10 Great Educational Games For PC

Great Educational Games For PC
Great Educational Games For PC

#10: 'Let's School'

Let's School - Release Date Announcement Trailer

Embark on the thrilling journey of a headmaster with the responsibility of revitalizing your alma mater! More than just building, you’ll be shaping the future by training teachers, enrolling students, and crafting a distinctive educational sanctuary. Joining into the world of education! 

The goal of the game is to successfully run your school. Transforming it into an exceptional educational institution to remember. Improving conditions and attracting students. 

What you'll learn: 

  • Using educational leadership; highlighting the importance of effective leadership in your institution 
  • Involve more than just managing buildings by using a holistic approach to help train your staff and students. 
  • Craft a distinctive educational sanctuary implying the importance of innovation and creativity in shaping the future. 
  • Enrolling students and attracting them to your school by building a strong community.


#9: 'Police Simulator: Patrol Officer' 

Police Simulator: Patrol Officers - Reveal Trailer

Taking place in Brighton - you join in with the police force. With the opportunity to experience the day to day life of an officer. In the open world of Brighton you can choose neighborhoods for your patrol. With three districts and several neighborhoods in each. 

Cite violence, give out parking tickets, and work towards being trusted with more responsibility over time. As emergency situations arise - you must be ready to act. 

What you'll learn: 

  • Gain the understanding of what an officer does 
  • Learn about the importance of starting with the basics (starting at a lower rank and climbing upward) 
  • Learn about how the law is enforced 
  • Recognize the value of experience and progression in one’s career  


#8: 'Two Point Campus'

Two Point Campus | Launch Trailer

‘Two Point Campus’ lets you build the university of your dreams. Plant collections of outdoor flora, picket fences, or sculptures. All while getting to enjoy a range of fun and educational courses. Get engaged in Knight School, Salivatory Gastronomy, and more. You can even get to know your students and explore their personality.  

Build the top educational campus in the land! But don’t forget to make  sure to take care of your students so that they can flourish beyond your walls! 

What you’ll learn:  

  • Creativity and innovation by having the ability to customize your campus 
  • Taking care of your students welfare and satisfaction which will play a crucial role in the success of your university 
  • Balancing Fun and Learning - combining educational elements while also being engaged 
  • How to use student interaction to get to know your students in game and build their relationships 


#7: 'PC Building Simulator'

PC Building Simulator Launch Trailer

Embark on the journey of building your own computer empire. In ‘PC Building Simulator’ you get to experience the thrill of building and expanding your business. Work on computers by diagnosing, repairing, and even constructing PCs. All using real-world licenced components with immersive hardware and software simulations. 

The goal of the game is to successfully plan and build your ultimate PC. Bringing it to life with unlimited parts. Including the opportunity to take charge of IT support for ‘Irratech Corp’ in the free IT Expansion. 

What You’ll Learn: 

  • Provides computer building skills using an immersive learning experience 
  • Gain hands-on experience through hardware and software simulations without the risk of damaging real equipment 
  • Problem solving through diagnosing and repairing computers in-game. 
  • Attention to detail using precise and accurate work through building. 


#6: 'Hotel Renovator'

Hotel Renovator - PC Launch Trailer

Get ready to embark on the ultimate hotel markover journey. Transform a neglected and worn-out hotel into a luxurious getaway for customers. With thousands of furniture pieces and accessories all at your fingertips. You can let your creativity loose, succeeding  where others have failed unveiling the hotel's true potential. 

Turn your hotel into a 5-star luxury establishment. Building a successful reputation within the hotel industry. Discover the secrets of your family's history within its walls, and put your interior design abilities to the test. Striving to succeed to please those picky customers and the challenges that come. 

What you'll learn:

  • How to hone your interior design skills. Choosing furniture, decor, and color schemes to create an aesthetically pleasing appeal in rooms. 
  • You’ll learn how to manage a renovation project using planning and budgeting to execute takes 
  • Meeting the needs of hotel guests to maintain a high reputation in customer service. 
  • How to overcome challenges in complex situations and challenges when it comes to demanding VIP clients.


#5: 'Gunsmith Simulator'

Gunsmith Simulator - Playtests Trailer | STEAM

In the world of firearms, experience the ultimate PC game for gun enthusiasts, ‘Gunsmith Simulator’. Craft , customize, and perfect a wide range of firearms. From classic rifles, to cutting-edge handguns. It’s your chance to become a master gunsmith and build the weaponry of your choice.  

Perfect the seemingly never ending variety of firearms. Aiming to create the most accurate, powerful, and unique guns as possible. Exploring the intricacies of fire arm designs and functionality. 

What you’ll learn: 

  • How to assemble, modify, and build firearms using a variety of parts and components. 
  • Discover and collect rare and unique firearm models - expanding your knowledge of history and design. 
  • Participation in challenges, competitions, and collaborations with other gunsmithing enthusiasts. 
  • Solve challenges related to firearm performance and customization. Enhancing your problem-solving skills in a virtual environment.


#4: 'Electrician Simulator'

Electrician Simulator - First Shock (Official Trailer)

Take on the challenges of the electrical world. From troubleshooting circuits to rewiring buildings. Unleash your electrical expertise and become the ultimate virtual electrician. A game where the quests and challenge possibilities are endless! 

Successfully complete various electrical tasks. Solve electrical issues, wiring buildings, installing fixtures and more. Improving your understanding and proficiency of wiring. 

What you’ll learn: 

  • How to identify and resolve electrical problems and faults effectively using problem-solving skills.
  • Completing projects by successfully finishing electrical assignments, meeting the specific criteria or requirements for each task. 
  • Follow proper safety procedures and guidelines to prevent accidents and ensure safe electrical work. 
  • Efficiently utilize electrical resources, such as wires, cables, and other components. Completing everything within budget and time constraints. 


#3: 'Project Hospital'

Project Hospital Release Trailer

Take on the role of a medical director. Build, manage, and cure in your very own hospital. In the intricate world of healthcare, you get the opportunity to design your hospital from the ground up. Making critical decisions to save the lives of those who come to you for help. Through an array of challenging medical cases and an ever-growing hospital empire, get ready to become the ultimate healthcare visionary. 

Successfully take over  a thriving hospital. Providing quality healthcare services to patients. Diagnose, treat, and care for a diverse range of patients with different medical conditions and their recovery. 

What You’ll Learn:

  • Develop skills in project planning and execution as you design and construct different hospital departments and units. 
  • Continually upgrade and optimize hospital facilities, technology, and services. 
  • Explore disease prevention and containment strategies, gaining insight into public health challenges and management. 
  • Understanding of the importance of patient care, satisfaction, and recovery through challenging medical cases. 


#2: 'Old School'

Old School Trailer

Explore a vibrant 3D school environment both indoors and out. Filled with interactive props. Relive your school days with ‘old school’ graphics. Make yourself into a star student, attending classes, and gain the knowledge you need for graduation. With hundreds of other students, you’re in for hours of timeless fun! 

Progress through the game unlocking opportunities, attending classes, and gathering knowledge. Customizing your character with the chance to choose between preset options or creating a unique avatar. All on your way to becoming a teacher after graduation to impart everything you’ve gathered onto your own students.

What you’ll learn:

  • Navigation through different scenarios within the school environment developing adaptability and resilience. 
  • Encounter obstacles in-game which encourage critical thinking. 
  • Using additional controls to promote teamwork, cooperation, and competitive skills. 
  • Gaining insight into teaching and leadership, honing your ability to communicate knowledge effectively.


#1: 'House Flipper' 

House Flipper Official Trailer

The ultimate home renovation tycoon. Roll up your sleeves, and transform run-down neglected properties into stunning dream homes. Where you work to buy, renovate, decorate, and sell for profit as you build your renovation empire. 

Start by taking on a number of jobs where you get to go and clean houses for payment. Once establishing some cash and gaining reputation, you can start buying your own houses to sell. Transform roach-infested, trash filled homes into gorgeously decorated dream properties. With the goal of gaining as much money out of houses as possible by revealing their true potential. 

What You’ll Learn:

  • Learn the basics of home renovation - from repairing walls to installing appliances and redecorating rooms. 
  • Encourage your creativity in interior design, with the game helping you understand how to create aesthetically pleasing living spaces.
  • Gain a keen eye for detail, finding and fixing issues during renovations. Translating to real-world attention to detail. 
  • Understand marketing trends and buyer preferences to maximize profits when selling flipped houses. 

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