World of Warcraft Bot “Honorbuddy” Loses Lawsuit Against Blizzard

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Not these kinds of bots!

It’s Time To Stop People Who Are Ruining World of Warcraft

In online video games, there will always be people who would seek to gain an advantage over others using third-party software, whether it be cheats, bots, hacks or something else. The makers of these games give their best to combat these exploits and nip them in the bud as soon as they show up, as they’re annoying to see when you’re trying to play the game legitimately.

Recently, one of these bots has been brought to justice by Blizzard.

What is Honorbuddy?

Honorbuddy functions with waypoints.

To put it simply, Honorbuddy is a bot which plays World of Warcraft for you while you’re away from the PC. It is produced by Bossland GmBH, a German company that specializes in MMORPG bots and ruining other people’s fun. It is essentially a program that runs in the background while WoW is open and it does quests, plays the Auction house, does PvP, farms gold and drops, does gathering, runs dungeons and whatever else you tell it to. It is incredibly easy to use and is probably the most famous WoW bot out there. 

Bots And Their Dangers To MMORPGS

Hopefully, we will see more ban waves going out.

While MMORPGs like WoW are great fun and a way to relax, they are also competitive at their core. Everything you’re doing in World of Warcraft is to further progress your character, and naturally, gain an edge over other players playing the game. It is unfair for any person playing (and paying for!) WoW to be outleveled and outfarmed by someone who forked over 25 dollars so a program could play the game for them while they do other stuff.

When botting is rampant, it drives players away from the game and creates a negative atmosphere in general.

Besides that, botting has another side to it, a much more down-to-earth and materialistic one. Well geared and developed WoW accounts go for hundreds of dollars on account selling websites. Botters have turned World of Warcraft into a profitable business, running many accounts with bots at the same time in order to sell them at a profit later. 

Why And When Did Blizzard Sue Them?

Blizzard has been fighting in an ongoing legal war against Bossland, the makers of Honorbuddy for years now. They haven’t made any progress and charges were almost always dropped when brought to German courts. In their latest effort, Blizzard has finally won the dispute and settled the matter. A full disclosure of the settlement has not yet been published, but here’s what we know: Honorbuddy is going to stop being produced in Germany and German versions of it will no longer exist.

Bossland has announced that they will be moving their operations out of Germany, as well as performing large cost-cutting operations and revoking lifetime licenses for Honorbuddy, turning them into ones that last two years. They will likely have to pay large fees and court costs because of their defeat in court.

Bots simply ruin everyone’s fun, the economies of entire servers and the overall dynamic of the game. Blizzard cracking down on them can only mean good things are in store for the game.

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