[Top 5] WoW Shadowlands Best AoE Farming Classes

Best classes for farm in Shadowlands
A group trying once more to farm more golds!

5. Havoc Demon Hunter

Ready for some dynamic AoE for farming? Havoc Demon Hunters offer a good number!

The best class spec when talking about mobility is the Havoc Demon Hunter! This class spec offers not only flexibility but also robust survival tools! For a short farm, the cooldowns are what will make your gameplay satisfactory and more straightforward when used correctly!

Why Havoc Demon Hunter is Great For AoE Farming:

·         The good mobility of this spec will allow you to attack in a larger area.

·         The cooldowns are well-balanced and never disappoint.

·         You will have some instant skills allowing repeatable combos!


4. Destruction Warlock

Even not having solid mobility, don’t let this disappoint you!

Destruction Warlock is the spec you will want to spend some time farming with a great result! Summon Infernal is your AoE skill and one of the best in the game! Rain of Fire will damage all the enemies around you in the area for 8 seconds! Summon your little demon and go farm some golds!

Why Destruction Warlock is Great For AoE Farming:

·         The combination of Summon Infernal and Rain of Fire is what you should always keep active, when possible, the combined damage is great!

·         For a single target, Chaos Bolt is your most significant damage!


3. Frost Mage

The snowmen and ice cream lovers always love to play as Frost Mage!

This spec offers a variety of cleave and consistent high AoE damage, cooldown reductions, and muscular mobility! The great survivability variety of this class spec provides an almost tank experience! Summon your Water Elemental and always use Blizzard in the area when possible!

Why Frost Mage is Great For AoE Farming:

·         High and consistent AoE damage!

·         Blizzard works pelting the target area!

·         You will have strong mobility with Shimmer and Alter Time.


2. Unholy Death Knight

The users of a tremendous two-handed weapon and unholy power of death are one of the best options in WoW to farm everything you want! The rotation of Unholy Death Knight is simple and intuitive, and they master the cleave damage and AoE! This class spec can burst with their skill in addition to a great performance of cleave and AoE damage overall!

Why Unholy Death Knight is Great For AoE Farming:

·         You have Dark Transformation that will transform your Ghoul into an undead monstrosity!

·         Combine Scourge Strike with Death and Decay, and Festering Wounds for a high amount of damage!

·         Unholy Death Knight has great mitigation of damage, allowing you to cause more damage over time!


1.- Elemental Shaman

Elemental Shamans have one of the best potentials for AoE and Cleave damage of all class specs! They have a substantial variety of talents that allows their rotation to be simple and easily used! Stormkeep and Earthquake are very powerful and don’t have any considerable opportunity costs compared to other AoE-focused specs!

Why Elemental Shaman is Great For AoE Farming:

·         Keeping your Totem Mastery up will show why this spec is so serious when killing multiple mobs in the area!

·         Earthquake and Stormkeep should be used in the sequel when convenient!

·         While not having the best mobility, you can count on the great damage against the mobs you are killing to farm.

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