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A Necromancer and His Army

3. Magicka Focused Necromancer Build

The Necromancer

If your game focus is on PVP, DPS or a strong approach to soloing, this build might be the way to go with the new Necromancer class in ESO. Giving you the magicka necessary to ensure your enemies won’t be able to run, the AoE destructiveness of this build shines with Immobilization, strong Frost Damage, and Drain expertise for a deadly, effective combination.

What Makes the Magicka Focused Necromancer Build a Great AoE Class?

  • Combining the head and shoulders of the Iceheart set, the majority of pieces from the Bright Throat’s Boast set, the Spell Damage effects of the Crafty Alfiq necklace and rings, along with the Flame and Healing versions of the Crafty Alfiq staffs ensures this precise combination of set pieces will work well to acquire maximum AoE with high preparation magicka.

  • Filling your skill bars with the most precise abilities designed to immobilize and prepare your enemies for attack is essential to ensure the best AoE with this class. Utilizing Remote Totem’s fear inducing immobilization, for example, will literally bring your enemies to their knees, rendering them unable to move.

  • Applying consumables with the right amount of drain along with health restoration will give you AoE effects that enhance your build for maximum damage potential.

How to Build the Magicka Focused Necromancer Build

  • Armor Set: Iceheart head and shoulders; Bright Throat’s Boast hands, chest, legs, waist and feet; Crafty Alfiq necklace and rings; Crafty Alfiq flame and healing staffs.

  • Skill Bar combinations should include: Hungry Scythe, Ricochet Skulls, Mystic Siphon, Inner Light, and Harness Magicka for bar one. Use Unnerving Boneyard, Remote Totem, Radiating Regeneration, Summoners Armor, and Spirit Guardian for bar two. Ultimates should be Glacial Colossus and Light's Champion.

  • The two potions you should keep at the ready are the Witchmother’s Potent Brew and Essence of Immovability. Poisons should include Drain Health and Escapist’s Poison. 

  • Ensure that all your attribute points are placed in magicka.

  • Having Vampirism active will really help with sustain abilities.

2. AoE Focused Warden Build

The Warden and her icy wings

Taking this icy approach to the Warden class, this AoE build will give your Warden fierce damage potential. Combining precise set pieces with skills and effects designed to maximize your radius effects, this is the best build if you’re looking for devastating AoE. This can be an excellent PvE build, as the set’s single enemy focus can be devastating.

What Makes the Icy Warden Build a Great AoE Class?

  • This build focuses on the Icy Conjurer set. (The Winterborn set from Maelstrom could also be used as well.) Utilizing the set that is a part of the Wrathstone DLC, you can build a devastating AoE build. Alternatively, you could obtain this set by completing the Frostvault dungeon.

  • Relying on significant frost damage, precise bar skills and point allocation to paralyze your enemies, this build is a very effective AoE strategy.

  • Don’t let the fact that the Icy Conjurer set is light armor deter you. With correct point allocation, you will strengthen and enhance key areas to ensure this build’s maximum potential.

How to Build the Icy Warden Build

  • Equipping all five pieces of the Icy Conjurer set, along with two destruction staffs and jewelry is the best way to begin this build.

  • Your skill bar combinations should be: Elemental Weapon, Wall of Elements, Arctic Blast, Growing Swarm and Soul Splitting Trap on bar one. Bar two should be: Ice Fortress, Blue Betty, Impaling Shards, Race Against Time and Lotus Blossom. Ultimates should be Elemental Storm and Precognition. 

  • Allocate your attribute points to Magic Resistance, Light Armor Focus and Arcanist.

  • Your front weapon should be charged, and your back weapon should be sharpened for the best effects.

1. Magicka Focused Dragonknight Build

A dragonknight in formidable, fiery armor

Combining powerful DPS with a heavily focused AoE magicka approach, the Dragonknight is a formidable character to build. Not only will you benefit from the innate qualities of the Dragonknight, you will also create an impressive AoE that will ensnare your enemies and keep them in place while you finish them off.

How to Build the Magicka Focused Dragonknight

  • As you’ve seen with other builds, magicka is the AoE you need to focus on. Strong DOT in the form of flame damage is the hallmark of this build.

  • There are a few sets you can consider for this build. The Zaan set requires the Dragon Bones DLC. Valkyn Skoria, One Tamriel set, is a Monster Helm set and a good alternative. In Summerset, you can alternatively acquire the Mantle of Sororia set that drops in the Cloudrest Mini Trial.

  • Combine your armor with the Necklace, Rings and Staffs of the Burning Spellweave Set in order to acquire the 5th bonus, granting a spell damage increase of 525 that can occur every twelve seconds and last for eight, extending your AoE significantly.

  • The first skill bar combination should include: Inner Light, Engulfing Flames, Burning Embers, Molten Whip and Scalding Rune on bar one. Your second skill bar slots should contain: Elemental Drain, Barbed Trap, Eruption, Unstable Wall of Elements and Flames of Oblivion. Your Ultimates should be Shooting Star and Standard of Might.

  • Essence of Spellpower and Witchmother’s Potent Brew should be your main potions. 

  • All attribute points should go to Magicka and be sure to use the Lover’s Mundus Stone for the

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