Overwatch Mercy: 5 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Her

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Heroes never die!

Begging For Mercy

As one of the strongest healers in Overwatch, Mercy is almost a staple of any defense team. Her resurrection ability alone makes her a very powerful tool to use at the right moment. But what do we know about Mercy?

5) Mercy is Weakest Against McCree, Tracer and Widowmaker

On a scale of one to ten, how is your pain?

Overwatch is a game of checks and balances, and Mercy is no exception to that rule. Though she does have ways of escaping when in trouble, McCree’s flash-bang, Tracer’s constant harassment and Widowmaker’s headshots can prove to be a real problem for Mercy. Try pairing her with a Pharah and letting Mercy stay in the skies until needed, the team will be better off for it!

4) Mercy Joined Overwatch at 17

“I'm not a miracle worker. Well, not always.”

At the young age of seventeen Doctor Angela Ziegler was a medical prodigy. Even at this young age, she had already risen to the position of chief of surgery at a prominent Swiss hospital. With her incredible studies in nanobiology, she drew in the interest of Overwatch leading the team to extend an invitation to her, which she happily accepted.

3) Mercy’s Skins Link Her to Norse Mythology

"'Til Valhalla!"

As Mercy’s default suit is called the “Valkyrie” suit, it was only fitting to give her an actual Valkyrie look. Two of her legendary skins, the self-titled “Valkyrie” and “Sigrún” both get their name from Norse Mythology. Even Mercy’s voice lines change to reflect her new Norse skins shouting, “‘Til Valhalla!” instead of her normal, “Heroes never die!”.

2) Mercy Does Not Always Agree With Overwatch

“Overwatch was shut down for a reason. Maybe it's best it stay that way.”

True to her healing nature, Mercy is an advocate of global peace. Though she joined Overwatch with the intent of doing good, she does not approve of the team’s more combative methods of achieving peace. Mercy has even gone so far as to question her superiors on the methods of Overwatch before it was disbanded. Unlike Reinhardt who relishes in battle Mercy enjoys the peace and quiet always taking time to “enjoy the quiet while it lasts.”

1) Without Mercy, There Would Be No Genji

We all need a little help sometime.

Genji was not always the machine-made man that he is in game. Though most people know that Hanzo and Genji are brothers, what’s little known is that after Hanzo struck Genji down, he was saved by Mercy and brought back to life. The two remain friends to this day and with the voice lines added in for Valentine's day, Blizzard seems to be hinting at something deeper in the relationship between the two.

Whether you’re a diehard Mercy player like myself or a newcomer to the healing scene one thing is for sure - Mercy isn’t going anywhere. She’ll continue to ruin ultimates with one press of a button, and she’ll look great while doing it. 

Mercy Gameplay

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