Greedfall Release Date And Top 10 Interesting Facts You Should Know

Greedfall Release Date And Top 10 Interesting Facts You Should Know
A Yecht Fradi that can be seen in some of the trailers.

Top 10 Greedfall Most Interesting Facts

Greedfall is the latest game created by Spiders Studio. With no final release date and only a few trailers, it can be difficult to determine what the main plot of the game is. Luckily for you, I dug around long and hard to get every bit of information available!

It is set to be released sometime in 2019.

An action fantasy game that has the main character, De Sardet, going to a newly discovered island where they are in search of a cure for Malichor, a disease that is spreading throughout his homeland, The Old World. When he arrives at the island there is strife between the natives already living there and settlers coming in from The Old World. De Sardet is caught in the middle and on top of looking for a cure must also help try to keep the peace to prevent a war from happening.

Let’s take a look at what we know about the game so far.


GREEDFALL - E3 2018 Trailer

10) Your Decisions Change The Course Of The Game

The native and their creature at peace.

Just like in life every choice that you make has a consequence whether it’s good or bad. The neat thing about this game is that there is no such thing as a good or bad choice. Just go with what your philosophy is.

In Greedfall combat is important, but you do have three other choices as well; diplomacy, stealth, and deception. This affects the most trivial of choices to ones that make more of an impact will shape how your world will change next. Not much has been shared on stealth and deception tactics but it does seem obvious what happens when you go this route.

Reputation is one of the most important aspects of the game. Depending on how you’re perceived determines how those around you will interact and talk with you determines how the game will end since there is no "proper" one. The ending you want depends on how you play the game; destroying the natives, a serial killer taking out the settlers, or lying and deceiving your way within politics, and many more options are available to you.

9) There Are 6 Different And Unique Factions

You begin with no loyalty to any of the factions. The Congregation of Merchants merely hired you.

In Greedfall there are 6 different factions that you can choose to align yourself with; The Bridge Alliance, The Coin Guard, The Congregation of Merchants, Theleme, Nauts, and Yecht Fradi (pronounced yet fra-dee). Each has their own agenda. It is your choice whether you want to join one, be neutral towards them, or become an enemy of one.

The Bridge Alliance is a group of scholars who believe that knowledge is power and science can explain everything. They come to the island for scientific discovery and it is questioned how they will react to the natives, who are able to use magic.

The Coin Guard is a group of hired assassins, bodyguards, and militia. Most of the time they are hired out by the other factions to do their dirty work.

The Congregations of Merchants is the faction that has hired you. They are always looking for ways to get richer and have come to the island seeking their treasures.

Theleme is a religious sect whose core belief is based on magic. Their main goal is to convert the Yecht Fradi to their belief.

The Naughts are a group of highly skilled navigators. Due to them being sought out by so many other countries besides The Old World, it is curious to see how much of a role they’ll have in the game.

Yecht Fradi (yet fra-dee) are the natives to the newly discovered island Teer Fradee. As mentioned before they have a special connection to the creatures and are able to use magic.

8) Your Companions Can Leave You Or Love You

Siora is a native companion from the island. She is the daughter of a tribal leader.

You will have a companion from the other five sects with you on your journeys. Based on choices you make they can leave you, betray you, become close friends, and even have romantic feelings.

Your companions have a voice of their own and are not afraid to use it. They ’ll tell you what they think of a choice you decide to make sometimes before hoping to influence your decisions.

7) The Creators Were Inspired By History

The attire is similar to what the French would wear.

Based on world exploration in the 1700s it is not a surprise that this is a main theme of the game. With explorers wanting to discover new things about the world and leaving their old lives to start anew.

The artwork was inspired by 17th-century baroque style paintings. The graphics are visually stunning with even the background having as much detail as when looking at the characters close up. Those that love art and even those that have an indifference towards it won’t be able to help but appreciate the time that went into the game’s visual creation.

6) With So Much Equipment To Choose From Your Character Can Look Exactly How You Want

You can have your character be male or female and have many different clothing options.

In an interview with E3 the project’s gameplay manager, Sebastian Di Ruzza says that there are options of over 200 different kinds of equipment to customize your character and make them unique. This customization also includes options to wear the clothing that NPCs wear, this way if you see something they’re wearing you’ll have the option to wear it too, including those of the natives.

5) There Are Several Weapons To Choose From

Guns are just one of the many weapons used in the game and even then there are many different types.

Within 14 different types of weaponry, there are a lot of subgroups of weaponry that fall under the main categories. No real thought went into deciding the kinds of weapons that will be in the game. Whatever the creators randomly thought of that could be used as a weapon or was cool they put in to be an option.

Seeing that there are several creators that go into this game, all being in different departments, it is easy to assume that there will be weapons of all different designs and appearances. This makes it exciting and interesting as some of the weapons will have a more “realistic” appearance to them while others will have more of the whimsical and fantasy look that comes with the genre.

With Sebastian saying there are so many different kinds of weaponry,  little information has been divulged on the topic, Sebastian did confirm that there are at least two different styles of guns that will be available.

You do seem to be able to switch between two weapons during combat to deal different types of damage during the same fight. For example, if you want to hammer away at an opponent but also want to cause more of a bleeding effect you can quickly switch to daggers. How this is possible we’ll have to find out when the game is released.

While you have all options of customization open to you the only style of “weapon” that you cannot use is the native magic however if you have a native companion they will be able to use it in battle.

4) Huge Creatures Roam The Land That The Natives Can Summon

Just one of the many creatures that live on the island and can assist the natives. They all have an earthy and tribal-inspired look to them.

Not only do the natives have a connection to the land, but they are able to summon creatures to aid them whenever needed. From the trailers we’ve seen that it’s really only during fights.

All the ones that have been shown in trailers and pictures show them to be like titans and attacking aggressively. They all seem to have an organic and tribal feel to them as well.

While it seems obvious that they’ll be called during fights I’m thinking they might also be useful for other things as well. Perhaps a steed is needed to go long distances faster or maybe help in some way that can further a quest that you’ve taken on.

3) Your Character Has The Disease, Malichor

Your character has a disease that is wiping out The Old world.

One of the first things about our character is that they have a distinct black mark on his lower jawline and neck. We learn that he has Malichor.

He is able to use certain kinds of magic and the theory is that this could be a side effect of the disease. Despite being able to use magic he cannot use native magic.

Learning that he has Malichor makes you wonder if he is looking for a cure only because he contracted it or did he already make the decision that he was going to find a cure prior to? Either way, it’ll be interesting to know his original intentions.

2) There Are A Plethora Of Skills To Choose From

With an extensive skills tree you there are endless possibilities for advancing in whatever skill you desire.

Greedfall has the right to brag when it comes to how many options there are for their skill tree since there are over 100. You don’t belong to a specific class, so you are free to advance in the areas that not only best suit your needs but the ones that interest you the most as well.

An example of a basic skill is stealth that can advance to abilities such as sneaking and backstabbing. Other common skills that you see in every game are alchemy and magic.

1) Not All Of The World Is Available To You At The Start Of The Game Like In Skyrim And Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Just a glimpse into the detailed scenery we can expect to see throughout the game.

At the beginning of the game, you only have access to a few areas. The game relies heavily on exploration and the more areas you visit the more parts of the island are unlocked. Exploring different places can help you find items and information that you need for quests that can help determine how the game will end.

We hope this list has provided insight into what to expect from this game. Be sure to keep up and look out for more information that might be available soon. Even though it can be difficult to determine what the game is about watching only the trailers it does promise to be interesting. Hopefully, the hype lives up to expectation.

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