[Top 10] WoW Shadowlands Best PvP Classes That Are OP

Most PVP classes in WOW Shadowlands
The challenge of who screams louder has begun!

10. Shadow Priest

Controlling the Void energy never was so cool! Known as the nightmare of the enemies, conjurer of demons under the bed, and the group's mini tank.

Playing as a Shadow Priest in PVP makes you think about why some are followers of the Old Gods. The self-healing skills like Vampiric Touch and Devouring Plague give the user of this spec some confidence against resistant bosses and lots of minions using the proper skill rotation. Being a DPS/Healer in a battleground is not for everyone; time is always in your favor, but it can turn against you if you do not use it wisely. 

Why Shadow Priest is OP in PvP:

  • Great single target damage, with some flexibility in multi-target.
  • Amazing self-healing through Vampiric Touch and Devouring Plague, scaling well with additional targets.
  • Great talent options to adapt to many situations, being versatile in PVP is a gold key!


9. Survival Hunter

The highest damage of all Hunter specs and the most used by pet lovers in PVP!

With the support of their loyal beasts, the Survival Hunters are a tremendous consistent single-target with Powerful AoE strong damage class spec. It has high self-sustaining skills and temporary damage immunity! As its spec name suggests, it’s the king of survivability and with an easy rotation of skills!

Why Survival Hunter is OP in PvP:

  • Easy rotation that will not punish you severely if making a mistake.
  • High mobility, making you avoid most of the AoE enemy attacks!
  • Has high self-sustain which is crucial in PVP!


8. Blood Death Knight

The most resistant tank is here! The perfect PVP damage dealing class spec!

Blood Death Knight is a brutal and monstrous class spec that can hold good damage, heal itself, and use Anti-Magic Shell to have no worries about some debuffs against creatures and players. The basic rotation starts with the Bone Shield at five or more stacks by using Marrowrend. The damage will get better after Heart Strike and Death Strike in sequence. Keeping this rotation will give you the maximum amount of Runic Power; to it flawlessly, use Blood Boil against the enemies. The cooldowns and temporary immunities are the keys to keeping the excellent skill rotation. As a tank class spec, having a good self-healing skill can upset some healers by the variation of the HP, especially in PVP!

Why Blood Death Knight is OP in PvP:

  • A wide array of cooldowns for all situations: Anti-Magic Shell, Icebound Fortitude, and Vampiric Blood, to name a few.
  • Reactive self-healing, based on damage taken.
  • Ability to immune most magic debuffs and curses.


7. Affliction Warlock

In Shadowlands, the Affliction Warlock keeps being an excellent choice for PVP!

Known by many players as the only spec with a good spread multi-dot damage in WOW, the Affliction Warlocks also have great survivability due to Soul Leech! Its great point in the rotation is the AoE over time with more than five targets using Agony or Seed of Corruption. The rotation for this spec is simple but requires attention to always keeping Corruption and Agony on the targets!

Why Affliction Warlock is OP in PvP:

  • Strong AoE with Sow the Seeds.
  • Really good spread multi-dot damage in the game.
  • Good survivability due to a passive stamina increase, Siphon Life, and strong personal cooldowns.


6. Holy Priest

Want to be the top healer in the PVP group? Want to have many friends asking you for buffs? Do you want to be upset by the freaking DPS or tank that always keeps in the fire? If your answer is “Holy Crap!” then welcome to the fun side! 

Holy Priests aren’t only a good healing spec and a good option for single target attack, debuffs, and defense. This spec gives you an excellent healing power focused on each party member, but also, using Symbol of Hope, Divine Hymn, and Holy Word: Salvation in a group and taking care to not be out of mana is a wise choice. For Single-Target Healing, the advice is always to keep Holy Word: Serenity active and Heal skill. Only use Flash Heal when someone is almost dying; using this under other circumstances will end your mana fast!

Why Holy Priest is OP in PvP:

  • Excels at reactive burst and group healing.
  • Powerful group cooldowns with Divine Hymn and the talents Apotheosis and Holy Word: Salvation.
  • Can heal through death for a short period of time with Spirit of Redemption.


5. Fury Warrior

Fury Warrior is your PVP class spec, and I will show it now!

Dominant of single and multi-target damage, Fury Warriors truly represent their spec name, having an excellent defense for soloing content and raid-wide cooldowns! The owners of a fast and engaging rotation, this class spec is one of the most popular in PVP!

Why Fury Warrior is OP in PvP:

  • Deals multitarget damage with very little buildup and without sacrificing single target capability.
  • Multiple defensive abilities between Enraged Regeneration, Ignore Pain, Spell Reflection, and Rallying Cry.
  • Great playstyle that fits very well in PVP!


4. Fire Mage

A good pyromaniac spec for PVP maniacs!

Usually, Mages are a combo of versatility in battle, and this time will not be different! The Fire Mage is an excellent spec with the best mobility of the class, and it has tremendous sustained AoE damage with Flamestrike and Flame Orb. With Mastery: Ignite, your single-target damage will not need to be sacrificed!

Why Fire Mage is OP in PvP:

  • Great burst damage, making it great at nuking down (groups of) priority targets.
  • Very mobile and loses relatively little DPS from movement!
  • Extreme survivability with Blazing Barrier, Cauterize, Mirror Image, Alter Time, and Ice Block. Fire Mage is the only ranged specialization to have a cheat death built in.


3. Feral Druid

These furries and pet lovers are insane in PVP!

This class spec has excellent survivability thanks to its tools! They also have good mobility and flexibility to avoid damage. Owners of powerful cooldown tools such as Berserk and Convoke the Spirits. The Feral Druids are experts in melee DPS with an easy rotation, using energy and combo points as a resource! 

Why Feral Druid is OP in PvP:

  • Strong single-target damage and burst!
  • High mobility with exceptional mobility cooldowns.
  • Feral Druids have Survival Instincts and Barkskin as major damage reduction abilities, these skills are really important in PVP!


2. Elemental Shaman

Those who play Elemental Shaman in PVP have a big passion for slaying and burning to dust their enemies!

This class spec is one of the best when talking about multi and single-target damage. The power of the elements grants this class good mobility when fighting! In Shadowlands, the gameplay of this spec didn’t have considerable changes, but choosing the correct Covenant is always the best you can do!

Why Elemental Shaman is OP in PvP:

  • Summoning a Fire Elemental to help in your damage.
  • Potential for massive burst damage in Cleave/AoE.
  • It’s a single and multi-target spec so flexible that you will not need to sacrifice anything to have good damage on PVP!


1. Subtlety Rogue

The only option for those who want to be a ninja in PVP is here!

Subtlety Rogue is not only great at a single target, but also it has good mobility and survivability! Throw some shuriken against your enemies and attack them by stealth; make the enemy’s healer get pissed after being killed so quickly and nobody seeing what happened. As a rogue, your weapons are two daggers, energy is your resource, and your only friend is your thirst for blood!

Why Subtlety Rogue is OP in PvP:

  • A great sustained AoE skills!
  • Short and regular cooldowns that will always have one ready to use!
  • Powerful defensive cooldowns such as Cloak of Shadows, Feint, Evasion and Crimson Vial.


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