
  • Strong against debuffs such as Poison

Undead Legion Set details

4. Elite Knight Set

How to get the Elite Knight Set (33:44)

This set provides the user with very well-balanced overall defense, given that it is in the middle of its weight class. While being weak to Lightning and Strike damage because it is a metallic armor set, it also has good Fire defense and is strong against Slash damage. 

What makes the Elite Knight Set great:

  • Good defense
  • Middle weight
  • Good Fire and Slash resistance
  • Well-balanced

Elite Knight Set details

3. Iron Set

How to get the Iron Set

Praise the Sun! Solaire’s armor is acquired through trading with Pump-a-rump, and it is a great reward, seeing as it provides amazing protection against nearly all types of damage, except for smaller defense against Lighting and Strike, being a metal armor set. Its only real drawback is that it is weak against status effect build-ups such as Curse and Poison.

What makes the Iron Set great: 

  • Well-balanced
  • Good against all damage types
  • Good Poise-to-weight ratio

Iron Set details

2. Alva Set

How to get the Alva Set (0:00)

I’m always partial towards this specific armor set because it just looks wonderful. The Alva Set is a crimson-metallic set that provides very good overall defense with no real drawbacks. It naturally has more Poise health than other armor sets in its class, as well as very high status resistance. It is excellent for builds that require more hyper armor and Poise while remaining mobile enough to not have to take damage.

  • What makes the Alva Set great:
  • Great Poise health for its class
  • High status resistance

Alva Set details

1. Wolf Knight Set

How to get the Wolf Knight Set (1:29:29)

Besides the obvious feels and nostalgia surrounding the legendary Knight Artorias, his armor is an amazing set that provides decent physical defense and good elemental damage resistance. It is also great for preventing Bleed build-up. It does have some drawbacks though, like having a poor poise-to-weight ratio, but you can fix it by using the Wolf Ring.

What makes the Wolf Knight Set great:

  • Good resistances
  • Good defense
  • Strong against Bleed build-up
  • Resistant towards Fire and Dark

Wolf Knight Set details

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