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Hello, Tankers!

We know there are lots of tanks with different nations. They have specific features. Some of them are fast, some of them are well armored, some of them just useless.

That’s important, especially if you are a fan of a national tank tree or you are going to research all of the tech trees. So, you want to know, how are the tanks like in this tree, how they perform, how to play it, their characteristics. They are really important, especially for a good game experience.

So here is my role. I am here to show the best American tanks for every tier.

*Collector and premium vehicles not included.


Tier IV

T6 Medium

  • DPM— 1900 HP
  • Penetration— 53 mm
  • Gun Depression— 12 degree
  • Aim Time— 3.16 sec.
  • Dispersion— 0.58 m
  • Top Speed— 34 km/h



  • T6 Medium is a fun-to-play tank.
  • It has a funny trollish 105 mm howitzer gun. It’s using HE with great alpha damage. It can hurt even if it doesn’t penetrate the armor. But it’s a short-barreled gun causing very bad aim time and dispersion. Very hard to use in the long range.
  • A bit poor for mobility, its hull is big too. Which makes it easy to hit the target. Turret armor is fine but hull armor is poor. You have to hide your hull with this tank, thanks to its excellent gun depression hull-down position won’t be that hard.


Tier V

M10 Wolverine

  • DPM— 2248 HP
  • Penetration— 128 mm
  • Aim Time— 1.63 sec.
  • Dispersion— 0.36 m
  • Top Speed— 48 km/h
  • View Range— 370 m
  • Stationary Camo— 17.78 / 4.39



  • Wolverine is a great tank destroyer with continuous damage.
  • It has great DPM with excellent aim time. Dispersion is decent but penetration is a bit poor for a tank destroyer. It has a turreted design; it doesn’t have to turn all of the hulls for aiming. Which is great especially for moving targets.
  • Mobility is great. You can take positions faster than enemies. Good dispersion makes it useful at the hills too.
  • The problem is its poor armor. It’s not going to protect you from anything. With a big hull, it is easy to hit the target.
  • Always save your distance with this tank.


Tier VI

M18 Hellcat

DPM— 1766 HP

Penetration— 160 mm

Aim Time— 1.63 sec.

Dispersion— 0.34 m

Top Speed— 72 km/h

View Range— 370 m

Stationary Camo— 20.96 / 5.24



  • One of the most enjoyable tank destroyers. Comes from the bottom of hell. M18 Hellcat ahead of us. With a powerful 90 mm gun, it can deal huge damage to enemies. Penetration is not good enough for higher tiers, but enough for its tier.
  • The best feature of Hellcat is its mobility. 72 km/h top speed is faster than lots of light tanks and makes it the fastest TD in the game. So you can flank enemies and get rid of the low penetration feature. You can avoid getting shots with your mobility too.
  • It has a turret with a very slow traverse speed. In the long range it’s so useful. With the great depression aim anywhere easily. In a short distance, it is one of the biggest weaknesses. The enemy can flank and circle hellcat without getting shot.
  • Always save distance, 12 mm armor won’t cover you from anything. Any high-caliber machine gun can penetrate it easily, don’t think about tank guns.



  • Aim Time—  4.9 sec.
  • Reload Time—  19.9 sec.
  • Gun Dispersion—  0.72m
  • Turret? —  Partially
  • Mobility—  56.3 Km/h top speed, 18.95 hp/t
  • Stun Time(min.)—  6.24 sec.
  • Alpha Damage—  550 Hp
  • Armor Penetration—  39mm



  • It’s a great all arounder, best features; aim time and reload time.
  • It has the same style of play as M41. Same gun caliber, same movement capability. Which increases DPM bit much.
  • It’s opponents’ problems, especially not having good gun traverse and accuracy.


Tier VII


  • DPM—  1756 Hp
  • Penetration—  198 mm
  • Hull armor—  102 mm
  • Turret armor—  279 mm
  • Top speed—  35 km/h



  • The tank for hull down. One of the most dangerous tanks in tier VII. Here is the T29 with its gigantic turret.
  • T29 is so useful when it hides its hull. Its turret cannot be penetrated with tier X guns too (There is a cupola, which is a weak point). With 198 mm penetration, it can penetrate all enemies on its tier. Thanks to its 10-degree depression, it’s lethal on the hills.
  • Its hull armor is weak. Its effective armor is about 170 mm and most of the enemies can penetrate it with ease. Angling should be used very much if the hull cannot be hidden.
  • Don’t stay in the same position with this tank. By the time enemies can realize cupola, it’s hard to hit from a long distance, but in a short distance, it’s a great hit point.
  • DPM is low, but its alpha damage 320 Hp, which is great for tier VII.
  • As a result, T 29 is a hull-down tank. Hide your hull, use your depression, engage targets, retreat for reloading, engage again.



T 32

  • DPM— 2130 Hp
  • Penetration—  208 mm
  • Hull armor—  127 mm
  • Turret armor—  298 mm
  • Top speed—  35 km/h



  • The T32 is, compared to the earlier T29, a more balanced tank. Combining the still heavily-armored turret with more efficient hull armor.
  • As like T29, the hull is vulnerable again. But better anyway. Angling is more functional.
  • This time turret has a way smaller weak spot with more armor. Except for that point, this turret is invincible, like T29 it has great gun depression.
  • The major weakness of the T32 is its gun. 208 mm is not bad for tier VIII, but in matchmaking, it can compete with tier X’s. Against them, this gun won’t be very effective much. 
  • Hull armor is better than T29 but it’s so weak again. Its effective armor is about 180-200mm which is not enough for tier VIII.
  • Again, hide your hull, show your turret, engage the enemy. This time don’t forget to watch bouncing shells, no need to retreat.


Tier IX 


  • DPM—  2564 Hp
  • Penetration—  276 mm
  • Aim Time—  2.4 sec
  • Dispersion—  0.36 m 
  • Turret? —  No
  • Stationary camo % —  18.18 / 2.45
  • View range—  380 m
  • Radio range—  745 m



  • T95, not an ordinary tank destroyer. It’s a creature that moves towards the enemy without stopping and killing it. With 305 mm frontal armor we can call it an impenetrable beast.
  • In cities or non-arty maps it can be enemies’ worst nightmare. Its 150 mm gun will hurt anyone who stands against it.
  • But everything has a weakness. It has cupolas to hit on the front. Its best feature makes it vulnerable. With very poor movement, it can get flanked easily. 
  • If there is arty on the map just watch him killing T95 slowly…


Tier X


  • DPM— 2760 HP
  • Penetration— 295 mm
  • Aim Time— 2.4 sec.
  • Dispersion— 0.35 m
  • Top Speed— 24 km/h



  • Like the T95 it’s a super-heavy tank destroyer, with a much bigger silhouette and bit of weak armor.
  • Its gun is the T95's gun which has improved. With means better penetration, accuracy, and DPM it is a real beast.
  • Its armor is excellent in hull-down positions. 305 mm thickness can withstand gold munitions with ease. Its cupola seems like a weak point but actually, it can be penetrated with just gold munitions. Lower glacis can be penetrated easily.
  • Mobility is poor like before and including poor side armor, this tank is really vulnerable to getting flanked.
  • Last, of all, it is a really dangerous, puncher beast.
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