Top 15 Free RPG Games To Play Right Now

Free RPG Games
Enjoy cool characters and fun games for free!

RPGs are pretty great. Whether it’s some sort of grand adventure you’re looking for, or the ability to upgrade yourself (in-game of course), RPGs tend to have something for pretty much everyone.

While there are plenty of amazing RPGs out there, these ones you can try right now, cause they’re free!

15. Realm Grinder

Realm Grinder Gameplay

If you’re in the mood for something that you don’t need to focus too much on, then Realm Grinder may be what you’re looking for. This game is a fairly relaxed game where you build up your base and customize it to your desires.

What Makes Realm Grinder Awesome 

  • There are plenty of options for customizing your base, which means you build your base the way you want it.
  • As an idle/clicker game, this allows you a chance to step away from the game as it gathers some resources, and lets you be involved directly with others.
  • Your alignment affects both gameplay and the visual look of the area, so choose carefully.

Build up your base

Plenty of buildings to choose

14. TERA

TERA Gameplay

If you’re looking for something action-packed , then you’ll want to try TERA. This MMO will send you on quests to fight big monsters and save the land. 

What Makes TERA Awesome 

  • The character customization allows you to create interesting characters for you to explore the world with.
  • With a fairly fluid combat system, you’ll be enjoying the fight.
  • Larger than life enemies give you the feeling of an epic hero.

Fight against large monsters

Design the character you’d want to play as


13.Sin Slayers: The First Sin

Sin Slayers: The First Sin Gameplay

Here’s a demo for a game with some promise. You enjoy struggling through randomly generated areas, avoiding traps, and fighting monsters? Then Sin Slayer: The First Sin may be worth checking out!

What Makes Sin Slayers: The First Sin Awesome 

  • The turned based combat is straightforward while still allowing for plenty of interesting moves and actions, keeping combat fun.
  • The randomly generated map allows for plenty of exploration and fresh experiences as you play.
  • Select who goes with you in your team, allowing for plenty of strategic decisions and the ability to find the group that works for you.

Engage in turn-based combat

Upgrade your party’s skills


12. Eternal Senia

Eternal Senia Gameplay

Maybe you’re in the mood for something cute. In that case, try Eternal Senia. This game has a pleasant (though sometimes sad) atmosphere while you go about your adventure.

What Makes Eternal Senia Awesome 

  • The cute art style and story make the game endearing. 
  • Plenty of monsters and enemies to hack and slash through.
  • Learn new skills as you progress to overcome the challenges before you.

Facedown  bosses

Go through the world fighting monsters


11. Defiance (2013)

Defiance (2013) Gameplay

Maybe you’re more for sci-fi , so here’s one RPG for ya. Defiance (2013) lets you fight and explore a futuristic but fairly decimated Earth in this third-person  shooter.

What Makes Defiance (2013) Awesome

  • The third-person  shooter aspect keeps the combat lively and action-filled .
  • Defiance’s open-world  offers plenty of opportunities to explore.
  • The game’s graphics have aged decently enough, so you can still see what’s going on. 

Continue on your mission no matter the threat

Explore a vast world on a nice set of wheels


10. Neverwinter

Neverwinter Gameplay

If you enjoy D&D, then you’ll probably enjoy Neverwinter. This game sends you on a fantastical journey where you’ll encounter many quests and enemies to defeat.

What Makes Neverwinter Awesome

  • An MMO based on D&D makes for a fun and unique world.
  • Character customization is fairly in-depth  and what class you choose alters your style of play.
  • With the fast-paced combat, you’ll be plowing through baddies left and right.

Encounter dangerous foes

Pick the class that suits you best


9. Trick and Treat

Trick and Treat Gameplay

A Halloween  centered little RPG that has you exploring a haunted mansion. Hopefully, you can solve the puzzles or else you may find yourself stuck within those walls.

What Makes Trick and Treat Awesome

  • As the name suggests, the game leans into the Halloween spirit thanks to its Halloween aesthetic.
  • There’s plenty of spooks to find as you explore this creepy mansion.
  • The puzzles keep you exploring and engaged as you try to find a way forward.

Enjoy some spooks

I mean… it is a Halloween game.


8. Shakes and Fidget

Shakes and Fidget Gameplay

Enter into a goofy fantasy MMO, where you’ll meet silly characters and have the chance to battle your friends in PVP. Stop on by and give it a try, it’s fun, funny, and free!

What makes Shakes and Fidget Awesome:

  • With its quirky art style and charming humor, you’ll fall in love with this world simply for that!
  • Shakes and Fidget’s simplistic point and click gameplay allows for a fun, casual experience that fits the tone.
  • Going on quests and obtain loot is standard for MMOs, but this game infuses both those things with jokes that will make ya chuckle.

Purchase goods to upgrade your character

Get quests at the tavern


7. Epic Battle Fantasy 3

Travel the land on a silly adventure. This turn-based  RPG will have you traveling with fun allies and gathering equipment, and bring you some laughs along the way.

What Makes Epic Battle Fantasy 3 Awesome

  • The games cartoony style gives it a fun look.
  • The game has a sense of humor, so you’ll be smiling as you play.
  • You get to fight plenty of ridiculous enemies in turn-based combat.


Have fun talking with the silly side characters

Enjoy the wacky combat scenarios

6. Realm of the Mad God

Realm of the Mad God Gameplay

This is a fast-paced  game that requires you to be on your toes. You and your friends can go fight plenty of monsters together, but be careful, as this game won’t be kind towards death.

What Makes Realm of the Mad God Awesome

  • Characters who die will stay dead, meaning you’ll have to be skilled if you want your character to survive.
  • Simple art style keeps things straightforward while also pleasant looking.
  • The combat is fast-paced  and simple, so you’ll have a blast (with all the magic flying around, maybe even literally!)

Charge into battle

Play with friends or random strangers. Thus is the nature of MMOs.


5. Closers

Closers Gameplay

If you’re looking for something a bit different in its approach, try Closers. With multiple characters to play as in this game’s fairly different combat system to most RPGs, you’ll be coming back for more.

What Makes Closers Awesome

  • The combat, while still very linear, allows you to move around in the space, so you can attack your  enemy at different angles.
  • Also, the combat is spectacular visually as you go about doing over the top moves and attacks.
  • Each character packs both a different combat style and personality, so you have options on how you want to play.

Play as different characters

Engage in exciting combat




Here’s a game that has playing with friends in mind. MINDNIGHT has you investigating your friends while simultaneously having to trust them in order to do your job. 

What Makes MINDNIGHT Awesome

  • The mystery of solving who is who, agent or hacker, will keep things tense and engaging for you and your friends.
  • The pixelated art style does a good job reinforcing the cyberpunk-ish feel the game invokes.
  • The text chat system is incorporated into speech bubbles, so the conversation feels grounded in the game.

Infiltrate your friends’ mission

Figure out who the hackers are before they succeed


3. Backbone: Prologue

Backbone: Prologue Gameplay

As a Demo for an upcoming game, Backbone does a good job showcasing what it’s all about. Explore this animalistic town and investigate what’s going on.

What Makes Backbone: Prologue Awesome

  • First of all, the game’s pixel art is incredible, with plenty of detail and charm to boot.
  • With plenty of dialogue with characters, and hunting for clues, this demo has you playing the detective role well.
  • The world is full of anthropomorphized animals, giving this detective game an interesting style and approach to character design.

Incredible pixel art makes this game even better

Explore the city


2. Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter Gameplay

It’s a different approach to the wasteland, as this time, you’ll be the one building a vault! Do your best, as the people on the inside are counting on you to make things work.

What Makes Fallout Shelter Awesome

  • Building your shelter is a fun challenge as you have to manage everything from resources to defense in order to survive. 
  • Maintain the vaults community of citizens by giving them jobs, as well as allowing relationships to form between them.
  • The game keeps track of your citizen’s happiness, which gives you a solid indicator on how you’re doing.

Design your Vault how you think it should be run

Keep an eye on the people you send out into the wasteland


1. Old School RuneScape

Old School Runescape Gameplay

In the mood for some nostalgia? Then play Old School RuneScape! Explore this old but good game whether you’re a veteran  from the original days of Runescape, or if you’re only just hearing about it now.

What Makes Fallout Shelter Awesome

  • Get another chance to play a fun old game that so many people love.
  • The world of Runescape is quite large, so have fun exploring!
  • There’s plenty of loot and upgrades to acquire and quests to fulfill, so you’ll probably won’t run out of things to do anytime soon!

Take down mighty creatures

Have fun enjoying this classic

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