Pokemon GO Best Attackers By Type (2020 Edition)

Pokemon GO Best Attackers
Under the cover of darkness, a Mismagius Ghost-Type Pokemon attacks!

Discover the top three of each of the eighteen types of Pokemon in Pokemon GO for 2020!

In the past three and a half years since I have played Pokemon GO, I have caught, found, evolved, and hatched hundreds of Pokemon.

Out of the 18 Types of Pokemon, I have listed the top three in each category, not just for how well they fare in battle, but for overall interest and uniqueness.

All the Pokemon listed below have been battled, caught, and/or evolved.

#18.1. Best Bug Heracross Pokemon

Get out the bug spray!

First and foremost, Heracross tops the list of Pokemon that I consider as stellar in combat!  Don’t let Heracross’s blue exterior and winning smile fool you into thinking that this Dual Type Bug and Fighting Pokemon is a cool and easy opponent. In fact, this pocket monster is hot (literally!) and happens to battle like a boss.

What Heracross Excels In

  • Counter and Megahorn are what Heracross uses for offensive battle. 
  • Potential CP for Heracross is high at 3,101.  
  • Strengths are offense first, stamina next, and then defense. 

Pokemon details 

  • Also known as the Single Horn Pokemon, Heracross is a first and only evolution Pokemon. 
  • Heracross uses Close Combat in Pokemon GO Battles. 
  • Listed as #214 in the Johto region, Heracross is a Gen II Pokemon. 

How to get Heracross 

  • Heracross’s uniqueness derives from the fact that it does not have any other evolutions! 
  • Also, Heracross cannot be hatched from eggs. (This is a hard-to-find Pokemon.) 
  • You will need to travel to find Heracross, unless you live in Latin America, Texas, or south Florida. I caught my Heracross on vacation in sunny Florida! 


#18.2. Best Bug Pinsir Pokemon

A pinch for good luck!

I captured Pinsir in the early Pokemon GO days (November 2016) and never sent it on to the professor. Also known as the Stag Beetle Pokemon, Pinsir stems from the Kanto region. Its strength and ability to combat well are the reasons why Pinsir remains one of my 300 active Pokemon. 

What Pinsir Excels In 

  • Can power up to a maximum of 2,595 CP, which is respectable!
  • Pinsir is known for offensive moves like Bug Bite and X-Scissor. 
  • You want Pinsir to attack first in battles, as the offense is the strongest, followed by the defense, then stamina. Think of Pinsir as a sprinter rather than a marathon runner. 

Pokemon details 

  • Like Heracross, Pinsir does not evolve. They are lone wolves concerning evolutions.
  • Only weak against Fire, Flying, and Rock Attacks. 
  • Pinsir originates from the Kanto region; listed as #127 in the Pokedex for Pokemon GO collectors.

How to get Pinsir 

  • Fortunately, Pinsir can be hatched with 5 KM eggs.
  • Since Pinsir is a Bug Pokemon and an earthy pocket monster, search for them in grassy places, nature centers, and parks.
  • You will want to don your raincoat and an umbrella because Pinsir loves rainy weather for battle boosts and capturing!

#18.3. Best Bug Venomoth Pokemon

You don't want to find this moth in your closet!

Venomoth rounds out the top three Bug Pokemon on my list. Captured in 2017 and technically a Dual Type Pokemon, Venomoth also is listed as a Poison Pokemon. When not in battle, the nocturnal Venomoth can be found lurking by the light of the moon.

What Venomoth Excels In 

  • In Trainer Battles, Venomoth uses a move called Bug Buzz to defeat opponents! It defeated two out of three challenges that round. Including a Volteon (evolved Eevee). 
  • Other favored offensive movesets that Venomoth uses are Confusion and Infestation. 
  • The Maximum CP for Venomoth is 2082 and is respectable! Venomoth can hold on for a long time in battle because stamina stats almost as high as offense. 

Pokemon details 

  • Both Venomoth and its unevolved precursor Venonaut derived from the Kanto region and both are Gen 1 Pokemon. 
  • If you are a Pokedex bug collector, Venomoth lists as #49 and Venomoth lists as #48. 
  • Loves grassy areas, forests, and lakes; boosted by cloudy and rainy weather conditions. 
  • Only weak against fire, flying, psychic, and rock attacks. 

How to get Venomoth 

  • Rare but not impossible to catch with a 20% capture rate. However, Venonaut has a 50% capture rate and is common to find and easy to catch! 
  • The easiest way to catch Venomoth is to capture and evolve Venonaut with 50 Candy. 
  • Venomoth and Venonaut cannot be hatched. 

#17.1. Best Dark Houndoom Pokemon

Nice doggie!

Next on the list is the Dark Pokemon! Houndoom’s bite remains as bad as its bark! This Dark & Fire Type Dual Pokemon fiercely defeat opponents in battle using movesets like Fire Fang and Foul Play. Read on to discover more about the dark and fiery Houndoom!

What Houndoom Excels In 

  • Houndoom’s offense is strong (224), followed by stamina (181), and then defense (144).
  • In other words, make sure Houndoom bites first! 
  • Since Houndoom is a Dual Pokemon, it strikes and defends with more moves than Fire Fang and Foul Play. Other moves include Crunch, Fire Blaster, and Flamethrower.
  • The maximum CP for Houndoom is 2,635; that is pretty good! 

Pokemon details 

  • For those of you who collect Pokemon for the Pokedex, Houndoom is #229 and Houndoor is #228.
  • Houndoom, and its puppy Pokemon Houndoor, both considered as Gen II, both derive from the Johto region.
  • Weak against four types of attacks: fighting, ground, rock, and water. (That is the only disadvantage of having a Dual Type Pokemon—susceptibility to more attacks.) 

How to get Houndoom

  • Both Pokemon will never hatch from eggs, they must be found in the wild. 
  • Catching Houndoom is rare (only 15%), but you can catch (40%) and evolve Houndoor using 50 Candy. 
  • Houndoom and Houndoor prefer fog and sun for boosts and candy; they can also be found in dry climates and neighborhoods. 

#17.2. Best Dark Honchcrow Pokemon

The big boss!

Honchcrow, known as the Big Boss Pokemon, is a Dual Type (Dark and Flying) pocket monster. Reigning from the Sinnoh region, this Gen VI mob boss sends out its minions to do its dirty work.  Read more about the Big Boss below! 

What Honchcrow Excels In 

  • At 2,777 Honchcrow’s CP stats are strong in the Pokemon GO universe. 
  • Honchcrow’s offensive stats (243) and stamina (225) are strong! 
  • The best offensive moves for Honchcrow are Sky Attack and Snarl. 

Pokemon details 

  • Fog and windy weather will boost Honchcrow in battle! 
  • Honchcrow also has an unevolved mini-boss named Murkrow! Interestingly, Murkrow is a Gen II Pokemon that hails from the Johto region. 
  • Since Honchcrow is a Dual-Type Pokemon, it is weak against four types of attacks: electric, fairy, ice, and rock.

How to get Honchcrow

  • Probably because these two pocket monsters are too tough, neither can be hatched!
  • The easiest way to capture the elusive Honchcrow is to evolve Murkrow with 50 Candy. 
  • Venture out when it is foggy and/or windy to increase your chances of finding these pocket monsters. (Please be careful, though!)

#17.3. Best Dark Sneasel Pokemon

Pop goes the Sneasel!

Sneasel, also known as the Sharp Claw Pokemon, hails from the Johto region. Like the other two on this list, Sneasel is a Dual (Dark and Ice) Pokemon. This cat-like Gen II pocket monster loves to retract its claws and then use them on opponents; read on to learn more about this Pokemon predator! 

What Sneasel Excels In 

  • Avalanche, Feint Attack, and Foul Play are Sneasel’s signature moves in battle. 
  • For an unevolved Gen I Pokemon, Sneasel’s CP (2051) and Offense (189) is great! 
  • I’ve lost against stealthy Sneasel more than once; it’s a challenge to get attacks in during battles!

Pokemon details 

  • Loves fog and snow and battles better in those weather conditions. (I caught Sneasel in December, so it is a colder climate Pokemon.)
  • Sneasel is the unevolved Pokemon; Weavile is the evolved version. 
  • Weak against bug, fairy, fighting, fire, rock, and steel attacks. (Be sure Sneasel stays on the offensive!) 

How to get Sneasel

  • Because Sneasel is also an Ice Type of Pokemon, it tends to migrate in snowy areas.  
  • I am looking forward to evolving this Pokemon to Weavile!
  • It can be hatched with 5 KM eggs and has a 20% capture rate. (Use lots of berries to entice this wily one!) 

#16.1. Best Dragon Dragonair Pokemon

A first among dragons!

Dragonair is first in this grouping, a First evolution Pokemon, and a first-generation Dragon pocket monster hailing from the Kanto region. That is a lot of firsts! Known as the Dragon Pokemon, Dragonair is sandwiched between Dratini, the unevolved form, and Dragonite; read on to learn more about this family of dragons.

What Dragonair Excels In 

  • An ideal offensive moves in battles is Dragon Breath and Dragon Pulse. 
  • CP is 1780 and offense is the strongest, followed by stamina and defense. 
  • Only vulnerable to three types of attacks:  dragon, fairy, and ice.

Pokemon details

  • Dragonair loves windy days for boosting or capture. 
  • If you wish to catch or evolve these Pokemon for your Pokedex, here are the numbers: Dratini (#147), Dragonair (#148), and Dragonite (#149).  
  • In trainer battles, Dragonair defends and strikes with its massive tail; Dragon Pulse is used in attacks. 

How to get Dragonair 

  • Dragonair likes landmarks; you can find Dragonair spawn there. 
  • These dragon Pokemon are rare to find and catch; however, Dratini will hatch from 10 KM eggs. 
  • Dragonair can be evolved with 25 Candy; it takes 100 Candy to evolve to Dragonite! 

#16.2. Best Dragon Latias Pokemon

Latias can be hard to find, but worth it!

I call the Eon Pokemon the Empath Pokemon due to its sensitive nature. I can relate to this Pokemon all too well! Latias is a Gen III Pokemon deriving from the Hoenn region; find out more about this loner pocket monster below!

What Latias Excels In 

  • Latias’ offensive moves are Dragon Breath and Outrage. I witnessed the Outrage moveset in a recent trainer battle; it is intense! 
  • Maximum CP for Latias is 3,510; that is one of the highest CP stats I have seen. 
  • The stats for Latias are great: defense is the highest, followed by offense, and then stamina. Two of the three stats are over 200! 

Pokemon details 

  • For Pokemon collectors, Latias is listed as #380 in the Pokedex. (Look for the Hoenn region.) 
  • Latias does not evolve into any other Pokemon. 
  • This is a Dual Dragon and Psychic Pokemon: vulnerable to bug, dark, dragon, fairy, ghost, and ice Pokemon. 

How to get Latias 

  • It can be found spawning at golf courses. (For some reason though, I do not see Latias in golf pants!) 
  • This is a very rare Pokemon; be sure to watch updates and special Pokemon GO raids. 
  • When you find Latias, be sure to mark it as a favorite!

#16.3. Best Dragon Vibrava Pokemon

Sending positive vibes!

Vibrava rounds out the three Best Dragon Pokemon. Technically, it is a Dual Ground and Dragon, so it is a two-for-one pocket monster! Located in the Hoenn region, this Gen III pocket monster is also known as the Vibration Pokemon!

What Vibrava Excels In

  • Even though Vibrava is a Dual Type Pokemon, it only has vulnerabilities to three types of attacks: dragon, fairy, and ice.  
  • The strongest offensive moveset for Vibrava is Dragon Breath and Return. 
  • When Vibrava evolves to Flygon, CP and basic stats will increase. 

Pokemon details 

  • For Pokemon collectors: Trapinch is #328, Vibrava is #329, and Flygon is #330 in the Pokedex. (Be sure to check the Hoenn region!) 
  • Vibrava is the First Evolution Pokemon of the Trapinch family; Trapinch is the unevolved Pokemon, and Flygon is the Final Evolution.

How to get Vibrava 

  • I have not found in research that Vibrava can be hatched, but Trapinch can be evolved with 10 KM eggs. 
  • Search for Vibrava in spawn locations such as golf courses, parks, and woods. 
  •  Vibrava can be evolved with 25 Trapinch Candy.

#15.1. Best Electric Electabuzz Pokemon

Electabuzz is shocking! 

Electabuzz, also known as the Electric Pokemon, tops our list for favorite Pokemon in the Electric Type. This lightning rod of a pocket monster jolts from the Gen I Kanto region, and is a staple to use in battle. Read more to find out more electrifying details about Electabuzz!

What Electabuzz Excels In 

  • Electabuzz is fast in trainer battles and uses an effective move called Thunder. 
  • Maximum CP is 2,334; that is good overall! (My benchmark for great CP is anything over 2,000.) 
  • Thunderbolt and Thunder Shock are Electabuzz’s best offensive moves.

Pokemon details 

  • For Pokemon collectors, Electabuzz is listed as #125; Elekid is #239, and Electivire is #466. Interestingly, all are in different Generations!  
  • In order of strength in stats: offense, stamina, and defense. 
  • Only weak against Ground-Type Attacks; most Pokemon have more than one vulnerability.

How to get Electabuzz 

  • Electabuzz is a very rare pocket monster with a 30% capture rate. (Be sure to entice Electabuzz with berries!) Electabuzz cannot be hatched. 
  • Hanging out in residential, commercial, and school areas will attract Electabuzz!
  • You can evolve Elekid with 25 Candy to get Electabuzz.

#15.2. Best Jolteon Pokemon

Lightning strikes!

Jolteon; an evolved Eevee, will always be included among my favorite Pokemon! Also referred to as the Lightning Pokemon, Jolteon battles well due to strong electrical attacks and dexterity. Read on to discover more shocking details about Jolteon!

What Jolteon Excels In 

  • Jolteon uses Thunder and Thunder Shock for offensive moves. 
  • Like other evolved Eevee, Jolteon is fast in Battle! Jolteon can usually attack twice in a round of battle. 
  • Offensive attacks for Volteon (232) are higher than most. Also, the maximum CP for Jolteon is 2,888; that is very high for pocket monsters! 

Pokemon details 

  • For Eevee fans and Pokemon collectors, Jolteon is listed as #135 in the Pokedex. 
  • I have left Jolteon at Gyms to fight with other Pokemon. (Go Team Instinct!) 
  • Only weak against Ground Type Pokemon; that is advantageous in battles. 

How to get Jolteon 

  • Like other evolved Eevees, Jolteon is elusive with a 15% capture rate. It cannot be hatched by eggs, but Eevee can be caught easily (40% capture rate) and can be hatched with 5 KM eggs. 
  • When Eevee is ready to evolve with 25 Candy, write in Sparky before it evolves, and voila! Congratulations, you now may add Jolteon to your collection! 

#15.3.Best Electric Magneton Pokemon

Magneton has a magnetic personality! 

Magneton, the third Electric Pokemon on the list, bolted from the Kanto region. Also known as the Magnet Pokemon, I would keep this pocket monster far away from mobile devices and laptop computers! Read more to discover Magneton’s magnetic persona and usefulness in battles!

What Magneton Excels In 

  • Magneton attacks well in battle: its offense, listed at 223, works well against other Pokemon. 
  • Maximum CP is listed as 2,485; that is impressive for a First Evolution Pokemon. 
  • Thunder Shock and Zap Cannon are Magneton’s top offensive moves.

Pokemon details 

  • Considered as Dual Type Pokemon with Electric and Steel moves. 
  • For Pokemon collectors: Magnemite is #81, Magneton is #82, and Magnezone is #462.
  • Magneton is the middle Pokemon of the bunch, and in my opinion, based on stats, the most powerful part of the electric sandwich. Magneton has 223 for the offense; after evolving, Magnezone’s offensive stat drops to 70. 

How to get Magneton 

  • It can be evolved with 50 Magnemite Candy.
  • Magneton does not hatch but Magnemite does with 5 KM eggs. Plus, Magnemite is easy to find and catch with a 50% capture rate.
  • Magneton spawn locations consist of commercial, residential, and university towns.

#14.1. Best Fairy Clefable Pokemon

Big hugs!

Clefable, also known as the Fairy Pokemon, tops off this grouping of excellent pocket monsters!  This one remains one of the first Pokemon I captured (and still have) in 2016. Nostalgia aside, this Gen I Pokemon from the Kanto region offers a lot in capture and battle!

What Clefable Excels In 

  • If Clefable ran races, it would be a marathon runner rather than a sprinter. Clefable excels in Stamina (216), then Offense (178), and finally Defense (162). 
  • Moonblast and Pound are Clefable’s signature moves.

Pokemon details 

  • Clefable is the Final Evolution Pokemon, preceded by Clefairy, and then Cleffa, the baby. Clefairy and Clefable are Gen I Pokemon; Cleffa is Gen II. 
  • For collectors and fans, Cleffa lists as #173, Clefairy stands at #35, and Clefable stays at #36 in the Pokedex. 
  • Only vulnerable to Poison and Steel attacks, which is good because Clefable’s Defense is lower than Stamina and Offense.

How to get Clefable 

  • Cleffa, the baby of the Clefairy Family, hatches with 2KM eggs; Clefairy and Clefable cannot be hatched. 
  • Spawn locations include beaches, cemeteries, and churches. 
  • The fastest way to find Clefable would be to evolve Clefairy with 100 Candy. 

#14.2. Best Fairy Granbull Pokemon

A scrappy and tenacious Pokemon!

Granbull, an interesting-looking Fairy Pokemon, does not have wings, but rather a large underbite that it sometimes uses in battle. This Gen II pocket monster from the Johto region also has an unevolved puppy version named Snubbull. Read on to learn more about this fairy dog father (or dog mother)! 

What Granbull Excels In 

  • Combat stats for Granbull are good: offense (212), stamina (207), and defense (131). 
  • Offensive moves for Granbull consist of Close Combat and Snarl. 
  • The maximum CP for Granbull is 2,552, which is great! 

Pokemon details 

  • For Pokemon collectors, Granbull is listed as #210; Snubbull is #209. (I find it interesting that not all Pokemon in a specific family are listed next to each other!) 
  • Granbull is only vulnerable against Poison and Steel attacks, which is good because Granbull scares easily. 

How to get Granbull 

  • Granbull is considered as a rare Pokemon; Granbull and Snubbull cannot be hatched. 
  • Luckily, Snubbull has a 40% capture rate and can be caught easily. 
  • The quickest way to evolve Granbull is to catch and Evolve Snubbull with 50 Candy. 

#14.3. Best Fairy Wigglytuff Pokemon

Overcast days bring out Wigglytuff!

Ending this group of fantastic Fairy Pokemon is Wigglytuff. Although technically listed as a Dual Type (Normal and Fairy), we will list Wigglytuff and its counterparts Jigglypuff and Igglybuff as Fairy pocket monsters. Continue reading to find out more about catching, collecting, and battling them!

What Wigglytuff Excels In 

  • CP high score for Wigglytuff (1,926) is respectable. 
  • Only vulnerable to two attack types: poison and steel! (That is great for a Dual-Type Pokemon.) 
  • Wow, Wigglytuff’s stamina score (295) is high!   It can last a long time in battle or in gyms! 

Pokemon details 

  • Cloudy and partly cloudy weather conditions attract and boost Wigglytuff. 
  • For all of you Jigglypuff fans collecting these Pokemon, Igglybuff lists as #174, Jigglypuff remains at #39, and Wigglytuff stays at #40 in the Pokedex. 
  • It Can be found in interesting locations: beaches, cemeteries, churches, and residential areas. 

How to get Wigglytuff 

  • The best way to ensure capturing Wigglytuff is by evolving Jigglypuff with 100 Candy. 
  • Wigglytuff, like many Final Evolution Pokemon, is rare with a capture rate of only 20%, but they are not impossible to find in the wild. They are worth the adventure! 


#13.1. Best Fighting Hitmonlee Pokemon

Watch out for that kick!

Hitmonlee, along with Hitmonchan and Hitmontop, all evolve from Tyrogue. So, Tyrogue is like the Eevee of the Fighting Type Pokemon because it can evolve into three types of pocket monsters according to the offense, defense, and stamina. If your Tyrogue has the highest number in offense (attacks), it will evolve into Hitmonlee.

What Hitmonlee Excels In

  • Great for offense and defense; best used in shorter battles. 
  • Has a maximum CP of 2576; that is substantial. 
  • Hitmonlee is fast in Trainer Battles! This is one of my favorite fighter Pokemon to use in battle. Low Sweep is a great move that Hitmonlee uses. 

Pokemon details

  • Hitmonlee is a Gen 1 Pokemon from the Kanto region. 
  • Only weak against three types of attacks: fairy, flying, and psychic. 
  • Best movesets are Close Combat and Low Kick. 

How to get Hitmonlee 

  • Hitmonlee can be evolved from 25 Tyrogue Candy. 
  • Hitmonlee is available to catch in recreation areas like parks and stadiums. 
  • It cannot be hatched from eggs. 

#13.2. Best Fighting Primeape Pokemon

Don't monkey around with Primeape!

If you are looking for a lively Pokemon to find, catch, and battle with, Primeape is fast and sturdy! This primate-appearing pig-nosed First Evolution Pokemon hails from the Kanto Region. Its unevolved counterpart, Mankey, also fights and is fun to find! 

What Primeape Excels In

  • If you are collecting Primeape and Mankey for the Pokedex, Primeape is #57, and Mankey is #56. 
  • Primeape is very strong on offense in battle, followed by stamina, and then defense. 
  • The best movesets for Primeape are Close Combat and Karate Chop. 

Pokemon details

  • I’ve used Primeape in close combat and it packs a punch in Trainer Battles. I will use this one in future battles. 
  • Primeape and Mankey prefer cloudy weather conditions for battle boost and captures. 
  • Only weak against three types of attacks: fairy, flying, and psychic. 

How to get Primeape 

  • It can be evolved from 50 Mankey Candy. I evolved my Primeape in the fall. 
  • Primeape and Mankey cannot be hatched from eggs, but Mankey is easy to catch with a 50% capture rate. On one current jaunt around my neighborhood, I caught three Mankey in about 15 minutes! (It was cloudy outside.) 
  • Primeape is available to catch in gyms and recreation areas. 

#13.3. Best Fighting Machoke Pokemon

A tough character!

Machoke is quite the muscular Pokemon, adorned with large muscles, menacing fangs, and sports a fancy belt that professional boxers would wear in the ring. All the cardio and fighting works in Machoke’s favor, as Stamina is Machoke’s strongest combat skill! 

What Machoke Excels In

  • Stamina, Offense, and Defense are Machoke’s skills in that order. 
  • The maximum CP for Machoke at 2,031 is impressive! 
  • Works quickly and hard in trainer battles! I like using Machoke. 

Pokemon details

  • In the Pokedex, Machop is #66, Machoke is #67, and Machop is #68. (Easy to find all of them together!) 
  • Machoke, a First Evolution Pokemon, sandwiches between the unevolved Machop and Machamp. 
  • Signature offensive moves for Machoke consist of Cross Chop and Karate Chop. 
  • Vulnerable against fairy, flying, and psychic attacks. 

How to get Machoke

  • Cloudy weather is best to boost and find Machoke. 
  • Machoke prefers gyms, recreation areas, and stadiums to reside and spawn. 
  • You can evolve 25 Machop Candy to get Machoke. Also, Machop can be hatched with 2 KM eggs. 

#12.1. Best Fire Charmeleon Pokemon

Too hot to handle! 

Charmeleon, a Gen I Pokemon, remains one of the original pocket monsters that was released to the wild when Pokemon GO commenced in July 2016. Part of the Kanto region, Charmeleon is the First Evolution in the family, with Charmander as the unevolved version and Charizard as the Final Evolution Pokemon. Read more to learn about the Charmeleon family!

What Charmeleon Excels In 

  • Charmeleon’s best movesets in combat are Fire Fang and Flamethrower. 
  • The Flame Pokemon fights well with the offense, and its maximum CP is 1,653. 
  • Only vulnerable to ground, rock, and water attacks. 

Pokemon details 

  • As a literal hothead, Charmander loves and can be boosted by sunny weather conditions! 
  • Charmeleon, the Unevolved Pokemon, lists as #5, Charmander is #6, and Charizard, the Final Evolution Pokemon, is #7.  
  • Known as the Lizard Pokemon, Charmander has a tail much like a mood ring; the angrier Charmander is, the bigger the flame! 

How to get Charmeleon 

  • The elusive Charmeleon has a 10% capture rate and cannot be hatched, but Charmander hatched with 2 KM eggs. 
  • You can also evolve Charmeleon with 25 Charmander Candy.

#12.2. Best Fire Flareon Pokemon

One of the all-time best fire Pokemon!

Ah, Flareon—the Darling of the Fire Pokemon! I love Eevees and the Flame Pokemon is no exception.  I evolved my first Flareon in October 2016 and now have three in my collection that I use often in battles; learn more about this flaming hot Pokemon! 

What Flareon Excels In 

  • Flareon’s best stats score is offense at 246, then-defense at 179, then stamina at 163. (This Pokemon is also a sprinter rather than a marathon runner!)
  • Maximum CP for Flareon tops off at 3,029! That is one of many reasons why Flareon is a must-have Pokemon.
  • The best moves for Flareon are Fire Spin and Overheat. 

Pokemon details 

  • Flareon lists as #136 in the Kanto region in the Pokedex; the unevolved counterpart, Eevee, is #133. 
  • Like other Fire-Type pocket monsters, Flareon thrives in Sunny weather conditions!  
  • Only weak against three Types of Attacks: ground, rock, and water. 

How to get Flareon 

  • Flareon does not hatch, but Eevee can be hatched with 5 KM eggs. 
  • Flareon is hot and rare to find with a 15% capture rate but take heart! Eevees run rampant and can be easily (40%) caught in the wild.
  • There is a word trick to use to evolve Eevee with 50 Candy to Flareon; simply write in the word “Pyro” in the name box!

#12.3. Best Fire Rapidash Pokemon

You need to be quick to catch Rapidash! 

Rapidash, also known as the Fire Horse Pokemon, derives from the Kanto region. This beautiful Gen I pocket mare or stallion adds fire to Pokemon battles and Gyms. Read more to learn about catching and battling Rapidash!

What Rapidash Excels In 

  • Best movesets for Rapidash include Fire Blast and Fire Spin. 
  • Maximum CP for Rapidash is 2,461; that is a great score overall! 
  • Rapidash performs best in offense with 207; stamina is 163 and defense is 162.

Pokemon details 

  • As a Fire Pokemon, Rapidash thrives in Sunny weather conditions. 
  • Rapidash originated as Pontya and respectively lists as #78 and #77 in the Pokedex. 
  • Vulnerable only to ground, rock, and water types of Attacks.

How to get Rapidash 

  • Luckily, Ponyta can hatch with 5 KM eggs and has a 40% capture rate, so finding Ponyta and evolving it with 50 Candy is most likely the faster way to get Rapidash.
  • Rapidash, rarely found in the wild and running fast with a 15% capture rate, can be tricky to catch. 

#11.1. Best Flying Aerodactyl Pokemon

A rare one-of-a-kind dinosaur Pokemon! 

Aerodactyl, known as the Fossil Pokemon, flew in from the Kanto region! This Rock and Flying Type Dual pocket monster remains the only one of its kind; there are no evolutions. Find out more about catching and battling this unique Gen I Pokemon!

What Aerodactyl Excels In

  • Aerodactyl is fast; offense is listed at 221, followed by stamina at 190, and defense at 159. 
  • Best offensive moves include Iron Head, Rock Slide, Rock Throw, and Steel Wing. 
  • Maximum CP for Aerodactyl is 2,783! 
  • I use Aerodactyl in Pokemon Go Battles; there is a move called Iron Head. 

Pokemon details

  • Boosted with partly cloudy and/or windy weather conditions. 
  • For Pokemon GO Collectors, Aerodactyl lists as #142. 
  • Vulnerable to several types of Attacks: electric, ice, rock, steel, and water. (Defense remains Aerodactyl’s Kryptonite!) 

How to get Aerodactyl

  • Aerodactyl can be hatched with 10 KM eggs! 
  • Ideal spawn locations for Aerodactyl are based in nature in rural areas. 
  • This Pokemon, considered as very rare, has a 20% capture rate, so feed it berries when catching! 

#11.2. Best Flying Gyarados Pokemon

Gyarados is a major flying and water attacker! 

Gyarados remains one of the giants in Pokemon Go! Usually this Dual Type Flying and Water Type are blue, but I was lucky enough to catch and evolve a shiny (red) Gyarados! Read on to discover more about the Atrocious Pokemon from the Kanto region!

What Gyarados Excels In

  • Gyarados’ combat stats are high: Offense is 237, Stamina is 216, and Defense is 186. This makes Gyarados a tough and well-rounded opponent.  
  • Only vulnerable to two types of attacks: electric and rock. 
  • The Maximum CP for Gyarados is among the highest at 3,391!

Pokemon details

  • For collectors, Gyarados is a Gen I Pokemon and lists as #130 in the Pokedex. 
  • Gyarados is boosted by both rainy and windy weather conditions.

How to get Gyarados

  • Gyarados, considered as extremely rare, cannot be hatched and has only a 10% capture rate.  
  • The best way to catch Gyarados is to evolve 400 Magikarp Candy! It will take a while, but the result is worth it; I use Gyarados often in battle. 
  • This was by far the most challenging Pokemon for me to catch and evolve, but the result is worth it! 

#11.3. Best Flying Skarmory Pokemon

A unique combo of flying and steel armor! 

Gyarados is a tough act to follow in the flying Pokemon category, but Skarmory holds its own. A Gen II Pokemon that flew in from the Johto region, Skarmory is Dual Type (flying and steel) and is known as the Armor Bird Pokemon. Read on more about finding and battling Skarmory! 

What Skarmory Excels In

  • As a Dual Type Pokemon, Skarmory is only vulnerable against two types of attacks: Electric and Fire. (Usually, Dual Type Pokemon have more vulnerabilities.) 
  • Best offensive moves consist of Sky Attack and Steel Wing. Other moves include Air Slash and Flesh Cannon. 
  • Maximum CP for Skarmory is 2,108; Skarmory’s strongest suit is the defense with 226, then stamina with 183, and then offense with 148. Skarmony would do well defending Gyms.

Pokemon details

  • Listed as #227 in the Pokedex if you happen to be a Pokemon GO collector! 
  • Great to catch and play in colder climates, as Skarmory thrives. in snowy and windy weather conditions. 
  • Skarmory is considered as a lone Pokemon with no evolutions. 

How to get Skarmory  

  • Skarmory happens to be a very rare Pokemon, with a 20% capture rate, so use berries to catch it! 
  • This Pokemon can hatch with 10 KM eggs, although it is rare.  
  • You can find Skarmory in industrial areas. 

#10.1. Best Ghost Gengar Pokemon


There cannot be the best ghost Pokemon without Gengar! Also known as the Shadow Pokemon, Gengar, as well as its counterparts Gastly and Haunter, floats from the Kanto region and lurks in the darkness. Read on to find out more about the Gastly family!

What Gengar Excels In

  • Best Movesets for Gengar include Shadow Claw and Sludge Bomb. 
  • Gengar is terrific on Offense moves with a score of 261.
  • The maximum CP for Gengar is 2878; that is stellar!

Pokemon details 

  • Gengar is a Dual Type Dark and Ghost Pokemon; only susceptible to four types of attacks: dark, ghost, ground, and psychic. 
  • If you are interested in collecting Pokemon, Gengar is #94, Haunter is #93, and Gastly is #92 in the Pokedex. 

How to get Gengar 

  • The best way to catch Gengar is to evolve Gastly (100 Candy) or Haunter (25 Candy).  
  • Gengar prefers darkness and shadow and is boosted by dawn and dusk. 
  • I captured Gengar on October 30; fall is an ideal time to find Gengar in the wild.

#10.2. Best Ghost Mismagius Pokemon

A ghost found mostly at night

Known as the Magical Pokemon, Mismagius appears from the Gen IV Sinnoh region and remains the evolved version of Misdreavus.  This pocket monster could also be referred to as the Migraine Pokemon by its ability to inflict headaches upon its enemies.  Read on to find out more about Mismagius! 

What Mismagius Excels In

  • Best movesets in Gyms are Shadow Punch and Sucker Ball; it uses Dazzling Gleam in Trainer battles.
  • Mismagius also excels in offense: Attack stat is 211! 
  • Only weak against two types of attacks: dark and ghost. 
  • The maximum CP for Mismagius is 2,615. That is terrific! 

Pokemon details 

  • Foggy weather conditions provide Mismagius a boost in battles. 
  • Mismagius lurks in residential areas at night. 
  • There are two generations in the Misdreavus family: Mismagius is listed as #429 and Midreavus is listed as #200 in the Pokedex. 

How to get Mismagius    

  • Mismagius cannot be hatched, but Misdreavus can be easily hatched with 2 KM eggs.
  • The best way to capture Mismagius would be to evolve 50 Misdreavus Candy. 
  • The catch rate for Mismagius is about 10%, so be sure to feed it a lot of berries! 

#10.3. Best Ghost Sableye Pokemon

Small in stature but stealthy and quick!

Sableye, a Dual Dark and Ghost Type Pokemon, drifted from the Hoenn region to round out this list of awesome Ghost Pokemon! This Gen III pocket monster may be small, but it is stealthy and battles well. Read on to discover more about finding, catching, and battling this quiet Pokemon.  

What Sableye Excels In 

  • Only vulnerable to fairy type attacks. That helps Sableye in defense!
  • Referred to as the Darkness Pokemon, Sableye uses Feint Attack and Shadow Claw to defeat opponents in battles.
  • The maximum CP for Sableye is 1,305.

Pokemon details 

  • Darkness and dusk are the best times to find Sableye.  
  • For Pokemon GO collectors, Sableye is listed as #302 in the Pokedex. 
  • This Pokemon lurks in places like churches, cemeteries, and residential areas. 

How to get Sableye   

  • As a Dark and Ghost Type, Sableye can be captured and boosted in fog.  
  • Fall would be an ideal season to catch Sableye; I caught mine on October 24. 
  • Sableye needs to be caught in the wild; it does not hatch or evolve.

#9.1. Best Grass Exeggutor Pokemon

Usually found on a sunshiny day!

Exeggutor remains a forceful and steady character in the Pokemon Go universe. Known as the Coconut Pokemon, this tropical Pokemon is also a Dual-Type grass and psychic pocket monster. Read on to learn more about Exeggutor! 

What Exeggutor Excels In 

  • Combat stats for Exeggutor consists of 233 on offense, stamina at 216, and defense at 149. Also, CP for Exeggutor at 3,014 is high!
  • I almost always use Exeggutor as one of three Pokemon in Trainer Battles using the Solar Beam.
  • The best movesets for Exeggutor in the Gyms are Extrasensory and Psychic.  

Pokemon details 

  • Exeggutor is the evolved version of Exeggcute; both are Gen I Pokemon from the Kanto region at #103 and #102.  
  • If you are lucky enough to score an Alola form of Exeggutor, they pack a serious stomp in battles! (I have defended against one before!) 
  • Weak against several Types of attacks. It’s a good thing Stamina remains one of Exeggutor’s strong suits! 

How to get Exeggutor 

  • Exeggutor can be evolved from Exeggute with 50 Candy; Exeggute has a 40% capture rate. 
  • Love sunny and windy weather conditions for boosting in battle! 
  • Exeggutor cannot hatch, but Exeggute can with 2 KM eggs.

#9.2. Best Grass Leafeon Pokemon

Friend of the trees but fierce in battle!

Known as the Verdant Pokemon, Leafeon tends to live deep in the woods and stems from the Sinnoh region. This Gen IV pocket monster evolved from Eevee and can be found in nature. Despite its peaceful nature, Leafeon fares well in Pokemon battles; read on to learn more!

What Leafeon Excels In

  • Combat stats work well in Leafeon’s favor: defense is 219,  the offense is 216, and stamina is 163; maximum CP is 2193! 
  • In trainer battles, Leafeon moves fast and uses Energy Ball to defeat opponents. (Did I tell you how much I adore Eevees?) 
  • Leafeon’s noted movesets consist of Quick Attack and Razor Leaf. 

Pokemon details

  • Leafeon loves sunny weather; that is where it boosts and thrives! 
  • Listed as #470 in the Pokedex if you are a collector. 
  • Weak against bug, fire, flying, ice, and poison type attacks. (It is good that Leafeon’s defense is high!) 

How to get Leafeon

  • Eevees can be hatched with 5 KM eggs. 
  • Leafeon can be evolved from 25 Eevee Candy. 
  • Use this trick to get Leafeon; when you are ready to evolve an Eevee, write Linnea in the name box. This will ensure that you evolve Eevee to Leafeon. (Note: this trick can only be used once per Pokemon type. I learned this the hard way.) 

#9.3. Best Grass Tangela Pokemon

Tangela will tangle up her opponents!

Rounding out the best Grass Pokemon list is Tangela! Known as the Vine Pokemon, Tangela is a Gen I Pokemon from the Kanto Region. Read on to find out how to find this interesting Grass Pokemon!

What Tangela Excels In 

  • Maximum CP for Tangela is 2,238; that is respectable for an unevolved Pokemon!
  • Signature moves for Tangela consist of Power Whip and Vine Whip. 
  • Tangela’s additional moves include Infestation and Solar Beam! 

Pokemon details 

  • Boosted by sunny weather conditions. 
  • Tangela evolves into Tangrowth using 50 Candy.
  • Weak to bug, fire, flying, ice, and poison attacks. 

How to get Tangela 

  • Considered as a very rare Pokemon, but once you find one there is a 40% capture rate. 
  • It can be hatched with 5 KM eggs. 
  • Tangela can be found in almost any nature setting: they spawn in the grasslands and in the woods. 

#8.1. Best Ground Donphan Pokemon

A strong battle monster! 

Donphan, known as the Armor Pokemon, derives from the Johto region. There are two Pokemon in this family: Donphan (evolved) and Phanpy (unevolved). Read on to learn more about this awesome Ground Pokemon! 

What Donphan Excels In 

  • Maximum CP is 3,014; combat stats are great with 214 on offense, 207 on stamina, and 185 on defense. 
  • Signature moves include Counter, Earthquake, and Mudslap.  
  • This is a strong Pokemon to use in trainer battles; I use Donphan often. 

Pokemon details 

  • Donphan loves sunny weather and will be boosted in those conditions! 
  • If you collect Pokemon, Donphan is listed as #232 in the Pokedex. 
  • Only vulnerable to three types of attacks: grass, ice, and water. 

How to get Donphan 

  • Donphan is extremely rare with only a 14% capture rate; they also cannot be hatched. 
  • Spawn locations for Phanpy and Donphan include parks and quarries. 
  • The best way to capture Donphan is to evolve Phanpy with 50 Candy. 

#8.2. Best Ground Marowak Pokemon

A rare Pokemon with a strong ground battle game!

Marowak, known as the Bone Keeper Pokemon, is one of two Gen I pocket monsters in the Cubone Family. Although Marowak and Cubone are strong, they are also considered as sensitive. Read on more to discover the strengths of Marowak! 

What Marowak Excels In

  • Marowak’s signature moves consist of Dig, Earthquake, and Mud Slap 
  • The maximum CP for Marowak is 1,835. 
  • Uses Dig for Pokemon Go trainer battles. I played recently and Marowak defeated an Eevee! 

Pokemon details 

  • For Pokemon collectors, both Marowak and Cubone derive from the Kanto region, and are listed as #105 and #104 respectively. 
  • Like other Ground Pokemon, Marowak loves and is boosted by sunny weather conditions! 
  • Only vulnerable to grass, ice, and water attacks. 

How to get Marowak     

  • Marowak is an extremely rare Pokemon to catch with only a 15% capture rate. 
  • Spawn locations include golf courses, streams, and urban areas. 
  • The easiest way to get Marowak is to evolve 50 Cubone Candy. 

#8.3. Best Ground Piloswine Pokemon

A furry Pokemon well-suited to the cold ground!

I had a difficult time figuring out where to place Piloswine since it is a dual ground and ice Pokemon. It turns out to be perfect to have Piloswine in the ground category right before the ice category: problem solved! Read on to find out more about the Swine Pokemon.

What Piloswine Excels In 

  • Maximum CP for Piloswine is 2,345; Stamina is Piloswine’s strongest suit at 225. 
  • Movesets for Piloswine include Ice Shard, Powder Snow, and Stone Edge. 
  • Stone Edge is what is used in Pokemon GO trainer battles; Piloswine can hold its own!

Pokemon details 

  • Loves snow and sunny weather and that is where Piloswine is boosted. 
  • Piloswine is the First Evolution (#220); Swinub is the Unevolved Evolution (#220), and Mamoswine (#473) is the Final Evolution. The first two Pokemon are Gen II and part of the Johto region; the latter one is Gen IV and part of the Sinnoh region. 

How to get Piloswine

  • Piloswine is considered very rare and has a 13% capture rate in the wild. (Like me, Piloswine loves food, so feed it berries to catch!) 
  • The easiest way to catch Piloswine is to evolve Swinub with 50 Candy. 
  • Spawn locations for Piloswine include glaciers, quarries, and snowy areas. (I caught my Piloswine in February of 2017; there is a benefit to living in a cold climate!) 

#7.1. Best Ice Cloyster Pokemon

A Pokemon with a tough shell!

Cloyster, known as the Bivalve Pokemon, resides from the seas of the Kanto Generation. This Generation I pocket monster evolves from Shellder; both Pokemon are fun to catch and use in battle!  Read on to find out more about the Cloyster family!

What Cloyster Excels In 

  • Cloyster’s combat moves consist of Avalanche and Frost Breath.
  • CP is strong at 2,547; offense is 186, the defense is 256, and stamina is 137. 
  • Uses Hydropump in trainer battles. 

Pokemon details 

  • Cloyster is a dual-type ice and water Pokemon. 
  • For Pokemon collectors, Cloyster is listed as #91, and Shellder is #90 in the Pokedex. 
  • Weak against electric, fighting, grass, and rock types of attack. 

How to get Cloyster 

  • Capture rate is rare in the wild (15-20%). 
  • Cloyster can be evolved with 50 Shellder Candy. (That is what I did!) 
  • This Pokemon loves ice and water and can be found in places like glaciers, lakes, and rivers. Rain and snow will boost Cloyster and Shellder. 

#7.2. Best Ice Glaceon Pokemon

From the lands of ice and snow...

Glaceon, also known as the Fresh Snow Pokemon, is a Gen IV evolved Eevee from the Sinnoh region. One of its signatures moves in trainer battles is Icy Wind. Read on to learn more about how to capture and battle Glaceon! 

What Glaceon Excels In

  • Combat moves include offense at 238; defense at 205; and stamina at 163! 
  • Stellar moves include Avalanche, Frost Breath, and Ice Shard; Glaceon used Icy Wind in a Pokemon Go trainer battle.
  • The maximum CP for Glaceon is 3,126; that is impressive! 

Pokemon details

  • For Pokemon collectors, Glaceon is listed as #471 in the Pokedex. 
  • Glaceon is boosted by (surprise) snowy weather conditions! 
  • Vulnerable to four types of attacks: fighting, fire, rock, and steel.

How to get Glaceon

  • Glaceon can be evolved by 50 Eevee Candy. 
  • Glaceon spawn can be found in bodies of water and grassy areas. 
  • To be sure that Eevee evolves into Glaceon, write in the word Rea in the word bank. This can only be done once!   

#7.3. Best Lapras Pokemon


A rare ice and water Pokemon, and a tough opponent! 

Lapras ends our three Ice Pokemon on this list! This pocket monster, also known as the Transport Pokemon, is a solo Pokemon (no evolutions) that hails from the Kanto region. Read more to find out about the one and only Lapras! 

What Lapras Excels In

  • Movesets include Blizzard, Ice Shard, and Water Gun. 
  • Stamina is 277, Defense is 174, and Offense is 165. 
  • The maximum CP for Lapras is 2,641. 

Pokemon details 

  • Boosted by rainy and snowy weather conditions! 
  • For Pokemon Go collectors, Lapras is #131 in the Pokedex. 
  • Only vulnerable to electric, grass, fighting, and rock attacks.

How to get Lapras 

  • Extremely rare with a 10% capture rate. You will need to lure it with berries! 
  • It can be hatched with 10 KM eggs. (You will have to work for it!) 
  • Spawn locations for Lapras are based in bodies of water such as canals, lakes, rivers, and oceans. 

#6.1. Best Normal Snorlax Pokemon

No sleeping on the job, Snorlax! 

Topping the Normal Pokemon list is Snorlax. Known as the Sleeping Pokemon, Snorlax derives from the Kanto region and loves the simple things in life such as food and naps. (I can completely relate!) Read on to find out more about this mellow giant!

What Snorlax Excels In

  • Moves for Snorlax include Earthquake, Hyper Beam, and Lick. 
  • The maximum CP for Snorlax is 3,225! (It is probably from all the extra sleep and sustenance.)  In addition, its combat stats are good: Stamina tops the skills list with 330, offense is 190, and defense is 169. Obviously, stamina is Snorlax’ superpower. 

Pokemon details 

  • For Pokemon GO collectors, Snorlax (#143) is the evolved form, and Munchlax (#446) is the unevolved form for the Pokedex. 
  • Snorlax loves partly cloudy weather for boosts, candy, and siestas!  
  • Only vulnerable to one type of attack: fighting. 

How to get Snorlax 

  • Evolving Munchlax with 50 Candy will ensure that you have Snorlax! 
  • Snorlax is extremely rare with a 20% capture rate, but it can be hatched with a 10 KM egg. 
  • Spawn locations for Snorlax and Munchlax include parking lots, residential areas, and universities. 

#6.2. Best Normal Tauros Pokemon

Strong as a bull! 

Also known as the Wild Bull Pokemon, Tauros gallops from the Kanto region and is always ready for battle! Tauros is among my favorite Pokemon to battle in and leave at Gyms. Read on to find out more about this ferocious pocket monster!

What Tauros Excels In 

  • Maximum CP for Tauros is 2,620; combat stats include 198 for offense, 183 for defense, and 181 for stamina. 
  • Movesets for Tauros include Horn Attack, Iron Head, Tackle, and Zen Headbutt. 
  • Only vulnerable to one type of attack: fighting.

Pokemon details

  • For Pokemon collectors, Tauros is listed as #127. 
  • Tauros prefers overcast days and is boosted and charged by partly cloudy weather conditions. 
  • This Pokemon does not evolve; Tauros is a lone bull.

How to get Tauros   

  • Although Tauros does not hatch, it is not difficult to find in the wild. However, Tauros is only found in North America and parts of southern Canada. 
  • Spawn locations for Tauros include parking lots and universities. 
  • There is a 30% capture rate with this feisty pocket monster. 

#6.3. Best Normal Ursaring Pokemon

A super-tough bear opponent!

Ursaring rounds out the list of Best Normal Pokemon. This Gen II pocket monster awakened in the Johto region and remains a formidable opponent in battles and Gyms! Read on to learn more about the Hibernator Pokemon! 

What Ursaring Excels In 

  • Besides gorging on berries and hibernation, Ursaring’s maximum CP is 2,945! 
  • Combat stats include offense at 236, stamina at 207, and defense at 144.  
  • Movesets for Ursaring include Counter, Hyper Beam, and Play Rough.

Pokemon details

  • Only vulnerable to one type of attack: fighting. 
  • Loves partly cloudy weather for boosts, capture, and siestas. 
  • Ursaring is an evolved version of Teddiursa. For Pokemon collectors, Ursaring lists as #217 and Teddiursa at #216.

How to get Ursaring    

  • Capture rate is low at only 15%; evolving Teddiursa with 50 Candy would be faster. 
  • Neither Teddiursa nor Ursaring hatch, but Teddirusa is easier to find in the wild and has a 50% capture rate. 
  • Spawn locations include parking lots, residential areas, and universities.  

#5.1. Best Poison Arbok Pokemon

Technically it's venom instead of poison, but you get the idea!

I cannot list the best poison Pokemon without including Arbok! One of my personal favorites, this reptilian pocket monster from the Kanto Region bites and spews poison on opponents in battles. Also known as the Cobra Pokemon, Arbok offers adventure in the Pokemon GO universe:

What Arbok Excels In 

  • Acid and Gunk Shots are Arbok’s go-to movesets in battle.  
  • Arbok is good in offense and stamina, which works well in battle. 
  • The top CP for Arbok is 1921.  

Pokemon details 

  • Arbok is the First Evolution Pokemon that is part of the Ekans family. 
  • Cloudy conditions are ideal to boost or find Ekans Candy. 
  • Ekans is the First Unevolved pocket monster and listed as #23 in the Pokedex; Arbok is #24. 

How to get Arbok 

  • Arbok will take a little time to find, as you will either need to evolve Ekans with 50 Candy
  • or find it in the wild with about a 20% capture rate. 
  • Ekans, however, is easy to catch (50% rate), and will hatch from 2 KM eggs. 
  • It is fun to catch both Pokemon! 

#5.2. Best Poison Muk Pokemon

A vile sludge creature!

When the weather is cloudy, this putrid Pokemon battles better and is easier to find. Muk is one of my go-to pocket monsters to use in battles. Please read on to learn more about why Muk is a good catch! 

What Muk Excels In 

  • Muk has a high CP (2757) and able to battle for a long time! Stamina is Muk’s superpower, followed by the offense and then defense. 
  • Resilient and vulnerable to only two types of attacks: ground and psychic. 

Pokemon details

  • If you are interested in catching Muk for your collection, it is listed as #89 in the Pokedex. 
  • Muk is a Gen 1 Pokemon from the Kanto region and evolves from Grimer. (I have both pocket monsters in my active Pokemon collection and Pokedex.) 

How to get Muk  

  • The best way to capture Muk (besides catching it in the wild) is to evolve Grimer with 50 Candy. 
  • Muk does not hatch, but Grimer sure does with 5 KM eggs!
  • You can confidently capture Grimer with a 50% catch rate. 

#5.3. Best Poison Weezing Pokemon

Rare, but also gross! 

Much like Muk, Weezing is an unpleasant sort of pocket monster. It should be referred to as the dumpster-diving Pokemon because it loves messy places and trash. However, this ultra-rare Pokemon should not be overlooked because it can be useful to catch and to utilize in battles!

What Weezing Excels In 

  • Acid and Sludge Bomb is Weezing’s signature moves in the offense.
  • Highest CP is over 2000 (2293 to be exact), which is good overall! 
  • The defense is Weezing’s top strength; it is only vulnerable to ground and psychic attacks.  

Pokemon details

  • In trainer battle, Weezing uses a move called Shadow Ball to defeat opponents. 
  • Weezing is a First Evolution Gen 1 pocket monster from the Kanto region; Koffing is the unevolved version. 

How to get Weezing 

  • Like many First Evolution Pokemon, Weezing cannot be hatched and only has a 20% capture rate. However, Koffing has a 50% capture rate and can be hatched with 5 KM eggs. (I consider the ultra-rare Pokemon a fun challenge to find!) 
  • Weezing and Koffing both like to lurk in marshy places like ponds and lakes. 

#4.1. Best Psychic Hypno Pokemon

You're getting sleepy... 

Starting off the best Psychic Pokemon list is Hypno, also known as the Hypnosis Pokemon. Hypno, along with the unevolved version Drowzee, stems from the Kanto region. Read on more to find out why this Gen I Pokemon is fun to catch and hypnotizes opponents in battle!  

What Hypno Excels In

  • Maximum CP for Hypno is 2,090; stamina is best at 198, defense at 193, and finally offense at 144. 
  • Movesets for Hypno are Confusion, Focus Blast, and Zen Headbutt.  A unique Hypno trait is the little pendulum it swings during battle.

Pokemon details

  • Hypno is susceptible to three types of attacks: bug, dark, and ghost. 
  • For Pokemon collectors, Hypno is listed as #96, Drowzee is listed as #97 in the Pokedex. 
  • Something interesting (and rather creepy) is that Hypno likes to feast on the trainer’s dreams. 
  • Windy weather conditions boost and inspire Hypno to battle better!

How to get Hypno

  • Chances of catching Hypno in the wild are quite rare, and the capture rate is 20%, so if you are fortunate enough to see one, be sure to feed it a lot of berries! 
  • Hypno cannot be hatched, but Drowzee can with 5 KM eggs. 
  • Spawn locations for Hypno are hospitals and residential areas; it can be captured more easily at night. 
  • The best way to get Hypno is to evolve Drowzee with 50 Candy; Drowzee is easy to find and has a 50% capture rate. 

#4.2. Best Psychic Jynx Pokemon

Ice and psychic powers -- a challenging combo! 

A Best Psychic Pokemon list would not be complete without Jynx! Also known as the Human Shape Pokemon, Jynx, a Dual Ice and Psychic Pokemon, sashayed in from the Kanto region to freeze and hypnotize opponents in battle. Read on to learn more about this unique pocket monster! 

What Jynx Excels In 

  • Maximum CP for Jynx is 2,555; and the highest combat stat is Offense at 223, followed by Stamina at 163, and Defense at 151. (I use Jynx in trainer battles more than having her defend Gyms.)
  • Jynx’s best movesets include Avalanche, Confusion, Frost Breath, and Psyshock.

Pokemon details 

  • Jynx loves snowy and windy weather conditions to boost and capture! 
  • The only disadvantage for Jynx being a Dual Type Pokemon is that she is vulnerable against several Types of attacks: Bug, Dark, Fire, Ghost, Rock, and Steel. 
  • There are two members of the Jynx Family: Jynx (First Evolution) and Smoochum (Unevolved). In the Pokedex, they are listed as #124 and #238. (Smoochum is a Gen II Pokemon.)

How to get Jynx 

  • Jynx cannot be hatched, but Smoochum can with 5 KM eggs. 
  • Spawn locations are grassy areas, so it is easy to find Jynx; she has a 30% capture rate, so bring berries to entice her! 
  • The best way to get Jynx is to find her in the wild; Smoochum can only be hatched. 

#4.3. Best Psychic Slowking Pokemon

A tough and rare Pokemon! 

Slowking, known as the Royal Pokemon, reigns from the Johto region. His majesty is considered as Gen II; it is also a Dual Type Ice and Psychic Pokemon. Read below to discover more about Slowking!

What Slowking Excels In

  • His Royal Highness possesses a high CP score of 2,545, which serves him well. 
  • Movesets for Slowking consist of Blizzard, Confusion, and Psychic. 
  • Stamina remains Slowking’s strongest suit at 216, followed by defense at 180, and offense at 177.

Pokemon details 

  • Slowking loves and is boosted by rainy and windy weather conditions.
  • There are three versions in the royal family: Slowpoke (#79), Slowbro (#80), and Slowking (#199).  Slowpoke is the unevolved Pokemon and evolves into either Slowbro or Slowking.

How to get Slowking 

  • Besides evolving Slowpoke with 50 Candy, you need to have a King’s rock in your bag to evolve to Slowking. Otherwise, it will evolve to Slowbro. You can find a King’s Rock at Pokestops and Gyms. 
  • Slowking is considered very rare with a 10% capture rate. (Bring lots of berries and Ultra Balls.) 

#3.1. Best Rock Graveler Pokemon

A powerful rock creature that is also rare! 

Graveler, known as the Rock Pokemon, is a Gen I Dual Rock and Ground pocket monster. Originally from the Kanto region, Graveler constantly eats rocks to grow. Read on to find out more why Graveler rocks the Pokemon universe! 

What Graveler Excels In 

  • An advantage for Dual Type Pokemon is that there are different types of moves in battle. 
  • CP for Graveler is 1,897 and its Offense and Defense are the same at 164, Stamina is at 146. 
  • Strongest moves for the Graveler consist of Rock Blast, Rock Slide, Rock Throw, and Stone Edge. 

Pokemon details 

  • Graveler prefers partly cloudy and sunny weather for boosts. 
  • Listed as #75 in the Pokedex, Graveler is a 1st Evolution Pokemon, preceded by the unevolved Geodude (#74), and Golem (#76) is the Final Evolution Pokemon. 

How to get Graveler 

  • Catching Graveler is very rare in the wild; it is easier to evolve with Geodude. 
  • Graveler does not hatch but Geodude does with 2 KM Candy. 
  • Graveler can be evolved with 25 Geodude Candy. 
  • Spawn locations for Graveler include quarries, parking lots, and woodland areas. 

#3.2. Best Rock Omastar Pokemon

Omastar is at home with rock and water! 

Omastar, known as the Spiral Pokemon, derived from the Kanto region. This Gen I pocket monster is of the Dual Type Rock and Water variety. Read on to know more about catching and battling this interesting Pokemon! 

What Omastar Excels In

  • CP for Omastar is very high at 2,786. Also, Attack is Omastar’s strongest combat skill with 207, followed closely by Defense with 201, and Stamina with 172. Honestly, all the combat stats are respectable. 
  • Movesets for Omastar consist of Hydro Pump, Rock Slide, Rock Throw, and Water Gun. 
  • (The variety of attacks is an advantage of being a Dual-Type Pokemon!) 
  • Omastar works well in trainer battles!

Pokemon details 

  • For Pokemon Collectors, Omastar is #139 and its unevolved version, Omanyte, is #138 in the Pokedex. 
  • The flip side of having a Dual Type Pokemon is the vulnerabilities to different kinds of attacks. Omastar has four: Electric, Fighting, Grass, and Ground. 
  • Put on your raingear, because Omastar boosts in partly cloudy and rainy weather!

How to get Omastar

  • Omastar can be found in the wild, but like many evolved Pokemon, it is very rare. There is also a 15% capture rate, so stock up on berries and pokeballs! 
  • Omastar cannot be hatched, but Omanyte can with 5 KM eggs. 
  • The easiest way to get Omastar is to find, catch, and evolve Omanyte with 50 Candy. 

#3.3. Best Rock Sudowoodo Pokemon

Not rare, but difficult to spot!

Although Sudowoodo resembles a grass type Pokemon, it is a Rock Pokemon, and a fun one to catch and use in battle! Also known as the Imitation Pokemon, this Gen II pocket monster is the master of camouflage! Read on to find out more about this stealthy pocket monster! 

What Sudowoodo Excels In 

  • Maximum CP for Sudowoodo is 2148; Its strongest suit is Defense at 176, followed by Stamina at 172, and finally, Offense at 167. 
  • Movesets for Sudowoodo consist of Rock Throw, Rock Slide, and Stone Edge. 
  • Sudowoodo is fun to use in Trainer Battles! 

Pokemon details 

  • Listed as #185 and in the Johto region in the Pokedex; Bonsly, the unevolved version, is #438 and the Gen IV version from the Sinnoh region. 
  • Loves partly cloudy weather and will boost and thrive in it! 
  • Vulnerable to several types of attacks: Fighting, Grass, Ground, Steel, and Water. 

How to get Sudowoodo   

  • Bonsly can be evolved with 50 Candy to get Sudowoodo. 
  • It can be hatched with 10 KM eggs. 
  • Sudowoodo is uncommon but not rare; I have found many Sudowoodo in the wild. 
  • There is only a 13% capture rate, so stock up on berries and pokeballs to catch this wily Pokemon! 

#2.1. Best Steel Lairon Pokemon  

Steel and rock powers make Lairon a tough opponent to face! 

Lairon, known as the Iron Armor Pokemon, is a Gen III Dual Steel and Rock pocket monster from the Hoenn region. Evolved from Aron, Lairon makes meals out of iron ore to keep its body steely and strong! Read on to learn more about Lairon! 

What Lairon Excels In

  • Boosted in partly cloudy and snowy weather; Lairon is a wintry kind of pocket monster! 
  • Lairon has a CP of 2004; the defensive combat score is the highest at 240, followed by Offense at 158, and finally, Stamina at 120. 
  • The best movesets for Lairon consist of Iron Tail, Metal Claw, and Rock Slide! 

Pokemon details 

  • In the Pokedex, Lairon is listed as #305. Its unevolved form, Aron, is listed as #304, and the Highest Evolved Form, Aggron, is #306. 
  • Only vulnerable to Fighting, Ground, and Water Types of attacks. (Not bad for a Dual Type Pokemon. Many have more than three.) 

How to get Lairon

  • Evolve 25 Aron Candy to get Lairon. 
  • Lairon cannot be hatched, but Aron can with 2 KM eggs.  
  • Spawn locations include Industrial areas, Quarries, Nature Trails. 

#2.2. Best Steel Metagross Pokemon  

Highly intelligent and strong, Metagross is a difficult opponent to face in battle!

Metagross is an interesting Dual Type Psychic and Steel Pokemon. Known as the Iron Leg Pokemon. Metagross is a Gen III pocket monster and stems from the Hoenn region. Read more to find out about this intelligent Pokemon!

What Metagross Excels In

  • Combat stats are high: 257 for Offense, 228 for Defense, and 190 for Stamina. 
  • Movesets include Bullet Punch Earthquake, and Zen Headbutt. 
  • The maximum CP is almost 4,000! At 3,751, Metagross is powerful! I have used Metagross in many trainer battles. 

Pokemon details 

  • Did you know that Metagross has 4 brains? 
  • Metagross (#376) is the evolved version of Metang (#375) and Beldum (#374). 
  • Snowy and Windy weather is ideal for boosts and catching! 
  • Weak against Dark, Fire, Ghost, and Ground attacks.

How to get Metagross

  • It can be evolved with 100 Metang Candy!
  • Metagross cannot be hatched. 
  • Spawn locations for Metagross include cities and hospitals. 

#2.3. Best Steel Metang Pokemon  

Cold days are best for Metang, so bundle up!

You learned about Metagross, so meet Metang, its First Evolution counterpart. Metang, known as the Iron Claw Pokemon, evolves from two fused Beldum. This Dual Psychic and Steel Pokemon is also included in the Best Steel Pokemon category because it also holds its own in battle and is a great one to use if you have not evolved Metang yet; Find out more about Metang!

What Metang Excels In

  • I have used Metang in trainer battles, especially for combat with under 1,500 CP Pokemon. 
  • Metang’s maximum CP is 1,570; Its combat stats are 185 in Defense, 138 in Offense, and 120 in Stamina. 
  • Movesets for Metang is Metal Claw, Psyshock, and Zen Headbutt.

Pokemon details 

  • Only weak against dark, fire, ghost, and ground attacks. 
  • Prefers snowy and windy weather conditions; be sure to dress warmly before venturing outside!

How to get Metang

  • Like Metagross, Metang cannot be hatched. It must be found in the wild or evolved. 
  • You only need 25 Beldum Candy to evolve into Metang; Beldum can be hatched with 10 KM eggs. 
  • Spawn locations are cities and hospitals.


#1.1. Best Water Seadra Pokemon

This seahorse Pokemon is at home in the water! 

Seadra, known as the Dragon Pokemon, derived from the Kanto region along with its unevolved counterpart, Horsea, and the Final Evolution Pokemon, Kingdra. As a Gen II Pokemon, Kingdra lived in the Johto region. Read more to find out more about the Seadra family! 

What Seadra Excels In 

  • Best moveset battles in combat consist of Dragon Breath and Water Gun. 
  • Maximum CP is decent at 2,093; Offense is strongest at 187. 
  • Only vulnerable to two types of Attacks: Electric and Grass. 

Pokemon details 

  • Seadra loves the rain and is boosted and found in rainy weather. 
  • When Seadra evolves to Kingdra, it will become a Dual Type Water and Dragon Pokemon!  

How to get Seadra

  • It is easier to catch and evolve with 25 Horsea Candy. 
  • Look for Seadra near any body of water! 
  • No one in the Horsea family can be hatched, but Horsea is the easiest to find and catch with a 50% capture rate! 
  • Seadra is rare and wily; there is a 20% catch rate in the wild. 

#1.2. Best Water Starmie Pokemon

This star Pokemon is best when fighting in the rain!

Starmie, known as the Mysterious Pokemon, hails from the Kanto region. This Dual Type Water and Psychic Pokemon, along with Staryu, the unevolved version, are fun to find and fun to battle. Read on to find out more about this gem of a pocket monster! 

What Starmie Excels In 

  • Starmie’s strength in combat relies on offense at 210; maximum CP is 2,584.
  • In combat, Bubble Beam and Water Gun remain the most effective movesets. 
  • Starmie loves water and can be boosted and found in rainy weather! 

Pokemon details 

  • If you collect Pokemon, Starmie is listed as #121 and Staryu is listed as #120 in the Pokedex. 
  • Starmie earns the second type (Psychic) when evolved from Staryu. 

How to get Starmie

  • It cannot be hatched but Staryu can with 5 KM eggs. 
  • Starmie evolves from 50 Staryu Candy; that is the easiest way to get Starmie unless you are lucky enough to find one in the wild! 
  • Staryu can be found easily with a 50% capture rate! 

#1.3. Best Water Vaporean Pokemon

A cute but fearsome opponent in trainer battles! 

Last and lasting, Vaporeon remains my go-to Pokemon for capture and battle. My Pokemon Buddy, named Blue, is a Vaporeon, and we battled together 26 times and traveled 413.30 km together: that is over 256 miles! Read on to learn more about the Bubble Jet Pokemon!

What Vaporean Excels In 

  • In Pokemon trainer battles, I find that Vaporeon competes well against other Eevee, especially Flareon and Linnea. 
  • Only susceptible to two types of attacks: Grass and Electric. Many Pokemon are susceptible to several types of attacks.
  • Vaporean attacks quickly against other opponents. (I always cringe when I battle opponents using Vaporean.) 

Pokemon details 

  • If you are an Eevee collector like I am, Vaporean is listed as #134 and Eevee is listed as #133 in the Pokedex. 
  • The best offensive movesets for Vaporean are Hydro Pump and Water Gun.
  • Vaporeon evolves from Eevee and both stem from the Gen 1 Kanto region. 

How to get Vaporean

  • Catching Eevees and evolving them with 25 Eevee Candy is the fastest way to catch Vaporeon. 
  • Eevee can be hatched with 5 KM eggs and easily found in the wild with a 40% capture rate. 
  • When evolving Eevee to Vaporeon, replace the name Eevee with Rainer. Otherwise, Eevee will evolve randomly, which also can be fun! 

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