Elder Scrolls Online Best Race for Every Class Build

ESO Best Race
Which race will best fit your needs?

Currently, there are five classes of characters in ESO.

Choosing from Templar, Sorcerer, Nightblade, Dragonknight and Warden can mean huge differences in abilities, passives, skills and other attributes for your character’s build.

Let’s look at the top races and their advantage within classes that benefit them the most.

5. The Nord

Let’s look at why the Nords, the Children of the Sky, are the best choice for the Redguard class. Found in Alik’r and part of the Daggerfall Covenant, the Redguard is a class steeped deep in honor, tradition and ancestry. Strong, agile and warrior based, the Redguard is a powerful class to choose for battle. Highly focused on their weapons, Redguards tend to have amazing stamina, making them highly desirable for DPS Stamina builds. 

Nord Race Bonuses:

  • Reveler – Increase experience gain in the Two-Handed skill line by 15%. Also, Increase the duration of any consumed drink by 15 minutes.

  • Resist Frost – Maximum Health is increased by 1000, Cold Resistance by 2310. Gain Chilled status effect immunity.

  • Stalwart – Increase Maximum Stamina by 1500. When taking damage, gain 5 Ultimate one time every 10 seconds.

  • Rugged – Increase your Physical and Spell Resistance by 3960.

Best Class for the Nord:

  • Choosing the Nord with a focus on stamina will reward you with the highest DPS you can hope for in this class.
  • If tanking is your game, then the Nord Dragonknight is an excellent choice in build styles. 
  • The Dragonknight in the Nord style is usually optimized for the Arena, Trial and Dungeon seeker. 
  • Due to the heavy tanking ability of the Nord/Dragonknight combination, you can build an incredibly powerful character.
  • Find a detailed build for the Bloody Butcher Dragonknight here: http://deltiasgaming.com/2015/03/08/the-bloody-butcher-dragonknight-dps-... and take your Nord Dragonknight to the highest DPS imaginable.

4. Dark Elf

Let’s see why the Dark Elf will bring the most to the Nightblade class. The opportunistic nature and adventurous spirit of the Nightblade will find you easily slipping out of tight spaces while also getting into quite a bit of trouble!

Speed, blades and stealth are the hallmarks of the Nightblade mixed with a little bit of luck and cunning. 

Dark Elf Race Bonuses:

  • Ashlander  – Increase experience gain and a Dual Wield skill line jump of 15%. Reduce damage taken from lava by 50%.
  • Dynamic – Increase your maximum Magicka and Stamina by 1875.
  • Resist Flame – Increase Flame Resistance by 2310. Gain immunity to Burning status effects.
  • Ruination – Increase Weapon and Spell Damage by 258.0

Best Class for the Dark Elf:

  • The Nightblade is the best build for the Dark Elf because all your damage will be in the form of devastating Fire Damage.
  •  Building a Stamina focused Nightblade with the Dark Elf will combine with the bonuses from the race passives, allowing for quite a damaging character.
  • The Rampage Nightblade offers a fantastic setup sure to please: https://alcasthq.com/eso-stamina-nightblade-build-for-pve/

3. High Elf

The High Elf is a sound choice for a build for the Templar class. When you desire to call to the burning of the sun and the power of light to vanquish your enemies, while also healing the abilities of those around you, you’ve mastered the art of the Templar. Intercepting damage and restoring health are in balance with a powerful and well thought out Templar build.

Building your Templar as a High Elf will give you the sustainability and Magicka source needed to overtake your enemies.

High Elf Race Bonuses:

  • Highborn – Increase experience gained by 1% and with the Destruction Staff Skill line by 15%.
  • Spell Recharge – Restore 645 Magicka or Stamina, based on the lowest level when you activate a Class Ability. Reduce damage taken by 5% while using an ability with a cast time.
  • Syrabane’s Boon – Increase maximum Magicka by 2000.
  • Elemental Talent – Increase Spell Damage by 258.

Best Class for the High Elf:

  • Choosing a Magicka build for PvP and DPS, a High Elf will give you a Sustain bonus. 
  • Approaching the Templar as a Healer, a High Elf will give you the Magicka source you are seeking.
  • Focusing on this build from a solo perspective, the Magicka Focused Templar is a solid build when done right when using a High Elf: https://alcasthq.com/eso-solo-magicka-templar-build-pve/

2. Argonian

Utilizing the passive skills of the Argonian will bring a lot of punch to the Sorcerer. Sorcerers exist in a world that can call upon and control aspects of weather phenomenon.  They also call to the Daedric for armor and Storm Atronarchs to aide in battle. While allowing for many kinds of customization, working to perfect the Sorcerer’s battle survival can be tricky but done well using an Argonian. 

Argonian Race Bonuses:

  • Amphibian –  Increase experience gain with your Restoration Staff skill line by 15%. Swimming speed is increased by 50%.
  • Resourceful – Increase maximum Magicka by 1000. After consuming a potion, restore 4000 Health, Magicka, and Stamina.
  • Argonian Resistance – Increase maximum Health by 1000 and Disease Resistance by 2310 while being immune to diseased status effect.

Best Class for the Argonian :

  • Casting aside the fact that team buffing abilities are non-existent, it is possible to build a tanky Sorcerer. 
  • Choosing an Argonian is a quality choice for this type of build because of the 5% healing bonus at maximum rank.
  • The damage based “Mystic Lizard” is a build that is full of damage while still utilizing the strong Magicka of the Sorcerer build. Check it out here: http://esoacademy.com/builds/mystic-lizard-sorcerer-magicka-pvp-thieves-...

1. Redguard

Redguards, the masters of Sustain, are the way to go when building a Warden in ESO. The Warden is a multi-role, nature-based class, and  the first new class introduction since the game’s launch. Using a combination of animal companions, highly versatile builds and beefy passives, this interesting class is one to look at. 

Redguard Race Bonuses:

  • Wayfarer – Increase the duration of eaten food by 15 minutes.
  • Marshal Training – Reduce the cost of Weapon abilities by 8% and the effectiveness of Snares applied by 15%.
  • Conditioning – Increase maximum Stamina by 2000.
  • Adrenaline Rush – When dealing Direct Damage, 950 Stamina is restored. This can occur one time every 5 seconds.

Best Class for Redguards:

  • If you’re seeking high AoE and excellent Stamina, the Redguard belongs in the Warden class. 
  • Passives of the Warden class, including the Bull Netch increase single target damage greatly.
  • Through the Green Balance tree, the Warden will also contribute high levels of additional healing, balancing the Damage potential of the Redguard.
  • Consider “Nature’s Commander” for an excellent and powerful Redguard Warden build. See it here: https://dottzgaming.com/build/natures-commander-stamina-warden-pve-build/

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