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Some cosplay of the character from the cinematics

What is the best Race for a Nightblade in ESO?

The Nightblade is a versatile class within ESO that’s best known for its incredible damage output, however, this is not to say that it does not excel in other roles that fit the standard MMO formula. Today we will be going over the best races for the different roles that you want for your Nightblade so it can be the best it can be. It should be said that the race you pick will certainly impact your character, mainly because the passives each race provides can benefit your playstyle in a particular way. This is what will be explored when picking a race.

5. Breton (Best for Healing)

Some Endgame gear that a Nightblade Healer might wear.

The Nightblade Healer is a different but fun style of play that is only further enhanced by the Breton. The Bretons passives have a heavy focus on Magicka thus making it an excellent choice for the healer. The Magicks recovery it offers through its passives allows you to rarely run out of Magicka. This is excellent for sustain which is exactly what a healer needs. 

What the Breton Excels in:

The gift of the Magnus passive increases Magicka by 2000 at level 30.

Magicka mastery passive decreases the cost of Magicka abilities by 7% at level 50.

Spell Attunement passive allows for 130 increased Magicka recovery at level 40.

Breton details:

They are descended from elves.

From a mountainous region called High rock.

A very political society.

4. Nord (Best for Tank)

This Nightblade looks very cool.

It is worth saying that the Nightblade Tank is not the meta. But it can be a lot of fun and near unkillable if played right. An argument could be made for the Imperial is the best race for the Nightblade tank, however, the Nord offers Spell resistances built into their racial passives, giving it a slight edge over their Imperial cousins. 

What the Nord Excels in:

Rugged passive increases physical and spell resistance by 2600 at level 50.

1000 extra health by level 40.

Whenever you take damage, 5 ultimate is gained.

Nord details:

Nords come from the northern region of Skyrim, the location for the 2011 Bethesda game of the same name.

A warrior-based society.

Often work as Mercenaries throughout Tamriel. 

3. Khajiit (Best for PVE)

Ahhh yes. The Staple Nightblade look.

The Khajiit takes the top spot for DPS, both as the Magicka version and the stamina version of the Nightblade. This is due to the Khajiit's ability to have a fantastic Critical hit chance and damage. This feline is certainly the option to go for if you want to make a DPS-based PvE character.

What the Khajiit excels in:

Robustness gives you an extra 85 stamina and Magicka recovery at level 30.
Lunar Blessing increases maximum health, stamina, and Magicka.
Feline Ambush increases critical hit damage by 12% at level 50.

Khajit details:

A cat-like humanoid who refers to themselves in the 3rd person.
From a land of desert and jungle called Elsweyr.
Have a bad reputation for being thieves.

2. Wood Elf (best for PVP)

Just some Nightblades having fun slaughtering some poor souls.

Wood Elves are the best choice for a PVP stamina-based build. They naturally run faster than other races and take less fall damage. Not to mention their increased base stamina and stamina recovery. The wood elf will certainly give you an edge when it comes to PVP.

What the Wood Elf excels in:

Hunters eye passive lets the wood elf gain an additional 950 physical and spell penetration as well as a 5% movement speed increase by level 50.

Resist affliction increases maximum stamina by 2000 at level 40.

Acrobat allows for decreased fall damage and increased Exp with the bow.

Wood Elf details:

A society that rejects the formalities of the civilized world.

A lover of nature

Decorate their bodies to resemble their home province of Valenwood.

1. High Elf (best for PVP) 

This guy looks ready.

The High elf or the Altmer are a perfect choice for a Magicka Nightblade with a PVP focus. Their passives are purely Magicka-based, with the main draw here being the Elemental talent passive, which allows for an overall increase to spell damage. These synergies well with the Nightblade as it allows the class to truly shine in terms of damage output.

What the High Elf excels in:

Spell rechange passive is very good for granting additional stamina, up to 625 at level 30.

Highborn gives the high elf increased experience with the destruction staff.

Elemental Talent increases base spell damage by 258 at level 50.

High Elf details:

The Altmer are tall, golden-skinned elf that hails from the Sumereset isle. 

Are very gifted in the arcane. 

Whilst being gifted in Magicka, they are also weak to it.

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