[Top 10] WoW Shadowlands Best Healer Addons Players Should Use

Best healer Addons in WOW Shadowlands
Even death can't stop my healing! Or maybe can...

What are Addons and why you need them?

Groups of Lua/XML procedures known as addons enhance, alter, or replace WoW's default UI (User Interface). As a healer, you'll need some addons to help you master the rotations more quickly for a respectable performance and get rid of any screen interruptions. Many addons in World of Warcraft are made to help players gather resources, transmogrify themselves, get mounts, locate unique item locations, and use a ton of additional tools that you can easily and rapidly obtain! 

Choose one of the top ten add-ons for healers!


10. Don’t Cast

The Addon will warn you if your ability gets eaten up by other players or mobs' spells. It’s a great choice for those who are learning a new healing class spec rotation. It serves as a "tutor" for new players. Don’t Cast also warns a player when their current target has buffs or debuffs that eliminate (or significantly mitigate) incoming damage.

Why you Need Don’t Cast:

  • This useful addon has many features that will help newbies and those trying a new class spec by telling them what to not do in a fight.
  • For Healers, this Addon is a must-have for all the warnings and avoidable mistakes!

Get Don’t Cast here: DontCast - Addons - World of Warcraft - CurseForge


9. Quartz

Quartz is a lighter modular approach to a casting bar Addon, replacing the default one. This Addon customizes the cast bar of players, enemies, targets, and allies! Your UI will be more minimalistic, giving you more peripheral vision, which is needed for a good performance in WoW, a great advantage for those who play BGs and Arenas. Have less distraction from your UI and more visibility to heal all your friends!

Why You Need Quartz:

  • PVP players love to have a clean UI with fewer distractions when fighting.
  • Quartz has a target/focus casting bar as a feature.
  • Displays a tiny spark bar to show your Global Cooldown near the cast bar. Helpful for those who'd rather not squint at their action bars to see when they can cast again. 

Get Quartz here: Quartz - Addons - World of Warcraft - CurseForge


8. Decursive

Decursive is an addon for class specs with skills that cleanse ailments. It displays a small, simple side panel that lets you quickly cleanse a group member. You’ll see a panel of small squares neatly arranged together—healthy members’ squares are green, while afflicted ones are purple. Click on the purple square to cleanse them without having to click off your current target. Use this addon in every situation as a Healer, whether PVP, PVE, or solo!

Why You Need Decursive:

  • Decursive choose a logical cleansing order depending on your current position in the raid. Your cleansing spell cooldown is displayed to maximize your dispel speed.
  • An automatic blacklist will prevent you from losing time on players who can't be dispelled.
  • Visual and auditory alert when your dispel attempts are resisted or fail.

Get Decursive here: Decursive - Addons - World of Warcraft - CurseForge


7. Healbot Continued

The Healers, like us, prefer to use some addons to ease our complex tasks of keeping everybody alive. Sometimes, allies can die without us noticing, putting us in bad repute. Healbot Continued came to solve our problems and relieve our frustrations! This addon keeps your group’s health panels in a nicely compact manner. It lets you set up macros for easy, one-click healing on your target.

Why You Need Healbot Continued:

  • Mastering the heal in PVP and PVE is a challenge in some class specs, this addon will ease your life!
  • Over 50 extra skins packaged and ready for import in-game.

Get Healbot Continued here: HealBot Continued - Addons - World of Warcraft - CurseForge


6. TellMeWhen

TellMeWhen is a famous and easy-to-use addon that provides visual, auditory, and textual notifications about cooldowns, buffs, and other combat elements! It is perfect for you if you want to learn a new play style with those versatile specs when choosing a unique combination of talents and covenant. Customize the alerts by adding your spell book and pet journal skills.

You can also set the text displayed on the screen when an icon’s attributes change.

Why You Need TellMeWhen:

  • With the help of this Addon, you will know with precision everything you need to do to succeed in PVP! The alerts are all well-timed and easy to comprehend. 

Get TellMeWhen here: TellMeWhen - Addons - World of Warcraft - CurseForge


5. WeakAuras

WeakAuras is a framework that allows you to set up alerts for any combination of conditions. This Addon is versatile, primarily used for PVP players, but nothing impedes being used in PVE content. It will work in any situation you need. Created to be the new and better version of Power Aura, WeakAuras surprised us when it was finally released with all the new features. It is lighter and has better CPU optimization than its ancestor.

Why You Need WeakAuras:

  • With WeakAuras, you can import strings from other players and use them.
  • Use this Addon framework to see buffs, debuffs and other relevant information.

Get WeakAuras here: WeakAuras - Addons - World of Warcraft - CurseForge


4. weizPVP

This useful PVP addon will not let you lose a single track of your priority damage target and will improve your player detection. WeizPVP will put a crosshair marker around the mark when you click on the enemy’s plate. While in BGs, you will have better detection of the enemies near you and stealth alerts to keep a good eye on these rogues, murderers of healers.

I used this addon with my Holy Priest for some time, which helped me detect the enemies coming to attack.

Why You Need weizPVP:

  • Rule the battlegrounds by not letting your enemies hide from your view.
  • weizPvP has clickable player bars that target the player as a feature.
  • This Addon also has pop up notifications by sound and status bar messages when the enemy is close.

Get weizPVP here: weizPVP - Addons - World of Warcraft - CurseForge


3. Omni CD

This addon keeps track of personal defensive cooldowns and your teammates' cooldowns. Omni CD has several bars which you can freely move everywhere on the screen. This is a perfect addon for healers and tanks, full of utilities and high customization of the bars. Keep your screen clean, have less pollution on it, and go to battle.

Why You Need Omni CD:

  • Omni CD helps keep track of these essential aspects, informing any action that can benefit the enemy group.
  • Extremely reliable while using a fraction of the CPU consumption.
  • Supports cooldown recovery rate modulation.

Get Omni CD here: OmniCD - Addons - World of Warcraft - CurseForge


2. Details! Damage Master

Details! Damage Master is an excellent addon for those learning and getting worried about their performance metrics during a fight. It offers a clean but customizable display, a thin set for helping in raids, and features for tracking talents and item levels. It’s easy to use and configure. Compare your performance with other players using this addon with a low CPU consumption. Let this addon speak for itself by showing the results.

Why You Need Details:

  • Details! Damage Master will help you learn how to master your class spec and how much damage you take in avoidable boss mechanics.
  • Consistency on a real-time combat log reading, damage, and healing are always accurate with ranking websites such as warcraft logs. 

Get Details here: Details! Damage Meter - Addons - World of Warcraft - CurseForge


1. BigDebuffs

BigDebuffs make the size of all the crowd-control abilities on your raid frames bigger. The addon replaces unit frame portraits with debuff duration timers when important debuffs are present. It’s compatible with UI Addons like Elvui, Shadowed Unit Frames, and Adapt. Enjoy the advantages of using one of the most famous PVP addons in WoW and master the damage and healing in real-time action and reaction.

Why You Need BidDebuffs:

  • Used mainly by Healers to get fast dispelling and debuffs.
  • With BigDebuffs, you will make better decisions when not to use burst cooldowns in the beginning if your teammate is stuck in crowd control.

Get BigDebuffs here: BigDebuffs - Addons - World of Warcraft - CurseForge


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