[Top 5] Pokemon GO Best Against Machamp

Pokemon GO Best Against Machamp
One of the original and still best Pokemon!

Machamp is a tough fighting type Pokemon with four arms; it is strong on attack and stamina and has a CP of 3,056. However, like all pocket monsters, Machamp has its weaknesses: fairy, flying, and psychic attacks.

If you are ever up against Machamp in a Battle or Gym, here are five Pokemon that would be the best opponents: Alakazam, Charizard, Espeon, Honchkrow, and Mewto. Read on to find out why! 

5. Alakazam

Brain power!

Alakazam, a Gen 1 pocket monster, is a Psychic-Type Pokemon that derives from the Kanto region. The Pokedex states that "Alakazam's brain continually grows, making its head far too heavy to support with its neck. This Pokémon holds its head up using its psychokinetic power instead."  Read on to find out why Alakazam is one of the best Pokemon to defeat Machamp!

Why Alakazam Is Great Against Machamp

  • Although Abra and Kabadra are both formidable opponents against Machamp, Alakazam is the most evolved Pokemon with the highest CP is 3,057. 
  • Fighting Type pocket monsters are vulnerable against psychic type attacks, and Alakazam is a psychic type and could defeat Machamp with strong movesets such as Confusion, Psychic, and Psycho Cut. 
  • In addition, Alakazam has a strong offense score of 271! One would need a high offense score to defeat a fighter! 

Pokemon details

  • Alakazam loves windy weather conditions to boost up in Pokemon GO battles! 
  • For Pokemon GO collectors, Alakazam is listed at #65 in the Pokedex. 
  • This Pokemon is the final evolution in the Abra family and can be normal or shiny. 

How to get Alakazam 

  • Alakazam can be evolved with 100 Kadabra Candy. 
  • Bring lots of berries if you are lucky enough to find Alakazam in the wild! It only has a 13% capture rate and is difficult to find. 
  • Spawn locations include grassy areas, hospitals, and residential areas. 
  • This Pokemon cannot be hatched; it can only be captured or evolved. 

4. Charizard

Quite the scorcher!

Charizard, an original Gen 1 pocket monster, flew in from the Kanto region. This foul tempered dual fire and flying Pokemon would be great against Machamp! According to the Pokedex, “If Charizard becomes furious, the flame at the tip of its tail flares up in a light blue shade.” Read on more to find out how and why Charizard remains a formidable opponent against Machamp! 

Why Charizard Is Great Against Machamp

  • As a fighting Pokemon, Machamp is weak to fairy, flying, and psychic attacks. Since one of Charizard’s type is flying, it is a good fit for Charizard to battle Machamp. 
  • Charizard has a high offense score of 223, which would be a good match for a fighting Pokemon. 
  • Highest CP for Charizard is 2,889, which is high!  

Pokemon details

  • Best movesets for Charizard include Blast Burn, Ember, and Fire Spin. 
  • For Pokemon GO collectors, Charizard is one of the first Pokemon at #6. 
  • Moody Charizard is boosted by sunny and windy weather conditions! 

How to get Charizard 

  • Charizard cannot be hatched; it can only be caught in the wild or evolved.
  • Spawn locations include cities, parks, and residential areas. 
  • This Pokemon can be evolved with 100 Charmeleon. 

3. Espeon


I love adding Eevees to my Pokemon GO favorite lists! Espeon is a Gen 2 pocket monster that originated from the Johto region, and it is a psychic type Pokemon. The Pokedex states that “it uses the fine hair that covers its body to sense air currents and predict its enemy’s actions.” Read on to find out more hair-raising reasons why Espeon is great at defeating Machamp!

Why Espeon Is Great Against Machamp

  • Espeon is a psychic type Pokemon, and Machamp the fighter type is vulnerable to psychic attacks. 
  • Maximum CP for Espeon is 3,170; it will need a higher CP to defeat Machamp.
  • Offense score for Espeon is high at 261; it will need that to defeat a strong fighting type Pokemon like Machamp! 

Pokemon details

  • Best movesets for Espeon are Confusion, Future Sight, and Psychic. 
  • For Pokemon GO collectors, Espeon is listed at #196 in the Pokedex. 
  • Windy weather conditions boost Espeon! 

How to get Espeon

  • Espeon does not hatch; it can be evolved or captured in the wild. 
  • There is another way to evolve Eevee into Espeon; make an Eevee your buddy and after walking 10 KM with it, in daylight, Eevee will evolve into Espeon. (At night it will evolve into Umbreon.) 
  • This Pokemon evolves from 25 Eevee; you must type the name Sakura when evolving. 

2. Honchkrow 

Fly like an eagle! (or a crow)

Sometimes, it takes a mobster pocket monster to defeat Machamp! Honchkrow is a Gen 4 Pokemon from the Sinnoh region and it is a dual dark and flying type. Also known as the Big Boss Pokemon, Honchkrow swoops in and gets the job done! Read on more to find out why Honchkrow is a stellar choice to defeat Machamp! 

Why Honchkrow is great against Machamp 

  • Highest CP for Honchkrow is 2,711; that will be needed to defeat Machamp! 
  • Honchkrow has two strong combat stats, offense at 243 and stamina at 225, that is advantageous to use when battling Machamp. 
  • Since Honchkrow is a flying type of Pokemon, that type combats well against fighting types like Machamp! 

Pokemon details 

  • Best movesets for Honchkrow are Brave Bird, Peck, Psychic, and Snarl. 
  • For Pokemon Go collectors, Honchkrow is listed as #430 in the Pokedex. 
  • Honchkrow is boosted by foggy and windy weather conditions. 

How to get Honchkrow 

  • Honchkrow cannot be hatched; it must be captured in the wild or evolved. 
  • This Pokemon can be evolved with 100 Murkrow and the Sinnoh Stone.


Psychic catnip!

Mewtwo, a Gen 1 pocket monster from the Kanto region, is also known as the Genetic Pokemon. According to the Pokedex, “because its battle abilities were raised to the ultimate level, it thinks only of defeating its foes.” Read on to find about more about Mewtwo and why it is a stellar opponent against Machamp! 

Why Mewtwo is great against Machamp

  • A psychic type Pokemon works well against fighter type pocket monsters, so Mewtwo would be a good choice! 
  • Highest CP for Mewtwo is among the highest in the Pokemon GO universe with 4,178! Mewtwo will need that to defeat Machamp! 
  • Mewtwo has excellent combat stats with 300 for offense and 214 for stamina! 

Pokemon details 

  • Best movesets for Mewtwo include Confusion and Psystrike. 
  • For Pokemon GO collectors, Mewtwo is listed as #150 in the Pokedex. 
  • Mewtwo is boosted by cloudy weather conditions. 

How to get Mewto

  • As a Legendary Pokemon, Mewtwo can be captured after defeating it in a raid battle. 
  • This Pokemon cannot be hatched; there are no evolutions. 

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