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Are you bored of playing the same games and in need of something refreshing? Do you want to be teleported to a thrilling, medieval, mythical, magical, and dangerous world of epic proportions where you can control the flow of time? Here are not one but some of the top five best Prince of Persia games that will teleport you to that world!      


1. Prince of Persia, the 1989 video game 

Prince of Persia (1989, PC) - complete game walkthrough, ALL mega potions!

This game is set in ancient Persia. While the sultan is fighting a war in a foreign land, his vizier Jaffar, a wizard, commits treason by trying to seize the throne. The only thing in Jaffar's path to the throne is the Sultan's daughter. Jaffar locks her in a tower and orders her, under threat of execution, to be his wife. The game's nameless hero, whom the Princess loves, is thrown into the palace dungeons. You must lead the hero out of the dungeons and to the palace tower, defeat Jaffar and free the Princess in under 1 hour! As if guards, various traps and dungeons weren’t enough to keep you busy - you become further hindered by your own doppelgänger, an apparition of yourself conjured out of a magic mirror! 

For some strange reason, I associate Prince of Persia with the Arabian Nights scene in Disney’s Aladdin. 

This game is probably the most intense game of all the Prince of Persia games! The game mechanics are simple but you must calculate the exact distance between you and your destination before you jump over traps. Otherwise, you’ll accidentally fall in them! 

Just looking at this picture makes me afraid of not making the jump and falling down who knows where!

I’m very anxious being in such a narrow space alone with an enemy!

The classic 2D animation reminds me of the golden era of retro gaming. The labyrinth walls make me feel very claustrophobic. The almost complete lack of music makes me nervous as to what to expect and feel.   

The sound the Prince makes at death and the music that plays startles as well as shocks me.


2. Prince of Persia: the Sands of Time

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time - Trailer

Prince of Persia the Sands of Time takes place on the scorched sands of ancient Persia seeking to expand its empire. The Prince is drawn to a legendary dagger with dark powers and unleashes a corruption worse than death on a magnificent kingdom. With the help of a seductive and beautiful princess as well as the powers of the sands of time, the Prince goes on a dangerous journey to reclaim the cursed Palace to restore peace to his kingdom.    

You play as the Prince, gifted or perhaps cursed with mythical powers of the Sands of time that let you bend time to your will! Erase your past mistakes, freeze the present, and meet your destiny! Use your deadly fighting skills and high flying acrobatics to remove sand creatures from your path! 

The Prince running along walls to avoid traps and reach something like a ledge is what makes him such an iconic character like the Batman. 

Prince of Persia the Sands of Time has some of the catchiest, energetic, most epic game music i’ve ever heard of! I’m impressed by how well this game effortlessly blends rock with a more traditional middle eastern style of music together. Its the very definition of fight music! 

You can run up and attack enemies!

Prince of Persia the sands of time skillfully crafts puzzles in such a way that makes them nerve racking from dangers and complexity while still being works of art. You most definitely and literally have to take giant leaps of faith in this game! 


3. Prince of Persia: Warrior Within

Prince of Persia: Warrior Within PlayStation 2 Trailer -

In Prince of Persia Warrior Within, you play as the older Prince to escape the incarnation of fate known as the Dahaka. The goal of warrior within is to escape your predestined fate by confronting an evil empress in a dark cursed underworld by traveling through time and using your own fighting style.    

Prince of Persia warrior within is a darker, more brutal sequel of the sands of time. You’re given a free form fighting style gives you an almost endless number of combos. Using the environment, melee weapons, long-range weapons, single-handed weapons, dual bladed weapons, etc.   

You have to fight a huge gollum by yourself in the game!

Despite the Dahaka’s monstrous and fearsome appearance, i’m more frightened by the fact he’s almost silent. When he talks, his speech is unintelligible until you slow down time! 

I love how the sands’ powers are more limited and less elegant than the previous game, making the game more challenging. Use your time wisely to avoid running out of it! 

The Dahaka is rated one of the scariest video game villains for a reason! When I escaped from him, I gasped in fear as my heart pounded, especially when i heard his footsteps pounding the ground! When i couldn’t find the right way out of a particular level, i desperately killed myself just to avoid the clutches of the Dahaka!  

The soundtrack is a lot more grim and dark than the Sands of time game while still remaining catchy. The soundtrack makes you feel like your impending doom is near in almost every battle at the hands of the Dahaka. At any moment, you feel he could burst through a brick wall and chase you through ancient ruins! 


4. Battles of Prince of Persia 

Battles of Prince of Persia takes place between Prince of Persia the Sands of Time and Warrior Within, focusing on the Dahaka. While trying to get rid of the Dahaka, the Prince ignites a war between Persia and India which unleashes an ancient evil causing chaos to the world! While you play as the Prince, you also play as other generals in a turn-based tactical game. You can collect and trade cards to restore order to the world. 

I love this fresh new approach to the franchise. We’ve seen Persia’s army in action in other Prince of Persia games but never got a chance to control them. Battles of Prince of Persia gives you a chance to think strategically and experience the magical world of Persia from a war general’s tactical perspective!  


5. Prince of Persia The Two Thrones

PRINCE OF PERSIA THE TWO THRONES Gameplay Walkthrough FULL GAME 100% (4K 60FPS) No Commentary

Prince of Persia the Two Thrones is about the Prince who returns to his homeland, Babylon, only to find it in ruins. The sands are unleashed to ravage the world yet again. As if matters couldn’t get worse, his dark side is brought to the surface. You play as the Prince to stop the sands and save yourself to save your kingdom!        

I loved the open world feel of the Two Thrones as opposed to being confined to narrow corridors in previous games. The fighting also evolved from previous installments. Rather than play as one character for the whole game, you play as two at various checkpoints with different weapons and styles. Your goal is to fight against powerful malicious bosses, solve puzzles, and survive almost impossible odds in battles.  

I love using the Dark Prince’s chain whip. It reminds me of the Urumi, an ancient deadly sword whip weapon from India.

I’m so impressed by the level of thought that went into the Prince of Persia the Two Thrones from the characters to the buildings, the music, the plot, etc. Even characters with non speaking roles have interesting backgrounds.  

Here, you get an adrenaline rush when you know you can leap down and take out an enemy with one of your high flying stunts!

The soundtrack to Prince of Persia the Two Thrones is simply a masterpiece, a work of art in the truest sense! I loved how it didn’t follow the same approach as the previous game soundtracks - the Sands of Time and Warrior Within mixing rock with traditional middle eastern music. It mixed elements of classical Opera sounding music with traditional Middle Eastern music but its is own genre of music.  

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