[Top 3] ESO Best Healer Class That Are Powerful

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Not a potion in a whole world can heal you like a healer.

[Top 3] ESO Best Healer Class That Are Powerful

Here to heal and protect!


ESO is without a doubt a unique MMORPG. It has its way of building characters that can attack, heal or tank. Here you can choose whichever class you want that can become whatever role you enjoy. In short, everyone can be a healer, but some classes can heal better than others.   

First, we need to go through the basics of healing. There are a few ways a healer can heal and not every class can cover all the healing skills.

Here is the list of healing types:

  • HOT ( Healing over time) – This type of skill heal slowly over time in a large area. You heal multiple targets at once.
  • Single target heals – You heal one specific target, preferably the one with the lowest health.
  • Single target/AOE burst heals – It heals a significant amount of health in a short period. Best to use when team energy is really low and you don’t have another choice. This type of healing uses more Magicka, so you gotta be smart when using it.
  • Smart/Intelligent healing – Most healing in the game is like this. It targets an ally with the lowest health and heals them automatically. So you don’t need to pick who to heal.

As a healer, you need to buff and debuff, not just heal. So, whichever class you pick, some skills are important to have for buffing your allies and debuff your enemies.

These are some of the biggest tools in your healing toolkit:

  • Combat Prayer ( Restoration staff skill line ) – It heals, and also increases damage done as well as physical and spell resistance.
  • Elemental Drain ( Destruction Staff skill line ) – Reducing spell resistance for enemies and steals Magicka while you do damage.
  • Aggressive Horn ( PVP skill line ) – Increases Magicka and Stamina of party members, and critical damage done.

Healers need to help their team to do more damage as well. Also, synergies are important. A good healer needs to place synergies for players to activate so they can heal themselves or do more damage. 

So, at the end of the introduction, the responsibilities of a healer are – Healing, buff teammates, debuff enemies, and throwing synergies down enough. And now, the moment you've been waiting, here are the Top 3 ESO Best Healer Class That Are Powerful. 


3. Necromancer

For the third place, we got the Necromancer class. Although not the amazing healer like the classes that are at first and second place, Necromancers are pretty effective and fun to play with.

With Unnerving Boneyard from Graveyard skill line, you can reduce spell and physical resistance of your enemies. And if you consume a corpse, you deal 50 % more damage. Any other player can activate the Graverobber synergy that deals frost damage to your enemies and heals you.     

Reanimate is a great Ultimate that can resurrect up to three allies at the target location, it comes in handy for turning the tables.

The Render Flash is a great way to go if you need to heal yourself or your ally fast. But beware, some debuffs will apply to you. Also, morph of this ability can heal another target if you consume a corpse.

Renewing Undead can heal your allies over time and remove up to three negative effects. Braided Thether and Intensive Mendor both heal you and your party. Combine these skills with every passive from Living Dead skills, and you will have a blast when healing as a Necromancer.

What Necromancer Excels In:

  • Great healing skills and Ultimate.
  • Area heals.
  • Useful passives.

Pick Necromancer if:

  • You enjoy reanimating corpses.
  • You are good at buff management.
  • You like to heal and deal damage.


2. Templar

This was a tough call because the runner-up and the winner are both excellent healers. Although Templar is the best healer there is, he lacks in buffs and debuffs and that is the main reason he is number two on our list.        

Templar healer is great for beginners because of his auto-target heals. You don’t have to watch over your party, just use your healing skills and it will help the players in need automatically. 

They have an entire skill line dedicated to healing and passives which grant them increased healing power. Rushed Ceremony is a powerful single-target burst heal. With morph that can heal one more character. 

With Healing Ritual you have a powerful AOE burst heal. The downside of this skill is its cost. Cleansing Ritual is an AOE HOT skill that can cleanse allies of negative effects if they activate the skills synergy. Without buffs for his team, Templar is exclusively a healer. 

You can keep Magicka and Stamina resources on your team with Spear Shards and Restoring Aura. And with Repentance you restore Health and Stamina to yourself for each corpse nearby, in some way, you got infinite Stamina regeneration. 

With undoubtedly the best healing skills, Templar stands strong and proud as a second place on our list.  

What Templar Excels In:

  • Best Healing.
  • Healing while attacking.
  • Keeping resources in check.
  • Great passives.

Play Templar If:

  • You like to heal exclusively.
  • Heal without casting.



And the winner on our list, nature-based class, The Warden. The only downside in Healer Warden's abilities is that their class burst heal relies more on positional awareness. So they are less user-friendly. But that doesn’t mean much when you see the pure awesomeness that Warden brings to the table. They heal, provide a shield to the party, and gives them great buffs.    

They have more tools in their healing toolkit that provides more sustainable heal over time, which costs less. Although they don't heal like the Templar, overall with their skills they can keep their party alive for a longer time.

Fungal Growth is an AOE burst heal, if you morph it to Enchanted Growth, it gives your allies Minor Intellect and Minor Endurance. Healing Seed is another burst heal that grants synergy to one ally. Living Vines are a single-target HOT and Lotus Flower can heal nearby allies when you deal damage. 

When it comes to debuffs and buffs, Impaling Shards can freeze your enemies and reduce their speed movement. Frost Cloak can increase Physical and Spell resistance for you and your party. And a great passive called Maturation can increase your party’s health when you heal. 

Warden has no skill to keep resources for its team. But he can adapt and function in different situations, and with diverse skill tree and group buffs, the first place is the only appropriate place to put him.

What Warden Excels In:

  • It has good buffs and debuffs.
  • Even better healing.
  • Great armor.
  • Amazing passives.

Play Magicka Warden If:

  • You like to combine diverse playing styles.
  • You like to heal and protect your teammates with buffs and shields.
  • If you love to have a bear and/or a jellyfish for a companion.


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