[Top 10] ESO Best Sets for Magicka DPS

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The Best Magicka Sets for you to hit that sweet 100K DPS.

The Elder Scrolls Online features a wide collection of sets to choose from for each role, one such is the Magicka DPS, it may take you some time to figure out which one's are the best and certainly takes time to farm, If you are looking for the best Magicka DPS Sets to get and boost you to that sweet 100K spot, then this guide is for You.

10. Mechanical Acuity

The Mechanical Acuity Visual Effect

Mechanical Acuity is a craftable set from the Clockwork DLC, one of the best starter sets and also relevant for all levels of play, it is the optimal set to use during trash mobs phase in most trials. 

You want to pair this with a set which provides spell damage to increase overall DPS because sets that increase critical chance will be useless while Mechanical Acuity is active.

  • Name: Mechanical Acuity
  • Type: Craftable
  • Location: Pavillion of Artifice, The Clockwork City
  • Traits needed to craft: 6
  • Requires DLC: Clockwork City

Full Details: https://eso-sets.com/set/mechanical-acuity 

9.  Slimecraw

The Scaly Slimecraw Helm Look 

The Slimecraw Monster Helmet drops in Veteran Wayrest 1, and the shoulder can be obtained from Undaunted Vendors, this is one of the best Magicka DPS Monster sets available because it provides a 1 Piece Critical Bonus and when paired with a shoulder will provide you Minor Berserk in case you don't have access to that buff.

It is often paired with another 1-piece critical set such as Zaan's or Iceheart as this combination gives the best overall DPS and is also used for very mobile fights because it does not need any special circumstances to proc unlike other Monster Set’s.

  • Name: Slimecraw
  • Type: Monster Set
  • Location: Wayrest Sewers I, Maj
  • Style: Undaunted

Full Details at: https://eso-sets.com/set/slimecraw

8. Zaan’s

The Majestic Zaan's Helm Look

The Zaan Monster Helmet drops in Veteran Scalecaller Peak and from the Dragonbones DLC and the shoulder can be obtained from Urgalarg Chief Bane's Undaunted Chests.

This is the strongest single target DPS out of all the monster sets in the game, the only disadvantage of this set is that it has a limited range of 8 Meters to be able to maintain the damage, so you need to stay close to maintain it, it is best used in less mobile boss fights or parsing on target dummies.

  • Name: Zaan
  • Type: Monster Set
  • Location: Scalecaller Peak, Urgarlag Chief-bane's undaunted chest
  • Requires DLC: Dragon Bones
  • Style: Undaunted

Full Details at: https://eso-sets.com/set/zaan

7. Harpooner’s Wading Kilt

The Harpooner's Wading Kilt looks primitive but it packs a punch.

The Harpooner's Wading Kilt is a Mythic Set that comes with the Blackwood Chapter, after collecting the five leads you will be able to craft it.

This set provides the highest DPS of all the Mythic Sets as it greatly increases your critical damage and critical chance but to balance that out, you need to make sure not to take any damage as it will negate the set's effects, this is best used in boss fights where you don't take a lot of direct damage such as The Warrior in Hel-Ra Citadel or Sunspire's Yolnahkriin.

Name: Harpooner's Wading Kilt

  • Type: Mythic
  • Location: Antiquities
  • Requires DLC: Blackwood
  • Style: Unique

Full Details at: https://eso-sets.com/set/harpooners-wading-kilt

6. Bahsei’s Mania

The Bahsei's Mania Fashion, Sul-Xan Style

The Bahsei's Mania Set drops in the Rockgrove Trial in Blackwood, it comes in Perfected and Non-Perfected Versions, the Perfected Version has an additional Spell Damage Bonus.

This set is strong but has quite a skill cap as you will need to maintain your Magicka Pool low to maximize the damage, though even though you don't really pay attention to your Magicka Pool you should be able to gain decent damage with this set, you can get better DPS output with this set if you make sure you have it active on both bars, you also want to use Food without Magicka Recovery and to make up for that you have to make sure your supports have sustain sets for your group and take synergies only when needed.

  • Name: Bahsei's Mania
  • Type: Trial
  • Location: Rockgrove
  • Requires DLC: Blackwood

Full Details at: https://eso-sets.com/set/bahseis-mania

5. Mantle of Siroria

The Siroria Ring of Fire Effect

The Mantle of Siroria Set drops in the Cloudrest Trial in Summerset, it comes in Perfected and Non perfected Versions, the Perfected Version has an additional Magicka Bonus

This is the strongest Magicka DPS Set and is best paired with a set which increases your critical chance, though it does have a distinct mechanic where you need to stay in one area to maintain the spell damage it provides, which is why it is used most in parsing Target Dummies and less mobile boss fights. This is a must have for any Magicka DPS looking to up their Numbers.

  • Name: Mantle of Siroria
  • Type: Trial
  • Location: Cloudrest
  • Requires DLC: Summerset
  • Style: Welkynar

Full Details at: https://eso-sets.com/set/mantle-of-siroria

4. False God’s Devotion

The False God's Devotion Sunspire Style on the Body

The False God's Devotion set drops in the Sunspire Trial in Southern Elsweyr, it comes in Perfected and Non-Perfected Versions, the Perfected Version provides an additional Spell Damage Bouns. 

This set is one of the best overall and is usable for any PVE content as the 5-piece Bonus Reduces your Magicka Costs and restores Magicka each time an Enemy Dies, this increases everybody’s sustain greatly, allowing you to fire off more DPS.

  • Name: False God's Devotion
  • Type: Trial
  • Location: Sunspire
  • Requires DLC: Elsweyr
  • Style: Sunspire

Full Details at: https://eso-sets.com/set/false-gods-devotion

3. Medusa

The Medusa Set on the Body, because the Staff is a myth.

The Medusa Set is a Dungeon Set that drops in Arx Corinium in Shadowfen, it provides an amazing amount of Critical Damage and a Permanent Buff to the user.

The 5 Piece Bonus that comes with the set is a permanent Minor Force Buff which increases your Critical Damage by a whopping 10% and clears up a Skill Slot which could have been occupied by a Barbed Trap or Channeled Acceleration, the only downside to it is that it is a heavy armor set so it is best used with 3 Jewelry Pieces and a Staff to maximize its effects.

  • Name: Medusa
  • Type: Dungeon
  • Location: Arx Corinium
  • Style: Argonian

Full Details at: https://eso-sets.com/set/medusa

2. Mother’s Sorrow

Mother's Sorrow Argonian Style Look

The Mother’s Sorrow Set is an Overland Set that drops in Deshaan, it is the most popular Magicka DPS set and provides Magicka as well as Critical Chance for a great balance.

The Set is probably the most versatile 5 Piece Set of all as you can pair it with almost anything and it will work well, it is also easy to obtain being an overland set and can be acquired from Guild Stores. Every Magicka DPS needs to have this set in their arsenal to make the most damage output.

  • Name: Mother's Sorrow
  • Type: Overland
  • Location: Deshaan
  • Style: Argonian

Full Details at: https://eso-sets.com/set/mothers-sorrow

1. Crushing Wall

The Dwemer Maelstrom Staff Look

The Crushing Wall Staff is an Ability Altering Weapon Set that drops from the Maelstrom Arena in Orsinium, it comes in Perfected and Non-Perfected Versions, The Perfected Version provides an additional Spell Penetration Bonus.

This is the most popular backbar staff and is used by every Magicka DPS looking to maximize their Damage Output, no DPS build is complete without this staff as it provides additional damage to your light and heavy attacks if they are in your Wall of Elements, that’s why you want to make sure your Wall of Elements is always up, and you are always light attacking after every skill cast. 

  • Name: Crushing Wall
  • Type: Arena
  • Location: Maelstrom Arena
  • Requires DLC: Orsinium
  • Style: Dwemer

Full Details at: https://eso-sets.com/set/crushing-wall

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