[Top 9] Dark Souls 3 Best Overhaul Mods That You Should Get

[Top 9] Dark Souls 3 Best Overhaul Mods
Become a monster in these mods!

Dark Souls 3 is an addictive game. The drive to complete an objective and defeat an enemy to continue on your journey to the end of the game is something amazing that FromSoftware plants in its player base in every game they make. Eventually, you play so much that you can't really be phased by the enemies anymore, so you desire more of a challenge. That is where this article comes in! Here I will list some of the best Dark Souls 3 total overhaul mods that change the game completely and give you a new experience.

9. First Person Cam


The First Person Cam mod is a Cheat Engine script that forces the game into the first-person perspective, offering a fresh approach to gameplay and adding the additional challenge of a narrower field of view. This makes it much harder to see around you, unlike the 360 camera in the base game. In terms of difficulty, the odd angles and completely shifted perspective can make it much harder to dodge attacks and maneuver your way through the game, so this mod is ideal for players that just want to change the perspective without altering core gameplay mechanics. 

8. Dark Dynasty – The Siege of Londor


Here we have a mod that takes the base game and shifts its premise, changing the lore to be about the war of multiple kingdoms, in which your character takes place. It is still set in the world of Dark Souls 3 but at a different time. Additional weapons are available, as well as armor sets, spells, 6 covenants, boss fights, mechanics, abilities, lore, and so much more. 

7. Ludite 5 DS3


Ludite 5 DS3 is a graphics overhaul mod that drastically changes the look and color palette of Dark Souls 3, making it look amazing, almost at the level of next-gen games. It has RTGI, which means that you can now use ray tracing in the game, upping the visuals to a whole new level. The blurry effect that is present everywhere in the base game is removed and a sharper and grittier visual perspective is implemented.

6. Hollow Overhaul


Ridiculous. That's the only way to describe the Hollow Overhaul mod. The creators of this mod take core aspects and ideas from other mods and add them to theirs, giving you an amazing amount of changes to the base game, all in one nice package. There are over 100 changes to the game, with new balance, enemy placement, new bosses, new items, spells, status effects, and even graphical improvements!

5. Ascended 


Another mod that creates a completely different game from the original, the Ascended mod adds new debuffs, enemy physics and AI, bosses, enemy types, placement, armor and ring effects, and much more to discover. It is a classic example of the potential a modder has to take a brilliant game as it is and improve on it with a creative mind, as well as innovation.

4. Darker Souls


This is a difficulty+ mod, with many changes that have been implemented over a long period, so there is a lot of content to unpack. Basically, it features changes that increase the difficulty, such as various reworks to shields, spells, rings; rebalanced weapons, enemy and boss HP, improved drop rates, and much more. There is a huge number of changes that I can't even list here, so follow the provided link for all of the details.

3. Champion's Ashes


Top 3! Champion's Ashes changes very deep core gameplay mechanics, such as the combat system, adding a feint mechanic, so you can make your enemies think you're attacking, but you cancel the attacks and do something else entirely. On top of that, we also have a complete overhaul on enemy types, as well as new bosses, lighting, and more. The mod page states that there are over 100 pages of implemented changes, so you should check out their page and support them!

2. Convergence


The Convergence mod aims to completely revamp everything regarding Dark Souls 3, so you can experience some new magic systems, hundreds of interesting new spells, new classes, there is also the fact that every single non-DLC area has been touched up with more enemies, enemy types, different placements as well as item locations. It is quite extensive, and putting it all here would be quite difficult, so follow the provided link to download the mod. 

1. Cinders


And finally, we come to the best overhaul mod you can get in Dark Souls 3 – Cinders. Of course, everything is different here, and we have a plethora of new things to explore, such as a new Gauntlet mode, where you can select which bosses you want to fight and fight them to your heart's content. New bosses, enemies, core mechanics, combat systems, quality of life changes, new weapons, spells, spell systems, and much, much more. You should definitely check this mod out and you're guaranteed to have a unique and fantastic experience!

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