11 Great Open World RPG Games to Play in 2016 (PC)

Open World RPG Games

Enter a world full of adventure in these great open world RPGs.

11. Kingdom Come: Deliverance

AKA: All in a Knight’s Work. (Get it?) Live your life as if it were the Dark Ages all over again, exploring 16km2 of medieval landscape, going on quests, developing skills, and building up your reputation to become the very best (or very worst) you want to be. With realistic opportunities such as hunting, sieges and fighting duels, there’s no end to the activities with which you can fill your days and knights (okay, I’ll stop now).

A strong highlight of Kingdom Come is the utter freedom to do whatever you like. And sure, you might be saying, “hey, it’s open world, so isn’t that the same for any game of this genre”? But the answer is no. It’s not. Because the difference with Kingdom Come is the quests.

Not only can the main quest be put off till whenever you feel like doing it (or never, as in the case of some more laissez-faire players), but the quests themselves do not have a single set way to be completed. You can use your weapon, your wits, or even occasionally a bit of charm and a sly hand. The choice is all yours.

Unfortunately, when it comes to conversation there’s pretty much no choice, as skipping through dialogue is dangerous to both your character and the world it inhabits. This might frustrate some more impatient players, but they’re sure to be placated later on by how much you can ruin NPCs lives. Everyone’s a winner. Except NPCs.

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