[Top 7] Fire Emblem: Three Houses Best Assassins

Fire Emblem: Three Houses' Yuri fights as an assassin.
Yuri is a great pick!

The Assassin in Fire Emblem: Three Houses is a powerful advanced class, having been promoted from the thief class. They mostly use swords as their main weapon, have high critical abilities, and earn a high amount of experience upon receiving the killing blow on an enemy. Toi become one, your unit must be at least level 20 and have high enough proficiency in swords and bows. Upon mastering, they learn Lethaily and the Combat Art Assassinate, which instantly kill an enemy.

Who are you supposed to promote into this advanced class? Below are the top seven assassins and why.


7. Ignatz

The Golden Deers’ Ignatz might not seem like he is the best at anything, but he makes a great assassin. 

Given his strength in both swords and bows as well as his decent stat growths, assassin is a natural choice for him. However, there are better assassins to choose. Ignatz is not going to cause the most damage, but he will succeed in the class. 

What Makes Ignatz a Great Assassin: 

  • Ignatz is great for a high-accuracy assassin. His personal skill, Watchful Eye, gies him +20 hit, meaning he has a very high chance to hit enemies, even with high avoid. 
  • His proficiencies make him easy to level up to the required levels for assassins . 
  • He has high dexterity, speed, and luck growths, which are necessary for a good assassin. 


6. Dimitri

It goes without saying that Dimitri is incredibly strong on the battlefield. While most of that is thanks to his crest, he has a great stat growth! 

Dimitri will consistently cause more damage to his enemies as an assassin. While he is usually used as a lance unit with his Heroes’ Relic Areadbhar, that shouldn’t stop you from experimenting with him and giving him a sword instead. Naturally, he will cause high damage, plus he has a decent speed growth that the assassins need. It’s worth spending some time in the assassin class before transitioning over to his special class in the game.

Unfortunately, you cannot use Dimitri in routes other than the Blue Lions! 

What Makes Dimitri a Great Assassin:

  • With one of the highest strength growths in the game, he will not let you down with his damage output.
  • The lance classes do not have too much to offer in FE3H, so transitioning Dimitri over to a sword is a natural progression if you want to leave the lances in the dust. 
  • His good speed growth also helps him be swift on his feet and shell out multiple hits as an assassin.


5. Ferdinand

I am always going to preach that Ferdinand will excel in almost all roles! With no weaknesses, he can easily become an assassin. 

You can make Ferdinand into any class you want, though he doesn’t do all that great in magic. Luckily, you don’t need magic for him to become an assassin. He is strong and has a plethora of useful skills, good stat growths, and is an excellent trainee. As long as you give him the proper training and good weapons, he’ll become an excellent assassin. 

What Makes Ferdinand a Great Assassin:

  • His minor Crest of Cichol allows him to wield any Heroes’ Relics without receiving any damage. Yes, you can even give him the Sword of the Creator if you’d like!
  • Ferdinand’s personal skill, Confidence, gives him a boost of hit and avoid when his HP is at its max. This is great for an assassin and makes him almost impossible to hit and gives him more accuracy in his hits. Make sure he’s in good health!
  •  With his lack of weaknesses, he will easily be an incredible assassin.


4. Yuri

Yuri, the leader of the Ashen Wolves, who is unfortunately behind a paywall, is one of the best assassins in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. 

He has the highest speed growth in the entire game at 65%, which is perfect for the assassin that needs to be quick on their feet. He has a strength in swords and a budding talent in bows, which make it easy for him to be classed into an assassin. Plus, assassin is an easy class for him to maintain before he becomes a trickster, Yuri’s canon class, which is also limited to owners of the DLC. 

As an assassin, Yuri will learn Lethality which will prove useful in late-game as the enemies get tougher to beat. It is just a shame that a character as overpowered as him is behind a paywall. 

What Makes Yuri a Great Assassin:

  • Yuri has a high speed, meaning he will almost always double hit and dodge attacks. He is untouchable as an assassin!
  • He has access to the Fetters of Dromi relic, which increases his movement.
  • Before his special class, becoming an assassin is just a natural stepping stone. 


3. Catherine

Catherine is a beast on the battlefield, especially with her Heroes’ Relic, the sword Thunderbrand. Luckily for us (though not so much for the enemies on the field), she can use it as an assassin. When you recruit Catherine, she is already in the advanced class Swordmaster. Let her master that one, but then it’s worth putting her in the assassin class as well. 

The biggest things to note about Catherine, aside from Thunderbrand, are her strength and speed. These are great growths. She mostly kills enemies with one hit, even with her low crit rate, but learning Lethality and Assassinate from mastering the assassin class will just make that part of her even stronger. 

What Makes Catherine a Great Assassin:

  • You can recruit her very early in the game, giving you the chance to put her into multiple advanced glasses to gain skills before moving up to master classes.
  • Catherine has a very high proficiency in swords, so getting into the class and mastering it will be easy!
  • Since assassins gain more experience upon receiving the kill, Catherine will quickly level up with her one-shot kills. 


2. Petra

Petra is a great unit with many weapons, so a sword is no exception. 

She has an incredibly high speed at 60% growth. This is one of the highest speed growths in the game, which makes her an excellent assassin, a class that thrives off of speed. She also has high dexterity, strength, and luck! 

Petra will easily level up as an assassin. Since they gain more experience upon giving an enemy their final blow and her personal skill increases her chance of critting when an enemy has low health, she will 

What Makes Petra a Great Assassin: 

  • Petra’s strengths in swords and bows will make classing her as an assassin very easy! 
  • Her stats make her quick, powerful, and lethal.
  • Petra’s personal skill, Hunter’s Boon, will cause her to kill even more on the battlefield, level up higher, and further increase her stats!


1. Felix

Unsurprisingly, Felix is number one. He is an incredible unit in the game, especially when given a sword. A sword is his canon weapon, so it’s no wonder he’s lethal on the battlefield as an assassin.

Felix is the perfect assassin. He has strength in sword and bows, which make it easy for him to qualify and pass the assassin certification exam. Plus, Felix is just STRONG. His strength, speed, and dexterity all grow at 55%, 55%, and 45%, respectively. Not only will he cause a lot of damage as an assassin, but he will hit multiple times and land a crit.

Speed and dexterity both increase by 20% when landed into the assassin class, so it will continue to increase and prove him even more powerful the longer he is classed as an assassin.

What Makes Felix a Great Assassin:

  • Felix’s high stat growths are made even higher as soon as he receives the assassin certification.
  • Felix’s personal skill, Lone Wolf, gives him an extra attack boost when he is without a battalion, so that is something to keep in mind! If you want him to have extra strength, consider deploying him without one.
  • His Crest of Fraldarius occasionally increases his attack damage as well. Felix is constantly causing high amounts of damage!


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