Top 10 Best Minecraft Adventure Modpacks That Are Amazing

Minecraft Best Adventure Modpacks
Get ready for some exciting adventures.

Have you ever felt that the quests in Minecraft are kind of dull? We all have. Build up your gear and go fight the Ender Dragon, that’s about it. Mojang has added a lot in the last few updates but those options are still pretty limited.

Some players like having multiple objectives that they can pursue as they please, and I’m one of those players.

These modpacks will upgrade the adventuring in your game and make adventuring a lot more fun!

10. Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons

A dungeon in RAD

If you’re a fan of roguelikes like me, then this is a great modpack. RAD puts a lot of emphasis on looting and exploring rather than crafting and building. These procedurally generated dungeons and dimensions will never get old since you’ll never go on the same adventure twice.

How this modpack makes things more fun:

World changes each adventure

A ton of new dimensions!

New mobs

You can find RAD here.

9. Dungeons, Dragons and Space Shuttles

The world of DDSS

Exploration and biome diversity is key with this modpack. Dungeons, Dragons and Space Shuttles is a perfect mix between fantasy and high tech. If you want to be a wizard travelling the universe, then this is the modpack for you.

How this modpack makes things more fun:

  • 1550 quests
  • Stargates
  • Plenty of new crafting

You can find this modpack here.

8. Project Ozone 3

The world of Project Ozone

This modpack is more for the people who are into crafting over exploration, but still enjoy exploring. This pack has the perfect balance of tech and magic. If you’re looking to gear up and explore new lands stylishly, then this is the modpack for you

How this modpack makes things fun:

  • Great mod progression
  • Fun tech
  • Random Act of Kindness currency

You can find this modpack here.

7. Forever Stranded

I feel like I've seen this somewhere before...

Imagine being stranded in the desert on an unknown world with nothing to your name except what lies in the debris of your ship. Survive in the hardcore barren wilds by exploring and finding resources so you don’t meet an untimely death.

How this modpack makes things fun:

  • Hardcore
  • Brutal landscape
  • Adventure with some story

You can find this modpack here.

6. Mystical Village 2

The GUI of Mystic Village 2

Mystical Village 2 is all about fantasy. This modpack is all about taming magical animals, learning magic, and much more! This modpack is How to Train Your Dragon in Minecraft.

How this modpack makes things fun:

  • Taming dragons
  • Magic
  • Great PvE

You can find this modpack here.

5. Craft of the Titans

Have you ever fought a bear?

Craft of the Titans is the perfect modpack if you love interesting PvE. All of these enemies are strong but killing them will prepare you for the Titans. Your goal is to pioneer these lands and kill anything that stands in your way.

How this pack makes things fun:

  • A ton of new mobs
  • New lands to explore
  • Tons of bosses

You can find this pack here.

4. Questing Mayhem

A base in Questing Mayhem

Questing Mayhem is a great modpack for new players. The quests range from super easy to really hard giving you enough time to learn the mechanics. This is great for questers everywhere.

How this modpack makes things awesome:

  • Tons of quests
  • Low difficulty
  • Something for everyone

You can find this modpack here.

3. FoolCraft 3

One of the many mods in FoolCraft 3

This mod pack is aimed at letting you have as much fun as possible without burning up your PC. There are a large variety of mods that are perfect to just play with and explore. This is a great pack to jump in and out of.

How this modpack makes things fun:

  • Tons of mods
  • Not too intense
  • Meant for casual play

You can find this pack here.

2. SpaceCraft

A bunch of the space ships in Space Craft

This modpack is about exploring the galaxy. Build ships and travel planet to planet looking for new resources. This is perfect if you don’t want to buy No Man’s Sky.

How this modpack makes things fun:

  • Lots of exploration
  • Tons of new crafting
  • Spaceships!

You can find this modpack here.

1. Invasion

Some PvP in Invasion

Invasion is geared towards survival. No more resources exist and you must explore to find airdrops in this barren wasteland. Watch out though, other survivors might get to those crucial resources first.

How this modpack makes things fun:

  • Cool plot
  • Fun PvE
  • Resource management

You can find this pack here.

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