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Party of adventurers fighting a Balor Demon

5. Goliath

Goliath fighter battles a Githyanki mage

Goliaths are huge mountain men that thrive in cold environments.

They get a strength score increase of 2 and a constitution score increase of 1. They also have proficiency in Athletics.

They have an ability called Stone's Endurance that allows you to use your reaction to roll a d12+CON mod, to shrug off that much amount of damage.

Powerful build lets you carry stuff as if you were a large creature.

With Mountain born you get resistance to cold damage and are acclimated to elevations above 20,000 feet.

The Goliath was added in Volo’s Guide to Monsters.

Why Goliath is Great for Fighter:

* Good ability score improvements

* Able to negate damage

* Cold resistance is a plus

4. Bugbear

Bugbear growls to be intimidating

If you want to be a goblinoid and a bear, just become a bugbear. They’re also basically rogues without levels!

Their strength score increases by 2 and dexterity score increase by 1. They have Darkvision as most monster races do.

Like the Goliath, they are treated as one size larger for carrying weight. They’re also Long Limbed which makes their reach 5 ft longer than normal.

They are proficient in the Sneak skill and get a surprise attack once each combat if they surprise a creature.  

This Goblinoid was added in Volo’s Guide to Monsters.

Why Bugbear is Great for Fighter:

* You get a rogue as a race

* More carry weight

* Lengthy Limbs!

3. Stout Halfling

A Halfling is ready for action

For a short creature, they make skilled fighters!

Their dexterity increases by 2.

They are Brave, which gives them an advantage against being frightened. They’re also Lucky which allows them to re-roll a die used for an attack, ability check, or saving throw. They can also move through creatures' spaces that are one size larger than them.

With the Subrace, Stout Halfling, their Constitution increases by 1. They also get resistance to poison damage and have an advantage against being poisoned.

Stout Halfling is in the Player’s Handbook.

Why Stout Halfling is Great for Fighter:

* Not being poisoned is great

* Can be made into a dex fighter

* Lucky and Brave are wonderful abilities

2. Half Orc

Half Orc Fighter looks for his next target. It may be you!

Half Orcs are outstanding barbarians and fighters. Their strength is outmatched by no one. Okay, maybe by stronger orcs...

Their Strength score is increased by one and constitution is increased by 1.

They have darkvision up to 60 ft.

Half Orcs are also Menacing, which gives them a proficiency in the Intimidation skill. Relentless Endurance lets them drop to 1 HP if they are cut down to 0. You can only use it once every long rest.

They gain Relentless attack as a feature. If you get a critical hit, you can re-roll one of your weapons damage dice again and add the damage to the total.

The Half Orc is in the Player’s Handbook.

Why Half Orc is Great for Fighter:

* Good for flavor

* Darkvision

* Can shrug off a possible kill hit

1. Warforged

Warforged Fighter uses his built-in ability to cast lighting

Warforged are robots created by people to be fighters of any kind.

Their constitution increases by 2, and any other score increases by 1.

Because they’re robots they have Constructed Resilience. They have resistance against poisons and an advantage on saving throws against poison. They don't need to eat, drink or breathe. They are also immune to disease. And what’s great is they don’t need to sleep!

Sentry’s Rest lets them power down every long rest for 6 hours instead of sleep. You can still hear and see as normal.

They get irrigated protection. It can be enhanced by armor. They get a +1 to AC. It takes an hour for you to don armor into your form, which you have to be proficient in. And it can’t be taken from you unwillingly.

The Warforged was added in Eberron: Rising from the Last War.

Why Warforged is Great for Fighter:

* They can be any class you want

* Don't need to sleep!

* Good AC and health

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