[Top 10] Beastars Best Quotes That Are Great

Beastars has the best beastly quotes! Here are a few.

10. “Is this some sort of Greeting.”

Legosi goes to get flowers for the drama club and ends up in a room alone with Haru. She starts taking off his clothes and he has no idea why.

What Makes This Quote Great:

  • Legosi is so confused and innocent. It’s really funny!
  • She’s being very sexual and he interprets it differently. So cute!
  • He is totally freaked out! Seeing the main character sweat like that is hilarious. 


9. “Wow, so you do smile.”

Legosi and Els walk back to the dorm rooms after drama club practice. Els tells him to support Bill in the show and he smiles.

What Makes This Quote Great:

  • Legosi walks around looking like an emo kid most of the time so it’s precious when he smiles.
  • Els’s reaction is a lot like the audience would be. Happy surprised!
  • Legosi has depression so it’s beautiful that he smiled.


8. “Is that what it means to become an adult!?”


Legosi and some other carnivores go to the black market. They can eat real meat there. Legosi is still against it but the others explain that this place is why it is so peaceful on the main street. Legoshi gets enraged and wonders if that's what it means to become an adult.

What Makes This Quote Great:

  • It shows how Legosi is still struggling with his morals and instincts.
  • No one else sees the wrong in this. No wonder Legosi gets angry!
  • This highlights how hard it is growing up in this world.


7. “The light and the darkness have reversed.”

Louis says this to Legosi as he resigns from school and the drama club. Legosi is perplexed and wonders what it means.

What Makes This Quote Great:

  • It’s super cryptic! We all wonder what he means!?
  • It’s a nice nod to the role reversal between Legosi and Louis and how the unexpected herbivore is usually the dominant one in their exchanges.
  • It makes you want to watch more to find out why he’s resigning. And to find out why he chose that as his seemingly last words to Legosi. 
  • It's deep in a subtle way. I love that!


6. “The black market is my home now.”

Louis saves a Herbivore stripper from being devoured. She says he should go home afterward. The stripper then sees him with his new gang the Shishigumi and realizes he’s the boss. He then says this to her. 

What Makes This Quote Great:

  • Louis is such a GOAT even though he’s a Deer. 
  • We finally get to see him in action as the crime gang’s new boss. And I must say he’s doing well! 
  • His cool temperament is awesome! He’s really a crime boss and maybe one of the best ones!


5. “You’re really hard to figure out.”

Legosi and Haru try to take the train together and get into a fight. They then have to run from the authorities together so Legosi doesn't get arrested. While running Haru shouts this at Legosi.

What Makes This Quote Great:

  • It’s so true! Many of the characters have agreed before that it’s hard to understand Legosi. And even harder to know what he’s thinking.
  • It’s cool from the audience's view because most of the time we actually do know what he’s thinking! And he’s quite an overthinker!
  • Everyone loves a little mystery and this quote shows how Legosi has it in spades!
  • It’s funny because Legosi is trying to figure himself out too.


4. “The right move is always going to be the hardest! But it’s worth it!”

Legosi goes to take on a criminal organization of Lions to save Haru. Goey (Gohin) the buff Panda comes to help. He gives this advice to Legosi as he helps him up off the ground after saving his life.

What Makes This Quote Great:

  • It's so cool how Gohin says it in the rain after shooting a Lion. He’s such a badass!
  • I love how he’s teaching Legosi in the middle of a mission. Lesson learned!
  • It’s a quote for us viewers too. Sometimes in life, the right move is the hardest! I love applicable life lessons, don’t you?


3. “All of us in this world are helpless.”


Louis comes to the Lion’s den. He then kills the old boss Lion. He says after that he had to teach this lesson. That all of us are helpless.

What Makes This Quote Great:

  • Louis as a Herbivore kills a carnivorous Lion! Showing yet again how strong and awesome he is!
  • He has a point. Carnivores think it’s only Herbivores that are helpless but this proves that wrong. So wrong!
  • It’s an epic moment of role reversal! Worth rewatching!


2. “No matter how much civilization advances in the end it’s instinct and strength that matters most.”

Louis and Juno walk in the rain together. Discussing Louis’s newfound Crime Boss status. He says this.

What Makes This Quote Great:

  • This quote shows just how important these main themes of the story are. In this animal world, instinct and strength are crucial.
  • It also makes the viewer think a lot about these themes. And whether they agree or not.
  • It’s just amazing to hear Louis get so deep and philosophical. He’s quite a smart buck!


1. “I knew it! This young wolf is one of a kind!”

Legosi encounters the school’s only security guard: a Rattlesnake! He then shows interest and empathy to her. She runs away thinking this about him. While he chases her.

What Makes This Quote Great:

  • It’s so true! Legosi is uniquely amazing! He’s kind and empathetic while being a strong fighter. Not many Carnivores are like this.
  • Legosi is the best main character so it’s great to see another character showing him some love!
  • It’s always cool to have a character reflect what you’re thinking. I think he’s one of a kind too! 

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