[Top 15] Fire Emblem: Three Houses Best Pairings

Fire Emblem: Three Houses' Yuri looking at Byleth.
Yuri and Byleth share a tender moment.

With so many characters and supports between them in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, it’s only natural to want to pair them off. Especially because given how you obtain their support rankings, two characters can have a paired ending once you’ve finished the game. 

Some pairings are better than others, of course. Some I can only imagine with one character, while others have good chemistry with plenty of characters. Here are the top 15 best pairings in FE3H and why.


15. Catherine and Shamir

Catherine and Shamir
But now look at them. 

Catherine and Shamir’s relationship is unlike many of the others on this list. They are not schoolchildren, but rather adults! While their friendship didn’t start off easy, it developed into a strong relationship where they trust each other on and off the battlefield. 

Catherine and Shamir are bound together. Catherine’s words, but how exact;y are they bound? By knighthood? It goes deeper than that. While they have different views on life, they deeply care for one another. 

Plus, they are honest with each other. While Shamir is more blunt, she doesn’t hide her feelings for Catherine or just how much she means to her. 

Why Catherine and Shamir Are Great: 

  • They already consider and call each other partners. In fact, Catherine insists that Shamir is her ONLY partner despite the fellow knights she has. 
  • The only thing Catherine is afraid of is losing Shamir. Not even in death, but by leading separate lives. 
  • Shamir suggests marrying Catherine to avoid losing each other, which causes her to blush!
  • They quit the knights in their paired ending and became inseparable as they traveled the world together. 


14. Ashe and Dedue

Ashe and Dedue
Ashe is eager to involve himself in Dedue's life.

Ashe and Dedue are two Blue Lions who bond over their cooking. Ashe is adorable and he brings out the best in Dedue. Dedue is never good at conversation, but he manages to talk more with Ashe. 

Dedue comes from Duscur, a country heavily hated in Faerghus and Fodlan. However, that doesn’t stop Ashe from wanting to get to know more about him and his homeland. This genuinely shocks Dedue, but Ashe is genuine in his interest and care. He just wants to be friends! He is a genuinely sweet character who sees the best in people. Ashe praises Dedue and his cooking and shares tender and sweet moments with him. 

Plus, who doesn’t like a size difference like that?

Why Ashe and Dedue Are Great: 

  • Ashe is more thoughtful than simply not caring where Dedue is from. Instead, he cares and wants to learn more rather than just ignoring it.
  • Despite Ashe’s desire to be a knight, he turns down the offer when people in the Kingdom are still hostile towards the people of Duscur.
  • Together, they serve Duscur’s food in Fodlan and manage to show just how great the people can be. 


13. Dorothea and Ferdinand 

A bee? Is that a good thing?

While Dorothea and Ferdinand are not my favorite pairing for either of these two characters, as you’ll see later, I do still love them. 

Their support chain is pivotal to both of their character development. Ferdinand works hard, tirelessly, to figure out why exactly Dorothea does not like him. While this may seem vain, it is because he admires her and would like to get along. Meanwhile, Dorothea learns that just because someone is a noble, doesn’t mean they shouldn't be trusted. They learn about each other and themselves throughout their relationship.

I also love Dorothea’s bluntness! In their C support, Dorothea comes right out with, “I hate you.” She doesn’t bother buttering Ferdinand up or lying about her feelings. I like that Dorothea does not sacrifice herself because of who she interacts with. Never! 

Why Dorothea and Ferdinand Are Great:

  • Ferdinand would not mind spending his days circling a queen, Dorothea, as he mentions in their A support. 
  • Their relationship has a natural progression. From two people with a misunderstanding to open communication about the past and why Dorothea truly hates Ferdinand. Ferdinand also shows his kindness by doing what he can to gain Dorothea’s favor. 
  • In their paired ending, Dorothea can help poorer people by ruling and governing with Ferdinand. 


12. Linhardt and Caspar

Linhardt and Caspar
Linhardt complains, but he stays close to Caspar. 

Linhardt and Caspar are two childhood best friends with feuding fathers. It is a wonder that they became so close when their parents hate each other so much. However, Linhardt will do anything to help his friend. 

Linhardt is a strategist and helps Caspar use his strengths against someone else’s. Caspar is, well, he’s very short, and Linhardt helps him win against a taller enemy. Caspar doesn’t want to listen since he’s always fighting head on, but when he uses his friend’s strategy, he thanks him greatly. Linhardt even compliments him, supposedly for the first time. He’s probably just too tired to compliment Caspar further.

They are opposites in the fact that Caspar is full of energy, while Linhardt is very drowsy. They balance each other out exactly in the way that they need to. While they don’t necessarily meet each other in the middle, they do what they can to accommodate each other the best. After all, they can’t imagine their lives without each other. How sweet!

Why Linhardt and Caspar Are Great:

  • Their paired ending has them traveling the world, continuing to help each other the way they do best. Casper getting into trouble with Linhardt getting him out of it.
  • They even abandon their noble houses just so that they can be together and eventually settle down.
  • Linhardt never wants to leave his and Caspar’s friendship, but he claims that if he did, their “fates would not be so easily untangled.” Linhardt knows that they are both linked for life. 


11. Felix and Annette

Felix and AnnetteDon't worry Felix, we won't tell anyone.

This is the first of multiple Felix pairings on this list. There is something about him that is just so shippable! I love how in his supports with Annette, gone is the harsh and rude man, but instead he tries to humor her. Of course, she thinks he is mocking her…

Despite being seemingly cold to everyone, Felix stops that when it comes to Annette. If he walked in on anyone else singing and dancing their own silly songs, Felix would likely cackle. Instead, he asks questions out of genuine intrigue and soon tries to run into Annette just to hear her sing more. He wants her to sing for him, even if it's about swamp beasties!

Why Felix and Annette Are Great:

  • Felix shows his softer side around Annette instead of bullying her, unlike the bullies in her head!
  • He even wants her to sing for him. Her songs have permeated his brain, along with her. Felix wants to be around Annette and even blushes when he admits it! 
  • In their Blue Lions endings…
  • In the other routes, the two of them find happiness together not just in each other, but as professors in the newly reopened Officers Academy. They are able to find a new passion to fulfill them!


10. Byleth and Yuri

Yuri S Support
I wish Yuri would look at me like that!

While this pairing can only be obtained if you’ve purchased the DLC, it is incredible nonetheless. Like all of the lords of the houses, Yuri has great chemistry with Byleth. While Yuri is flirty with everyone, he shares important information about himself with Byleth that he doesn’t tell anyone else—Including his real name. However, in this game, we are not privy to that information. Only Byleth is!

One thing that does make this one of the best Byleth pairings is the fact that you can choose Yuri as male or female Byleth. While the supports are largely the same, I just appreciate that you can be gay with someone as gorgeous as Yuri. Yuri teases Byleth in a flirtatious manner and always calls them adorable… It doesn’t take long to be falling for Yuri yourself. 

Plus, in the side story Cindered Shadows, he even asks you on a date. Swoon! It’s not important what actually happens next. 

While Byleth themself doesn’t have much of a personality and doesn’t add too much to plenty of ships, this one is special. 

Why Byleth and Yuri are Great:

  • Yuri opens up to Byleth about his past, showing just how much he trusts him. Yuri’s trust does not come easily. 
  • Not only do you have supports with Yuri, but you have an entire side story where you can learn more about him and just what he is capable of. 
  • Yuri is a canonically bisexual character! 


9. Hapi and Constance

Hapi and Constance
Constance defending her dear "friend".

Hapi and Constance are two other members of the Ashen Wolves with Yuri, so they can only be obtained if you have purchased the DLC. However distinct their personalities are, they have a lovely and meaningful connection. 

Constance and Hapi are very unlike each other. The former is all about her lost nobility and still acts according to proper noble standards. Meanwhile the latter is just your run of the mill commoner who makes a bit of a mess when she eats. Although, it seems like that rubs off on Constance… While they butt heads now and then, their care for each other at the end of the day trumps all. 

Hapi gives nicknames to most everyone, but her nickname for Constance is Coco. How cute! It is probably one of the better nicknames she hands out.

Why Hapi and Constance Are Great: 

  • When women passing by mock Constance for the way she eats and her company of Hapi, she scolds them and insists that Hapi is her dear friend, and she will not tolerate such slander. She cares for Hapi so much!
  • In fact, Constance then goes on to say that she will be keeping Hapi around, even after she restores her house.
  • Constance stays true to her word, because in their paired ending, they remain friends for the rest of their lives and stay together through the best and worst of times. 


8. Mercedes and Annette

Mercedes and Annette
They finish each other's...

Mercedes and Annette are so sweet! They are two best friends with nicknames for each other, Mercie and Annie, respectively, and they deeply care about each other and their safety. 

Mercedes and Annette are a pairing with little to no drama, unlike some others on this list that thrive on miscommunication. While they do have an argument in their supports, it is out of genuine concern for one another. They want each other to be careful and safe more than anything!

Why Mercedes and Annette Are Great: 

  • Mercedes and Annette continually show love and affection for each other in all their interactions.
  • They are best friends above everything else, which shows how dedicated they are to each other.
  • Their paired ending has them living happily ever after, basically. While they spend some time apart, they never stop communicating via letters, and eventually convene and live side by side. 


7. Felix and Sylvain

Dying together? How romantic. 

Another Felix ship, I know, but for good reason. Sylvain is one of his oldest friends, but now they seem to bicker constantly. As much as they bicker, of course they care about each other. Felix is annoyed with Sylvain’s womanizing, everyone is for that matter, while Sylvain is just trying to be carefree. 

Childhood friends that stick through each other through thin and thin have some of the best relationships. If Felix truly didn’t care about Sylvain, he would pay him no mind at all. Instead, he continually reaches out to him, whether to apologize or thank him. Whether he stays on that topic or not is irrelevant.

Plus, why would Felix be so bothered if Sylvain stayed in his woman-filled corner? Perhaps he’s jealous? Now, that’s not official information, but it doesn’t take much to read between the lines. 

Their paired ending in Azure Moon sticks out the most to me and is what proves their dedication to each other. They die on the same day, seemingly so they never had to live without each other. 

Why Felix and Sylvain Are Great: 

  • Felix used to follow Sylvain around or run to him when he was a child. It shows that Sylvain has always been a person he runs too, even if he doesn’t want to admit it anymore.
  • Sylvain saves Felix’s life. Whether it happened in battle for you or not, it does in their supports. Sylvain is always watching to keep his closest friend safe and sound.
  • Sylvain could never leave Felix. When Felix chooses training over their friendship, Sylvain offers to train as well. He wouldn’t leave it at that, as he needs one of his longest friends.


6. Edelgard and Byleth

Edelgard S Support
Edelgard and Byleth—The dream team.

When you choose the Black Eagles, you, as Byleth, learn more about Edelgard and deepen your bond with her. This is the only chance you have to earn her trust! Plus, you can romance her as male or female Byleth. Regardless of your form, you are extremely important to Edelgard. 

Edelgard literally makes Byleth’s heart beat in their chest. In the Crimson Flower ending, Edelgard causes Byleth’s crest to dissolve and gives them life. Isn’t that romantic? Edelgard is smitten with Byleth from the very second we meet her. Maybe it’s because we saved her life, but it goes deeper than that.

They also happen to share the Crest of Flames, which is very rare. While this isn’t something that completely bonds them, it brings them closer together. In this route, Byleth stands by Edelgard through everything as they fully align with her vision for a better Fodlan. The only bad thing about their pairing is that we get less chapters of them together. Still, Edelgard trusts and confides in Byleth, something that even Hubert is skeptical of. 

Why Edelgard and Byleth Are Great:

  • Together, the two of them reforge Fodlan exactly as they wished. They are an unstoppable duo when together and prove how strong the Empire is.
  • Edelgard is not someone who trusts easily, so the fact that Byleth earns that trust is not something to gloss over.
  • Edelgard learns from Byleth and creates a safe haven with them. Not only in their vision of Fodlan, but even when the two of them are sharing sweet and private moments.


5. Marianne and Hilda

Hilda and MarianneIs that so, Hilda?

Marianne and Hilda are the cotton candy girlfriends of the Golden Deer. Just look at their hair! Of course, there is a lot more to their relationship than that.

Hilda is known for being lazy, yet when it comes to Marianne, she has to work. Marianne is just so clumsy, much to everyone’s surprise. Marianne continually apologizes, but despite Hilda’s hatred for working, she doesn’t mind it all that much when it comes to Marianne. I have a feeling that if anyone else was in that position, she would hate it! However, since Marianne is so dang cute… Hilda’s words, not mine!

Why Marianne and Hilda Are Great: 

  • Instead of getting mad, Hilda helps Marianne the best she can.
  • The two of them compliment each other, whether on their looks or their cleaning abilities. Surprisingly, Hilda is the one with good cleaning abilities!
  • Their paired ending has them “deepening their friendship” as they write to each other. Just how deep did their friendship run?
  • Marianne also funds Hilda’s artisan schools because she loves the crafts she makes so much. 


4. Dorothea and Petra 

But Petra, you are Dorothea's princess!

Dorothea and Petra… A commoner and a Princess of Brigid. One might not think they have much in common or good chemistry, but they actually have both!

From Dorothea and Petra’s very first support together, Petra is already falling fast for Dorothea. She is just so charming, but she can actually let her walls down around Petra. She wants to do nice things for her, not in an attempt to gain money or status, but rather to just be close friends. They both hate the Fodlan nobility, so they can bond over that and the feeling of being out of place. 

Dorothea only wants to learn more about Brigid, from their food to their braiding. Her enthusiasm shows, especially when she is invited in their A support. 

Why Dorothea and Petra are Great: 

  • While their paired ending does not mention marriage, it does say that Dorothea became the person Petra loved the most. 
  • Dorothea leaves her life in Fodlan behind and even does things she’d rather not, all for the sake of Petra and Brigid. 
  • Given that Dorothea is a canonically bisexual character, it is easy to imagine that she truly did love Petra and that they may have married. 


3. Felix and Dimitri

Pathetic look... Sure, Felix.

My favorite Felix pairing is him and Dimitri. The two have something so spicy going on, that it is very compelling to plenty of people. They do not see eye to eye, though they clearly care about each other. Dimitri is very obvious in his care for Felix, whereas Felix is rude, as always. 

I’m currently playing FE3H with my partner so that they can experience a game I love so much, and they picked Blue Lions. This was the pairing that they were immediately drawn into. They were watching their supports with the most intrigued smile on their face! Plus, when I started writing this article, I asked them what pairings they would put. They immediately said Felix and Dimitri. 

Felix loathes Dimitri, and is constantly calling him a boar, a beast, or a monster. Anything along those lines will do. Yet, the two used to be close friends in their childhood. What ever could have happened? We know that Felix does not like the person Dimitri has become in recent years, though he still sees his smile and is pulled back to those memories of the fonder days. 

Why Felix and Dimitri Are Great: 

  • In their paired ending, the two have a “lifelong bond” and Felix grieved more than the queen when Dimitri passed. Hm… How interesting. Just who was this nameless queen anyways?
  • Their differing personalities towards each other show just how close they used to be. Dimitri is still clinging onto the hope that he and Felix can become close again. 
  • Even though Felix acts like he doesn’t like Dimitri, he could never fully hate him because of their history together. It gives a lot to think about. 


2. Dimitri and Byleth

Dimitri S Support
Dimitri and Byleth rule Faerghus together. 

Again, pairings with Byleth are not my favorite, but there is just something special about their relationship with Dimitri that made it into my top two. Their relationship develops throughout the whole Blue Lions route and I was compelled to keep playing every single day to see more of it. 

Now, I am a man, but I played my first Blue Lions run as female Byleth, solely because I just knew I was going to want to romance Dimitri. I just didn’t know how much I was going to love the two of them together. Again, despite Byleth’s lack of character, they have a strong bond with Dimitri. 

Byleth has helped Dimitri heal throughout Azure Moon. Without them, we have no telling of what could have happened to Dimitri. It was only with their patience and guidance, that he was able to find joy in life again. 

Why Dimitri and Byleth Are Great: 

  • Byleth’s bond with Dimitri cannot be duplicated with any other unit. This isn’t just a standard “Byleth ship,” but rather their stories are interwoven in the Azure Moon route, which makes them compelling. It feels as if they are soulmates!
  • Their paired ending labels Dimitri and Byleth as “two adoring spouses, desperately in love.” Even after years of war and marriage, the two never lose the spark that developed between them.
  • Since they are the leads of the Azure Moon story, we get a lot of content of them outside of just their supports. They spend a lot of time talking to each other. Well, Dimitri does most of the talking. 


1. Ferdinand and Hubert

Ferdinand and HubertThese two manage to find common ground.

When you first feast your eyes on Ferdinand and Hubert, their relationship is anything but romantic. However, this makes them all the more interesting! Who doesn’t love the enemies to lovers trope? The Ferdinand and Hubert supports and ending are only available in the Crimson Flower route, as you cannot recruit Hubert in any other routes. 

Not only do they scream Halloween with their hair colors (and Hubert’s personality), but Hubert and Ferdinand have a special connection that will have you needing to see more supports. An A+ support just isn’t enough!

Ferdinand and Hubert go from arguing about how they go about Edelgard’s orders, to bickering about if tea or coffee is better, to actually making the other their preferred drink. Isn’t that romantic? They put aside their differences to please the other. Plus, 

Why Ferdinand and Hubert Are Great:

  • Hubert actually blushes in his support with Ferdinand. Leave it to Ferdinand to prove that Hubert is not, indeed, a vampire.
  • Their pairing shows the character growth they both have as individuals, as well as how they happen to find common ground when it seemed impossible. 
  • “Is it a gift? Perhaps for someone you fancy?” “A gift, yes. For you.” That’s it, that’s the bullet point.


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