[Top 5] ESO Best Warden Healer Builds

Be the savior of the battlefield.

1. H​ist Keeper

Considered the best healing race in the game.

T​his build for ESO is worth grinding for. It is impressively powerful, great with resource management, and gives out insane buffs and heals to you and your allies. I would consider this an end game build though, as you have to acquire sets from trials as well as dungeons. If done though, you will not be dissapointed. You will be a major asset to your team as long as you can handle the simple rotation this build offers. This build is insane, to the point it would be crazy if someone died on your watch.

W​e all know healers that spam simple skills that won't change the course of battle, but with this build, you can make your team unstoppable. Assemble your team and challenge yourselves to some end game content.

A​s far as what this build excels in, you can expect high heals, insane buffs to all team members, and incredible resource management.


  • T​he skills used for this build work together to give off high tiered heals.
  • W​ith the buffs constantly added by you, you will receive boosts to your healing ability.
  • T​he skills do not require a massive amount of resources as others, so you will have more healing ability for your team.


  • T​his is one of the most versatile buffed builds I have seen in ESO. It includes minor resolve, minor ward, major ward, minor berserk, major prophecy, major protection, minor intellect, minor endurance, and even more that can be consistently kept up and maintained.
  • M​any of the skills have long durations, so up-time won't be a problem.
  • W​ith so many buffs offered, your team will be a powerhouse in battle.


  • R​esource management is key to winning battles, and this build just nails it. Sustain will not be an issue.
  • W​hether it is the blue betty consistently giving you resources back and stripping away negative effects, or your low cost ultimate that is powerful, yet saves your resources, this build makes it simple.
  • W​hen starting, this build offers high magicka recovery, high resistance, and a high magicka pool, so resource management is not something to stress about.

Full b​uild details: https://xynodegaming.com/hist-keeper/

2​. Detonation Warden

A unique take on healing for ESO.

T​his build focuses on damaging enemies while healing allies. I honestly like this aspect the build took. With no trial gear needed, this makes it a much more practical set for any who want a powerful healer, but do not want to grind trials, or are not at that level yet. This is definitely a unique take on healing and caught my attention. Mainly built for PVP, this can also be used in PVE if you wish.

D​o you like exploding enemies while healing your teammates, this build is for you!

W​hat you can expect from this build is high magicka and recovery base, high healing synergies, and increased damage to enemies just by healing.


  • S​tarting out with an impressive magicka pool and increased magicka recovery.
  • S​kills that add additional recovery to your character's stats.
  • S​kills that return resources to you when you heal allies.


  • The build uses skills that offer powerful, high healing synergies for allies.
  • Y​our synergies will help your allies with their sustain as well.
  • A​ synergy that can be activated by everyone.


  • U​sing a prefered set will grant your team additional damage output when they get overhealed.
  • S​kills that heal allies each time they damage the enemy.
  • Uses an ultimate that increases critical damage and recovery to your team.

B​uild details: https://brahwegotthis.com/warden-healer-build-detonation/

3​. Raid Boss

Be the defier of death on the field of battle.

A​nother PVP build, this healer is the unexpected king for PVP battles. With this build you will do almost as much damage as healing and take your opponents by complete surprise. I was surprised when I found this build, who would think a healer as one of the most powerful on a PVP field?

I​f you want to see your opponents lose their minds as you take them all down, I would highly recommend you give this build a try. ESO is about to get a lot more interesting.

W​hat you can expect from this build is high damage, high heals, good buffs, and fun new techniques of heals and shields.

D​amage and Heals:

  • W​ith all perks, sets, and race passives, you can get a 19 percent increase in healing.
  • U​ses some of the most powerful skills in the game for high damage.
  • L​earning curve to using this build, but easy to use once field tested.


  • W​ith many buffs continuously applied to you and allies, you will be hard to take down.
  • B​uffs occur while using skills, so no need to overthink.
  • U​ltimate is high damage and grants good buffs for you and your allies.

N​ew Style:

  • I​f you have tried many builds, this one will be a unique experience for you.
  • A​lternating between heals and shields will make you hard to kill.
  • T​he feel of a build is important, this one is unique and might just be what fits your playstyle.

Full b​uild details: https://www.doomagaming.com/warden-pvp-healer

4​. Oaken Tree

The unstoppable healer build, strong like the vines you cast.

T​his PVP build is crazy! Watching the gameplay of this build in action left me astounded. The build was based upon a tree style feel, or plant type character. If you enjoy roleplaying, try this nature themed build out.

I​f you want an undying, tree growing, annoying enemy type of build, give this one a shot. Go entire matches without dying, depending on your skills.

Y​ou can expect near-immortality, while keeping your team alive, and changing the course of battles. This is a one bar build which makes it all the easier to master, and of course massive buffs. Great sustain and huge ultimate potential make this build one of my favorites so far.

O​ne Bar:

  • W​ith a one bar setup, there is no need to switch back and forth, saving you time and resources.
  • E​ven with the one bar, this build does not lack power, ability, or sustain.
  • I​t just keeps it simple and effective.


  • W​ith a permanent uptime of major heroism, your ultimate with regen so fast you can probably spam it.
  • S​ustain will not be an issue, so you can feel safe to use the ultimate consistently.
  • T​his build uses a powerful ultimate, so constant, massive heals will be a gift your allies will praise you for.


  • T​he gear setup for this build has the largest amount of buffs I have seen.
  • S​et up of the build creates a permanent uptime on some buffs, and a steady rate for the rest.
  • I​f used correctly, you will find it hard to die.

Full b​uild details: https://www.gorilla-hq.com/warden

5​. Magio's

If you want to be a tank, and a healer, try this out.

I​f you like healing, but also enjoy rushing in and taking down foes simultaneously, check this build out. The overall style of this one is to be a power house, but also keep your team alive. One of the strangest builds on this list for sure, but I like how unique and different people are taking their builds recently.

T​his build will be a tanky healer style, which might sound strange, but think of the fun you can have bashing into enemies while healing your allies.

T​he focus in this build is going to be high damage, good buffs and debuffs, high base stats, unique playstyle, and a hardy character that will be hard to take down.


  • H​igh maneuverability in battle
  • P​VE or PVP game play ability
  • B​eing a Tanky healer


  • B​uild includes heavy armor for your character
  • S​tarting off with extremely high base stats for health, magicka, stamina etc.
  • H​igh damage output while still providing for your team


  • H​igh resource pools
  • A​OE mitigation for all your allies
  • S​kill passives will return resources back to you when used

Full b​uild details: https://alcasthq.com/eso-fengrush-magios-warden-healer-build-pvp/

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