[Top 15] Best Vegeta Fights of All Time

 Best Vegeta Fights
(He might be just a little old for that)

[Top 15] Best Vegeta Fights of All Time

(What If Vegeta got Ultra Instinct)

Was up, everybody! Your friendly neighborhood Shounen Man here with another anime list to throw at your faces. Today we are back into quite possibly my favorite anime of all time, DragonBall Z! This list asks the question, What are Vegeta’s best fights?'' The warrior prince has so many that it’s hard to choose but that’s exactly what we’re here to do. So without further ado ladies and gentlemen, here we go.


15. Vegeta Vs Pui Pui

Coming in at number 15 we have, Vegeta Vs Pui Pui! In his first battle during the Buu saga, Vegeta had to face off against an alien named Pui Pui. This fighter was brought against our heroes by the evil wizard Babidi to try to drain them of energy and awaken Majin Buu. Vegeta had other thoughts on this matter and it showed as he did nothing but smirk at Pui Pui.

What makes this fight great:

  • In this fight, we get to see the fruits of Vegeta’s training. Since the end of the Cell Saga, the prince did nothing but train his abilities and it really shows.
  • Vegeta’s confidence is on full display here as he never even goes Super Saiyan in the battle. He spends the whole fight toying with his opponent.
  • After Babidi sees Vegeta dominating his warrior he sends them to Pui Pui’s planet thinking the increased gravity would stop him but he easily destroys the alien with a blast of energy.


14. Vegeta Vs Zarbon 1 and 2

Coming in at number 14 we have Vegeta Vs Zarbon 1 and 2! This battle was very personal for Vegeta. After finding out that Frieza destroyed the Saiyan planet as well as the people he began to go through the ranks of the Frieza force trying to destroy them one by one. He even had a long plan to become immortal and kill Frieza in revenge but at this moment he caught Zarbon alone and decided to kill him off.

What makes this fight great:

  • Zarbon’s positivity that he could destroy Vegeta with little effort was palpable and the look on his face when he discovered Vegeta’s new strength was priceless.
  • Zarbon’s new monster form tore through Vegeta. The transformation was intense, the power and speed were incredible. It’s like he wasn’t even the same warrior.
  • When Vegeta came back to battle Zarbon again he was a bit more powerful and was able to win. His finishing blow to the monster was one of my favorite in the series. He uppercut his fist into Zarbon’s stomach before blasting his energy straight through him.


13. Vegeta Vs 19

Coming in at number 13 we have Vegeta Vs 19! At the beginning of the Android Saga, the new warrior Trunks showed up to destroy Mecha-Frieza so he can’t wreck our heroes. After he easily defeated the newly powered-up emperor Trunks told of androids that would destroy the earth as well as some other tragedies. All our heroes began to train themselves in their own ways until they came back together 3 years later to face the threat.

What makes this fight great:

  • After Yamcha was easily defeated by Android 20 Goku showed up and ended up fighting 19. Due to the energy absorption of the Android as well as the heart condition that Goku had, he lost the battle.
  • Just when things seemed to be going bad Vegeta showed up with his normal cocky attitude and force of will. He blew everyone away with his first-ever on-screen transformation into a Super Saiyan.
  • He completely dominated the Android going as far as to rip its forearms off. He then used a Big Bang Attack to destroy him. This battle also brought one of my favorite Vegeta lines. “Let me ask you, does a machine like yourself ever experience fear”


12. Vegeta Vs Frieza

Coming in at number 12 we have Vegeta Vs Frieza! This fight was a long time coming for Vegeta. In front of him stood the ultimate oppressor of worlds, the destroyer of his own planet as well as his people and the very monster that he called master for so long.

He wanted nothing more than to destroy Frieza and now felt he had the power to do so.

When they first face-off they have a quick power struggle before Frieza begins to go through his transformations. After a Zenkai boost, Vegeta faced Frieza again in his final form.

What makes this fight great:

  • Their power struggle during Frieza’s first form was epic. Seeing Vegeta catch Frieza’s arms and then trying to outpower each other with everything being destroyed around them only added to the scene.
  • Vegeta angered Frieza tremendously with his claims of being a Super Saiyan which caused Frieza to begin a completely demoralizing pattern of dodging and dominating the Saiyan prince.
  • When Frieza began to tire of Vegeta’s claims he decided to beat him mercilessly. The image of him hanging Vegeta by his neck from his tail and slamming his fist into the Saiyan’s back over and over again will forever stick with me.


11. Vegeta Vs Cabba

Coming in at number 11 we have Vegeta Vs Cabba! During the tournament of power saga, we were introduced to a host of new characters from other universes. Some of these characters were the Saiyans from universe 6, of these young warriors Cabba was slated to face Vegeta. The young Saiyan was far different than Vegeta expected, not only did he lack the ferocity of our normal Saiyans but he couldn’t transform to a Super Saiyan either.

What makes this fight great:

  • Vegeta starts this fight remarking how similar Cabba’s stance is to his own before getting caught off Guard by Cabba’s speed.
  • He realizes after fighting for a moment that he and the universe 6 Saiyan were on the same level at their base forms. When he says let’s take it up to Super Saiyans Cabba reveals that he can’t
  • After that, he asks Vegeta for help with learning the transformation. Vegeta helps him by beating him senseless and infuriating him. This causes the young Saiyan’s rage to peak and causes his transformation.


10.Vegeta Vs Jiren

Coming in at number 10 we have Vegeta Vs Jiren! This fight is actually fairly unique amongst the others on this list. It happens during another battle Jiren is having with Goku. The powerhouse Jiren is so strong that he is having separate fights with both of them at the same time. As Goku was easily fended off by Jiren, Vegeta rushed in only to be dominated effortlessly.

What makes this fight great:

  • Right in the beginning of this battle, Vegeta charges Jiren unleashing an onslaught of punches that didn't even seem to affect him.
  • After seeing a flurry of punches that Goku got hit with Vegeta figured out a weak point in Jiren’s defenses and landed a great punch into his stomach.
  • Once this happened Vegeta seemingly had Jiren on the ropes even hitting Jiren with a few more great attacks. Jiren ends this brief encounter with a nasty combination that sends Vegeta back to his base form.


9. Vegeta Vs Cell

Coming in at number 9 we have Vegeta Vs Cell! This fight was a great display of Vegeta’s insane increase in power after his hyperbolic time chamber training. During this saga Vegeta had a pretty bad beatdown by 18 where his arm and even worse, his pride was broken. After deciding to train in the time chamber he gained levels beyond Super Saiyan and was very eager to show them to the monster Cell.

What makes this fight great:

  • Vegeta starts this battle with a super-fast attack, slamming his fist deep into Cell’s stomach before he could even react. He also gave him a perfect Vegeta quip.”What's wrong, did you need me to say go before I started”
  • Vegeta spends this whole fight toying with Cell, even skipping him across the water like a stone at one point.
  • Cell tries everything from sneakily attempting a stab from his tail to using Vegeta’s own galick gun against him. Vegeta’s domination is unending in this fight and only loses because he allows Cell to attain his perfect form.


8.Vegeta Vs Recoome

Coming in at number 8 we have Vegeta Vs Recoome! This fight starts with a really ominous tone. Vegeta, previously a terrifying warrior who feared nothing, showed fear when speaking of the Ginyu force. When they showed up Gohan and Krillin fought the first member before Vegeta ultimately killed him. Then Vegeta was forced to face Recoome.

What makes this fight great:

  • Recoome starts this battle by introducing himself in the goofiest way he could, with a great pose, letting all of us know exactly what his personality was like.
  • Vegeta, who was afraid and wanting to surprise Recoome, charges in hard. He hits Recoome with one of the most vicious combinations ever seen before blasting him with energy.
  • Recoome however was unaffected by any of it and flipped back up ready to show off his power. He ends this battle by slamming Vegeta into the ground head first.


7.Vegeta Vs Golden Frieza

Coming in at number 7 we have Vegeta Vs Golden Frieza! Here we have a battle started for many reasons. To save his friend Goku, to show a tyrant how weak they are, but mostly to destroy his most hated enemy in the universe. Goku through his normal kind nature was manipulated into losing his fight against Golden Frieza. Vegeta then steps in to change things.

What makes this fight great:

  • Vegeta starts this fight humiliating his opponent by smacking away the blast he aimed at Krillin. Vegeta knocked the blast into Frieza’s own henchman for extra insult.
  • Then in the only way Vegeta knows how intense, he shows off his new transformation into SSB. He then walks Frieza down smacking away dozens of blasts.
  • What follows is an unstoppable, brutal beating that Frieza has no defense against. You can see the triumph in Vegeta as he pummels Frieza into the ground. He finally gets his revenge on this monster.


6.Vegeta Vs 18

Coming in at number 6 we have Vegeta Vs 18! During the Android saga we kept hearing about these terribly powerful androids that would destroy the world. Then when 19 and 20 appeared the fans were underwhelmed to say the least. As our heroes chased Android 20 they found out that the real threat was 17 and 18 whom 20 was going to awaken. When they awoke Trunks tried to warn his father but he fought 18 anyway.

What makes this fight great:

  • Vegeta’s arrogance is on full display in the  beginning of this battle. Slinging every insult about being made of metal he can think of and spouting his power.
  • 18 starts right away by charging in and punching Vegeta in the face but he quickly recovers and hits her with a combination.
  • As the fight goes on it becomes clear she isn’t tiring and Vegeta is, no matter what he throws at her she comes right back. After one final insult that she disliked she breaks Vegeta’s arm with a decisive kick.


5.Vegeta Vs Goku Black

Coming in at number 5 we have Vegeta Vs, Goku Black! Goku black was a very interesting character. Despite the name, he wasn’t actually Goku but rather someone who stole Goku’s body in a different timeline. The bad guy Zamasu teamed up with his other self, Goku Black, and almost destroyed everything. Vegeta fights this god twice with varying results.

What makes this fight great:

  • The flurry of insane blows that Vegeta begins their first battle with is as awe-inspiring as the fact that it didn't seem to hurt Black at all.
  • Goku Black’s endurance and retaliation against Vegeta were amazing. He really set himself apart as a villain.
  • Vegeta fights Black again in his rose form but this time utterly dominates him. He beats Black senseless while giving a speech about being a real Saiyan.


4.Majin Vegeta Vs Goku

Coming in at number 4 we have Majin Vegeta Vs Goku! Here we have a long time rematch in the making. After Vegeta’s first loss to Goku, his whole worldview began to change. He slowly started working his way from villain to hero. During this change he never lost his will to defeat Goku, it was an obsession for him. Vegeta allowed an evil wizard named Babidi to unlock the evil within him because he felt that he would be able to finally win against his rival. The following battle was an amazing one.

What makes this fight great:

  • Goku only agrees to this fight due to Vegeta blasting a large group of people to make him do it.
  • Watching Vegeta turn into his Majin form was crazy.No one ever thought anybody could possess Vegeta, turns out they can't because he disobeys Babidi’s orders so he can fight Goku.
  • A really cool thing to note about this battle that you only find out late is that Goku could already turn into a Super Saiyan 3 but he held back.


3.Vegeta Vs Toppo

Coming in at number 3 we have Vegeta Vs Toppo! This battle starts when Toppo, now in his god of destruction form, jumps in to help Jiren. He knocks Vegeta away, immediately launching a barrage of energy blasts at the Saiyan prince. Topo who previously didn’t want to become a god of destruction gave in so he could help win the tournament and save his universe.

What makes this fight great:

  • When Vegeta breaks off from the original barrage that Toppo fires out, he lets loose a final flash that beams clashes with Toppo’s new hakai attack.
  • Listening to the two warriors argue principles and ideals while they fight each other with everything they have is really awesome as well as interesting.
  • Vegeta transforms into his SSB Evolved form for the first time in this battle, He then proceeds to beat Toppo senseless, even punching through his hakai which was amazing.


2.Vegeta Vs Goku 1st

Coming in at number 2 we have Vegeta Vs Goku 1st! This is the fight that began a series spanning rivalry between the two most powerful warriors in the universe. Vegeta and Goku met on the battlefield after the Z-warriors lost a vicious fight to the Saiyan Nappa. Goku comes in swiftly defeating Nappa but is too late to save most of his friends.

What makes this fight great:

  • There are so many great parts to this fight. One of my particular favorites is the Kaioken Kamehameha that he uses in their beam struggle.
  • Vegeta shows us our first ever real look at a focused great ape attack. He could speak and keep his cool while being very fast and powerful.
  • Vegeta takes attack after attack and just keeps coming. This fight is what made Vegeta my new favorite character in the show where previously it was Piccolo.


1. Majin Vegeta Vs Buu

Coming in at number 1 we have Majin Vegeta Vs Buu! This is my favorite battle in the entire series. We get to see all of the build-up of Vegeta’s character development over the whole show come together. His obsession for Goku as well as his new position as a father and hero finally worked through and accepted. Vegeta takes on this monster with no regret or hate in his heart.

What makes this fight great:

  • Majin Vegeta heads to this fight after knocking out Goku with a chop to the neck that he didn't see coming. As he came up against Majin Buu the energy was intense.
  • Seeing Vegeta realize he was going to die than have a loving moment hugging his kid for the first time was heartwarming. Also, his acceptance that he would lose his body and go to hell was pretty heavy.
  • Then at the end of this fight, Majin Vegeta decides that he needs to obliterate every part of Buu in order to stop him regenerating. To do this he charges up a crazy amount of energy then blows himself up in a huge explosion.

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