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A Poison-Type Pokemon is a good choice against Tyranitar!

Tyranitar, a Gen 2 Pokemon from the Johto region, is a tough rock and dark type of opponent with stellar combat stats. In fact, all three of his numbers are over 200, and Tyranitar’s maximum CP is 3,834!

However, there are 5 Pokemon that would give Tyranitar a great battle: Blaziken, Heracross, Machamp, Toxicroak, and Vaporeon. Read on to find out why these five are the best Pokemon against Tyranitar! 

5. Blaziken

Blaze of glory!

First on the list is Blaziken; a Gen 2 hothead that blazed in from the Hoenn region. The Pokedex states that “in battle, Blaziken blows out intense flames from its wrists and attacks foes courageously. The stronger the foe, the more intensely this Pokémon's wrists burn." Read on more to find out why Blaziken is a hot choice to defeat Tyranitar!

Why Blaziken Is Great Against Tyranitar

  • Blaziken is a dual type Fire and Fighting Pokemon; Tyranitar is vulnerable against Fighting type attacks. 
  • Maximum CP for Blaziken is 2,848, so it will be a strong opponent against Tyranitar. 
  • Offense stats are the highest with a score of 240. 

Pokemon details

  • Best movesets for Blaziken are Blast Burn and Counter. 
  • Blaziken is boosted by cloudy and sunny weather. (It makes sense for dual-type Pokemon to be boosted by clouds and sun!
  • For Pokemon GO collectors, Blaziken is listed as #257 in the Pokedex.

How to get Blaziken

  • Blaziken is the final evolution of three members of the Torchic Family; it can be evolved with 100 Combusken Candy. 
  • Spawn locations include beaches, cities, parks, and sport centers. 
  • This Pokemon cannot be hatched; it can only be captured in the wild or evolved. 

4. Heracross

A strong bug opponent!

Heracross is a favorite Pokemon that I have used in many battles, and this rare gem would be great to use to battle Tyranitar! This Gen 2 pocket monster from the Johto region has a lot of strength! The Pokedex states that “this Pokemon even has enough power to topple a massive tree.”  Read on to find out more about Heracross! 

Why Pokemon Name Is Great Against Tyranitar

  • Heracross is a dual type bug/fighting Pokemon which is a double whammy against Tyranitar’s rock/dark type weaknesses. 
  • Maximum CP for Heracross is high with a score of 3,101; it would be more than enough to hold up against Tyranitar!  
  • Offense score for Heracross is 234, which is great for attacking Tyranitar!

Pokemon details

  • For Pokemon Go collectors, this pocket monster is listed as #214 in the Pokedex. 
  • There are no evolutions for Heracross. 
  • Weather boosts for Heracross are cloud and rain. Be sure to put on the parka if you ever use Heracross to battle Tyranitar outdoors! 

How to get Heracross 

  • Heracross is a lone Pokemon, so it cannot be evolved or hatched. 
  • Spawn locations include gardens, grassy areas, meadows, and recreations areas. 
  • You will want to travel somewhere warm, like Latin America, South Florida, or Texas to find and catch this pocket monster. (I caught mine on Boynton Beach in South Florida.) 

3. Machamp

A fast and furious fighter!

Machamp is a fighting machine; a Gen 1 pocket monster that derived from the Kanto region! According to the Pokedex, “it quickly swings its four arms to rock its opponents with ceaseless punches and chops from all angles.” Read on to find out more about why Machamp is a great pick for defeating Tyranitar!

Why Machamp Is Great Against Tyranitar

  • Machamp is a fighting type Pokemon which makes Tyranitar especially vulnerable. 
  • Maximum CP for Machamp is 3,056 which makes it effective in battles. 
  • Offense and Stamina stats for Machamp are great with 234 and 207, respectively. 
  • This Pokemon has four hulking arms, would that not be a good reason to include Machamp? 

Pokemon details

  • Best movesets for Machamp include Counter and Dynamic Punch. 
  • For Pokemon GO collectors, Machamp is listed as #68 in the Pokedex. 
  • There are three members of the Machop family; Machamp is the third and final evolution. 
  • Weather boosts for Machamp include cloudy weather conditions, so be sure to battle Machamp when it Is overcast!

How to get Machamp

  • Machamp can be evolved with 100 Machoke Candy. 
  • Spawn locations include large gyms, sports arenas, and stadiums! 
  • This pocket monster cannot be hatched; it can only be captured in the wild or hatched. 

2. Toxicroak

This toad is poison!

Toxicroak is another great choice to battle Tyranitar! It is also known as the Toxic Mouth Pokemon and is a Gen 4 pocket monster that hails from the Sinnoh region. According to the Pokedex, “its knuckle claws secrete a toxin so vile that even a scratch could prove fatal.”  Read more to find out why Toxicroak is an excellent choice to defeat Tyranitar! 

Why Toxicroak Is Great Against Tyranitar

  • Maximum CP for Toxicroak is 2,488; that is good so it can keep up with Tyranitar. 
  • Offense stat is strong with a score of 211. 
  • Since Toxicroak is a dual poison and fighting Pokemon, it will be effective against Tyranitar (especially the fighting type)!

Pokemon details

  • Best movesets for Toxicroak include Counter and Dynamic Punch! 
  • For Pokemon GO collectors, Toxicroak is listed as #454 in the Pokedex. 
  • There are two members of the Croagunk Family; Toxicroak is the final evolution.

How to get Toxicroak

  • The best way to get Toxicroak is evolving 50 Croagunk Candy.
  • This Pokemon can be captured in the wild or evolved.
  • Toxicroak cannot be hatched.


Vaporeon makes a splash against all opponents!

I am so happy to end this list with an evolved Eevee! Vaporeon is a Gen 1 pocket monster that stems from the Kanto region. Also known as the Bubble Jet Pokemon, the Pokedex states that “this Pokemon has the ability to freely control water.” Read on to find out why this Water-Type pocket monster is an excellent opponent against Tyranitar!

Why Vaporeon Is Great Against Tyranitar

  • As a fighting type Pokemon, Tyranitar is vulnerable against water attacks and Vaporeon is a water type Pokemon, so it seemed to be a good fit to have Vaporeon on this list! 
  • Maximum CP for Vaporeon is 3,114; that is a great score to have to combat Tyranitar. 
  • Offense for Vaporeon is 205 and Stamina is 277, so this Pokemon will be able to attack effectively and keep up for a long time!

Pokemon details

  • Best movesets include Hydro Pump and Water Gun! 
  • For Pokemon GO Collectors, Vaporeon is listed as #134 in the Pokedex. 
  • Weather boost for Vaporean is rain!

How to get Vaporean

  • If you type in the word “Rainer” before you evolve an Eevee, you should get a Vaporeon.
  • Spawn locations include canals, harbors, lakes, oceans, and rivers. 
  • This Pokemon cannot be hatched; it can only be evolved or captured in the wild. 
  • Vaporean can be evolved from 25 Eevee Candy.

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