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      One of the greatest questions right now after the addition of Greymoor and a handful of new patches is, “Which ESO Class the highest possible Damage Per Second?” Or, if you’re anything like me while scanning my roster of favorite characters, “Which one of you is going to be the one to bring the pain this season, eh?!” Sweet, sweet pain…

      When building towards End-game PvE, it’s different from PvP in that you’ve made a commitment to hit 810 in CP for yourself, not to just hammer some CP60 into the ground. I mean yes, by all means hammer them, but also know that you’re going off into exploring the rest of ESO as well. Not intimating that there is less skill involved in PvE…just that you have to be so much more mindful of what it takes to bring down the big-daddy bosses and hordes,   DPS is your firepower and your ‘raison d’etre’.

     With that brief reminder floating out in the air, like a giant meteor suspended above the city of Vivec,let’s see who’s who in Tamriel so far this year.


5. Stamina Sorcerer


      Well, Stamsorc. You made it into the Top 5 for PvE DPS! Bravo! And it looks like your class got a wee bit of a facelift, too. Do yourself a favor, and concentrate the most on your AoE, please. In this variation, single-target does not appear to be granting the same level of DPS. And that’s why we’re all here, right? Super high damaging numbers…yum! Never, ever be afraid to broadside them with Carve, as it’s one of your very best friends. (Like maybe you guys should get matching tattoos, it’s that serious a thing.)

  •      Woo! Stamsorcs have a new spammable in the form of Crystal Weapon! Works with light or heavy attacks, creates a two-hits in one effect while lowering opponents armor by 1000.
  • Quicksilver-fast feel, compounded by Wood Elf or Orc to round off your reflexes.
  • Ultimates cost the least to perform for this class, so let ‘em rip!


Ideas to work with:


4. Magicka Templar

“Look! My old She-Ra costume still fits!”

         We are now entering Templar Territory. We ask that you do not feed the Templars as it only encourages them… It’s true. Templars are BEASTLY when it comes to racking up DPS. Aedric Spear is to the almost perfectly violent spell and please do not be afraid to utilize it. I mean, no one else is holding back with using it, promise. True, they are not as adept as their Stam counterparts for this kind of meaty gameplay, but they’re no slouches. They were just the second twin that was born maybe six minutes later.

  •            Burning Light got a decent rebuild. Hitting Aedric Spear 4 times in reasonable succession triggers the passive now instead of having to wait for the 25% more damage previous to the patch.
  • Maglars equipping 5 pieces of the Medusa armor set ensure a 900 Spell Critical increase.
  • Effectively applying Overwhelming kicks your DPS while increasing your chance for Concussion.

These do come in your size:


3. Stamina Templar

Lisa took a few too many theater classes in college.  

       Ah ha! And here we have Big Brother Stamplar, a Class made specifically to run evildoers into the ground. Watch your butts, Vamps and Werewolves! As you grind your way up, you are going to have to slot and utilize many Magicka Skills…but never fear, as Level 50 can come super quick to those who grind hard. Your true colors come to the forefront and you emerge from the Magick chrysalis a veritable butterfly of blindingly lit doom. Enjoy yourself with the Stamplar, as their rotation is choreographed as smoothly as a jazz dance class.

     Repentance is for those of you jelly about not being to pull healing from fallen corpses like the Necros do…without that guilty death-magic shame associated. Well, not much anyway.
Heavy attacks raise your Stamina levels, so make sure to pepper throughout rotation.
Once you hit 50 and start accruing CPs, kick your Magicka Skills to the curb and Stam out both Skill Bars. You will not be disappointed.


Take a look at these:


2. Magicka Dragon Knight

“Did Takis’s change their recipe, or is it just me?”

        Of course, no “Top 5 List”  ESO would be complete without a Dragon Knight coming into play. Refreshing that for once, it’s not a Stam DK holding court over the other Classes, isn’t it? DPS-seeking PvE is where Mag DK comes into its own and really shines. AoE Fire Damage is key with this class, so when in doubt, just set them all on fire! “How do you take your Clannfear? Mid-Rare? Medium? Well-done? It’s served with a spicy, sautéed Nirnroot…”

       It is possible to clear 92k of DPS with this class, so that brings them so nearly to the Stamcro’s level. Bloodthirsty is now a force to contend with, with Weapon and Spell Damage now sitting at 350 against opponents under 90% health. Again, give the Medusa armor set a whirl on this Class.


  • Molten Whip is still one of the most supreme and reliable spammables…”I say whip it…whip it real good!”
  • Heavy Attacks refill your Magicka, so your game rhythm needs to always include them as part of the original recipe, not as an afterthought.
  • Got Health? In this order when you need it: Harness Magicka, Burning Embers, Coagulating Blood


For the discerning Mag DK Connoisseur:


1. Stamina Necromancer

“I totally forgot my other skulls at home. May I borrow yours?”

      What would you say if I told you that you can pretty much have a taste of all the cool toys in one class? The Stamcro gives you that opportunity, no doubt, and that’s why they are the DPS Kings of PvE right now.

       Sickeningly high DPS, Pets you don’t have to double-bar, the ability to sustain yourself from corpses you both create and also conjure yourself – all major components of what it means to be a Stamcro. Blast Bones alone is enough to make any player go gaga for the Necros in general. Just…watch which spells you’re flinging within town limits. Most of your Ability Bars are full of Criminal Acts, like Al Capone’s diary, capisce?


  • The Colossus Ultimate is just…breathtaking. A real thing of beauty and lifesaver as your life force is circling the drain, hit that Ultimate and rally back.
  • You sustain your Health through both Pets AND raising the recently deceased… Sorry, kids! This is a BoGo you can’t let go.
  • Fattest possible PvE DPS in the game, ranging up as high as 95.3k…and we are all working hourly to figure out if we can get it higher!


Woot! Stamcro tastiness:



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