[Top 15] ESO Best XP Grind Spots For Powerleveling (2022 Latest Patch)

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Grinding my way to the top

Training montage time

Looking forward to that training montage? Well, worry not as this list has a few XP grinding locations that you can go to for your power leveling. Just some tips though, do remember to slot in training gear and if you have a trusty friend, go ahead and marry them for an XP bonus as well. Also, don’t forget to use all of your XP scrolls which you can get regularly via daily logins. You’d also want to do all of your dailies on top of power leveling methods to level up faster. 

In general, overland mobs will give you more XP per enemy compared to public dungeons but the latter will compensate with a higher spawn rate compared to overland mobs. Enemies with higher HP will also give you a bonus XP. Now with those out of the way, here are a quick list containing powerleveling locations!

15. Alik'r Dolmens

First things first, the Alik’r dolmens is a classic XP grinding map in the game for a long time. The reason is the conveniently placed wayshrines near each of the dolmens, making it one of the more convenient XP grinding locations if that's your only concern. Because of its popularity, there are usually whole groups present around the Alik’r desert which you can join for bonus XP. Although heads up, there are more convenient regions such as Deshaan if you want to also grind for more sought-after overland sets making you farm gold while XP grinding.

To participate in the Dolmen run, just head on over to the wayshrines near the dolmen, namely the Goat’s Head Oasis, Aswala Stables, or Shrikes Aerie Wayshrines. You should be able to spot in the sky which dolmen the dolmen groups are already so hop on over there and you should be ready.

14. Camlorn

Werewolves are littered in the fort of Camlorn with a quest associated with it. These werewolves have higher HP than your normal enemies and hence give off bonus XP once you kill them. Do note that being a quest-associated XP grinding spot, you have to accept the quest associated with it and abandon it just as you end it so that you can accept it again to keep the XP grind going.

To get here, just teleport to the Eagle’s Brook wayshrine and head to the right till you get to the quest giver. Once accepted, just grind galore!

13. Razak's Wheel

The public dungeon in Bangkorai houses lots of enemies with half of them being humans and the other half being consisting of dwarven machinations. There is a handful amount of enemies that you can nuke and get exp, but also, you can get the Spriggan’s thorns set here as well which is usually in high demand from stamina damage dealers.

The nearest wayshrine to this public dungeon is the one located in Hallin’s stand. Once there you can easily make a rotation around the public dungeon to get as much XP you need.

12. Bloodmayne Cave

Bloodmayne Cave is the only PVP location on this list. It is located near the Aldmeri dominion which you can grind (preferably with a friend) to get lots of exp and gold per hour. Mobs are chill and usually not that populated given that most players are probably busy killing other players. Just take note, being a PVP zone, you might get ambushed by other players as well (I know I did), so you should play it with someone else or with CP to be on the safer side of things.

To get to this spot, you would have to trek from the nearest wayshrine being castle bloodmayne. It will take some time admittedly, hopefully, you won’t get ambushed on the way there ;)

11. Nchuleftingth

These public dungeons contain many paths and rooms that you can rotate around with enemies that respawn at a respectable rate. What you’d really wanna do though is to go to the bottom of the zone towards a door that opens to some ruins. Here, you’d find yourself in a large chamber which you can rotate around thanks to enemies with high respawn rates.

To get to the main grind spot, you’ll have to enter the main public dungeon and travel until you reach deep towards another subsection of the public dungeon on the right side. Once in the specific subsection, you’d wanna focus on the circular area shown above as it will have the most benefit for you in terms of XP.

10. Rkindaleft

Rkindaleft is a public dungeon in Wrothgar known to be a good place for XP and gold farming. The main open area is littered with orcs that you can gather up and nuke down with an acceptable respawn rate. Given that there are better options for XP, you might see 1-3 other players in this area as most players are probably grinding elsewhere.

You can get to this location assuming you have the Wrothgar DLC but it is still quite the trek even with the nearest wayshrine in mind. Once here, you can focus on either orcs, dwarven, or even both depending on the number of people so you can have quite the space for yourself.

9. Fort Virak

Located in the North-West of Stonefalls lies a perfect beginner-friendly XP grind spot with evenly spaced out enemies allowing you to control the waves as much as you want. Not many people are present here and the enemies have high respawn rates. Given that not many people know about this XP place, you can have some form of privacy as you grind away the early levels.

The Fort Virak wayshrine is the most convenient way to access this XP grind. On a bonus note, there’s also a dolmen right next to it for a nice change of pace now and then.

8. Vile Laboratory

The vile laboratory is located in Coldharbour, South-East of the Hollow City making it a convenient place to grind for XP given its proximity to the hub. It is an open area full of zombies, and like other zombie-based XP grinds, this has a fast respawn rate while being easy to kill. You can also get quite a handful of fleshy larva making it an adequate bonus for gold farming as well. To get there, you can use the hollow city wayshrine due to its convenience.

7. Verrant Morass

East of the Verrant Morass wayshrine is a big area with plenty of zombies which are easy to kill as well as having high respawn rates. Gathering them in one area to nuke them is best for maximum XP gain. Heads up though, it doesn’t give that much gold but is quite a powerhouse when it comes to XP.

6. Obsidian Scar

Obsidian star is another public dungeon on this list. Like any public dungeon, the XP gained per enemy is lower compared to the enemies in the overland. But it makes up for it by having so many enemies spawn inside and with a circular route, you’re sure to get a lot of XP and a handful amount of gold as well given that there are human enemies in this public dungeon. On a bonus note, the bosses in this public dungeon are conveniently placed with one another, allowing you to easily make your route as well as being able to farm the necropotence set, which you can garner quite the cash if sold properly. This place is quite popular so you’d be sure to see other people as well.

5. Skyreach Catacombs (~100k XP/hr)

Located in the group-based region of Craglorn, the Skyreach Catacombs is considered by plenty as the best XP-grinding spot due to it having a huge amount of enemies. Heads up though, the place isn’t that beginner-friendly. To grind here effectively, you’ll have to kill the zombies and ghosts within the areas and when you spot an ancient chest, open it to kill even more enemies (this is also where a lot of people die). If you’re farming for champion points, this is a perfect place to be in, but, if you’re  just starting out, you might need someone to carry you to do this (which can be a pro if you’re the one carrying ;)). The Skyreach wayshrine is the most direct way to get into this dungeon.

4. Spellscar (~100k XP/hr)

Spellscar is another popular grinding spot made much perfect if you’re in a group. It's full of enemies around a big area that you can rotate around or mark as your territory so you can potentially share with other people. It's an excellent XP grinding area but not that great for gold farming. Tons of enemies are located near monoliths which have high respawn rates allowing you to stay in the area for long amounts of time. There’s a bonus of 30% exp for larger enemies outside as well making it quite the popular spot.

3. Sentinel Docks (~115k XP/hr)

Just located north of Sentinel in the Alik’r dessert is a staple XP grind spot over the years since the early days of ESO (even more so after One Tamriel!). The Sentinel docs contain a lot of zombies each pack having a high respawn rate making it a convenient XP grinding method as one cycle around the area is enough for the previous packs to already respawn. Being a popular XP grinding spot, this area is usually packed so grouping up with other people is preferred especially with the bonus XP that you may get from the group. Although this place is perfect for XP grind, getting money is not that efficient, but you can get fleshy larvae which you can sell. Regardless, this area remains one of the fastest grinding spots in the game.

2. Muth Gnaar

Another zombie-based farming method (starting to see a pattern, ey?). Muth Gnaar is located in Deshaan which is plagued with the undead to grind XP and mats that you can sell. 2-3 people are recommended for an overall good experience.

You can get to Muth Gnaar through the wayshrine directly above the place. Once there, you can make a circular rotation to make the most out of it.

1. Vile Manse

This public dungeon has 2 potential circular routes inside it perfect for XP grinding. First things first, you must accept the quest associated with the public dungeon so that you can get inside. On the ground floor, there are a lot of human enemies which you can to get a good amount of XP, and being a human enemy, you can be sure to get a good amount of gold. The surprising part comes on the hidden hole that drops you to the public dungeon’s basement which contains so much more enemies including humans and skeletons. This lower area is what makes it a great XP grinding place as it's not that popular to people allowing you to have some form of privacy.

And there you have it!

Of course, there are more obscure grind spots in the game that this list doesn't mention. But, these are always a good start, some of them being known grind spots for years even. Personally, I like the Sentinel grind spots as I always found it more of a chiller place. But how about you? I'd love to hear your grind spots in the comments below! Looking forward to your training montage ;)

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