Pokemon Go How To Hatch Eggs Without Walking

How to hatch eggs in Pokemon without walking
This Egg will crack you up!

Like a great Snorlax, we don't like to move our bodies that much, since it's important to save energy for the Winter, although we do this during every single Season, but the point is that we can hatch eggs from home to get all these candies and Pokémon, and some methods doesn't even need any walking. 

How to hatch Eggs without walking in Pokemon Go 

● Enable Adventure Sync in Pokemon Go and close the app

● Download Google Fit app (Or maybe you are not lazy like me, and already have it) and open it

● Click on "track workout"

● Put your phone on a surface that moves, like a robot vacuum, a remote control car or your dog. (I'm kidding about the dog. Just leave the dog alone.)

● Turn the "track workout" option off, then reopen Pokemon Go


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Author_04 8 months 6 days ago

Looks like a cool egg right there.

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