[Top 5] WoW Best Auction Addons For Making Gold

WoW Best AH Addons
Auction House mods will help you greatly in achieving WoW wealth.

[Top 5] WoW Best Auction Addons For Making Gold

With piles of gold, you'll be flexing on your friends and enemies in no time!

Gold makes the world of Azeroth turn. Everyone wants to be swimming in gold. Mounts need to be purchased, gear needs repaired, new transmog gear needs to be bought, and so much more. If you are serious about making money, the auction house is one of the premium ways to do so. If you want to greatly succeed, an auction house addon will do you wonders!

5. Auction House DataBase aka AHDB

AHDB provides some great information about items that are worthy of auctioning!

After the top four addons, the list of decent auction house mods drops. AHDB is a decent option, but the rest should be given a test run first.

  • Scans the server and gives information on an item when you hover on it
  • Can look at the DataBase when not at an auction house
  • Requires Better Vendor Price to function, which helps when pricing items

Get the Addon Here: https://www.curseforge.com/wow/addons/auction-house-database

4. The Undermine Journal

Undermine provides some insight on your product currently and overtime as well. 

The Undermine Journal shows pricing for items on your specific realm. It is updated twice a week on Tuesday and Saturday.

  • Addon information appears directly on the item to be auctioned
  • Has an up-to-date website available to look at as well
  • Is updated twice a week for accuracy

Get the Addon Here: https://theunderminejournal.com/

3. Auctionator

With an updated interface, Auctionator makes searching simple!

Auctionator is an addon for those who want to casually play the auction house. The UI presented by Auctionator makes it easy to use.

  • Presents posted items clearly
  • Helps eliminate the tediousness of handling auctions
  • Has a discord server available for questions and comments

Get the Addon Here: https://www.curseforge.com/wow/addons/auctionator

2. Trade Skill Master

One of the more in-depth auction house addons, Trade Skill Master is very customizable. 

Trade Skill Master is an addon that takes some time to learn but it is worth it. The addons with it allow you some flexibility with what you want to see. 

  • TSM allows you to see if a certain craft will sell profitably, built a queue, and increase overall auctioning speed
  • Groups can be created that focus on the market you are targeting
  • Provides a new UI for the bank, vendors, and mailbox to quickly handle materials

Get the Addon Here: https://www.curseforge.com/wow/addons/tradeskill-master

1. Auctioneer

Auctioneer stood against the test of time and is still the best auction house addon.

Auctioneer is the most classic auction house addon. For most of WoW’s lifespan, Auctioneer was the iconic addon anyone would use for the auction house.

  • Easily able to see the market price for competition and beat it
  • Customizable parameters so it remembers how you want to sell things
  • Changes the auction house UI to a more friendly UI that can be manipulated to your liking

Get the Addon Here: https://auctioneeraddon.com/

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These addons are sure to help you get that little extra gold you need to make your time in Azeroth that much sweeter. Time is money, friend!

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