[Top 10] Elden Ring Best Occult Weapons (And How To Get Them)

[Top 10] Elden Ring Best Occult Weapons (And How To Get Them)
Arcane is one of the most fun builds

Elden Ring doesn’t just have an amazing library of weapons, it also possesses many other options for customizability as well. This is in the form of Infusions which let you infuse your weapons with various elements while giving them a unique Ash of War making every weapon feel distinct upon every use.

Occult is an infusion that relies heavily on the Arcane stat and it shows, as it’s the go-to stat for when you want to rely heavily on status effects. It’s amazing and can be really good at proc-ing an intense amount of status effects upon your enemy with just sheer magnitude alone. The following list considers all the weapons that utilize Occult infusion the best.


10. Spiked Club

Beauty in simplicity

Spiked Club is a really interesting choice for Occult infusions. So we went over what Occult infusions do best, and for it, you generally want something that can benefit a lot with its scaling. And this is where the Spiked Club does wonders. Having 50 Blood loss build-up is very good, and it has quite a decent scaling too. 

The biggest benefit, however, is the fact that it’s perfect for any low-level build, meaning you can benefit from minimum STR/DEX investment while gaining a lot of points in ARC. At +25 it gains an A Arcane Scaling which is something you should be aiming for with Occult weapons at all times. It’s quite easy to use, and very flexible, check it out if you’re planning on running an Occult build.

Spiked Club Stats:

  • STR - 12 (D)
  • DEX - 7 (D)

What Spiked Club excels in: 

  • Very low stat requirements
  • Decent bleed build-up
  • Respectable damage

How to get Spiked Club:


9. Broadsword

One of the best early-game weapons

A lot of these weapons in this list are quite simple, especially when compared to the bombastic spectacles of the other rarer weapons in Elden Ring. What makes Broadsword such an excellent entry into the Best Occult Weapons in Elden Ring list, is the very low STR/DEX investment you can pull off. With Occult weapons, you generally always want to keep STR/DEX as low as possible, while aiming for maximum ARC.

Broadsword is incredibly versatile and can be used very easily in any build. It’s a great weapon that capitalizes perfectly on the vast build potential present in Elden Ring. If you’re someone who enjoys creating builds and wants to work with a simpler easier weapon, you literally cannot go wrong with the Broadsword.

Broadsword Stats:

  • STR - 10 (D)
  • DEX - 10 (E)

What Broadsword excels in: 

  • Insanely low stat requirements
  • Can work with anything
  • Perfect for Occult Builds

How to get Broadsword:


8. Hoslow’s Petal Whip

A tragic quest

Whips are immensely underrated. They are one of the weapon types that most people ignore and I can understand why, they are very harsh to properly utilize in PvE because most enemies won’t generally care. But their true potential shows up in PvP when you go against other people. An Occult-infused Hoslow’s Petal Whip is absolutely devastating. You’re already dealing 55 points of Bleed damage with this weapon, but with Occult infusion, this will be going absolutely crazy soon.

Whips are a weapon that requires tactical precision so they aren’t something any new player can pick up and master within a second. I recommend practicing them out because trust me, they are very useful. Let’s say someone is smashing that dodge weapon. You know the weapon that is their bane? Whips, that’s what. Also, whips don’t care about blocks so there’s always that too.

Hoslow’s Petal Whip Stats:

  • STR - 10 (D)
  • DEX - 20 (D)

What Hoslow’s Petal Whip excels in: 

  • Great choice for bleed
  • Excellent at punishing enemy players
  • Whips are great at overcoming tanking

How to get Hoslow’s Petal Whip:

7. Ripple Blade

Occult weapons kneel!

Ripple Blade is yet another weapon on Elden Ring’s list of bizarre-looking weapons. It’s a weapon that you can buy from Pidia in Caria Manor. If you haven’t noticed, it’s the weapon those alien-dead Albinaurics use throughout the game. Now you can join them in idle respect. Ripple Blade is a weapon that benefits immensely from Occult infusion. In fact, I’ll be going as far as to say that Occult is THE best infusion for a Ripple Blade.

Ripple Blade is a weapon that deals the highest AR when it comes to Occult weapons, but with Occult weapons, you should be more focused on proc-ing Bleed or the other status effects rather than actually dealing damage. I recommend using one of those many Grease’s you have in your inventory and then bonking heads with it. It is absolutely crazy to use in actual battle.

Ripple Blade Stats:

  • STR - 11 
  • DEX - 11
  • ARC - 20 (A)

What Ripple Blade excels in: 

  • One of the highest ARs for Occult Weapons
  • Amazing at punishing enemies
  • Great with Wild Strikes Ash of War

How to get Ripple Blade: 


6. Bastard Sword

For all the Jon Snow’s out there

Bastard Sword is a pretty iconic weapon in Elden ring and for good reason, it's a glorious weapon that has been celebrated for ages now. Being a greatsword, you’re obviously slowed down by its massive size, but don’t let that encourage you. The Bastard Sword is a perfect example of a weapon massively benefitting from Occult infusement despite its slow speed. 

It’s a weapon that gets better the more you get used to its unique moveset. Power stance this with another greatsword. Pop in a nice little Occult infusion and you’ve got a devastating weapon in your hands. See the trick with Occult infusions is huge stamina and that’s where the Bastard Sword comes in clutch.

Bastard Sword Stats:

  • STR - 16 (D)
  • DEX - 10 (D)

What Bastard Sword excels in: 

  • Great and solid for most builds
  • Perfect for new characters
  • Good and decent scaling in Occult

How to get Bastard Sword:


5. Noble’s Slender Sword

An unfortunate but true sentiment

I love this weapon for how cool it looks visually, but god is it an absolute pain to grind. However, it’s a good investment if you can get it early on. In terms of Longswords, it has one of the highest ranges of those weapons, making it very good to catch other players off guard. It also has a nice possibility of leaning into Keen scaling making it very good. 

What’s important about this weapon is that it scales more off of Dexterity than Strength unlike most Longswords out there. This is why I mentioned Keen scaling because, with that, you can lean even more into the Dexterity scaling. This weapon’s true potential, however, shines with powerstancing it with another Longsword. If you’re going to use one, I highly recommend that you get another Longsword and start powerstancing. 

Noble’s Slender Sword Stats:

  • STR - 8 (E)
  • DEX - 11 (D)

What Noble’s Slender Sword excels in: 

  • Good DEX scaling
  • Good Occult scaling
  • Higher range than most weapons

How to get Noble’s Slender Sword: 


4. Claymore

Become Miyazaki’s favorite weapon

Everybody knows about THE Greatsword - aka the Berserk weapon. But did you know there’s anothjer popular manga that FromSoftware takes inspiration from called Claymore? This weapon is fantastic in every situation and it might have my favorite speed of all Greatswords. It’s INCREDIBLY versatile and able to fit most builds.

The Claymore is a devastating weapon capable of dishing out of a lot of damage to unsuspecting enemies. There’s a lot of potential with Occult scaling that you want to take advantage of this weapon. If you choose to do, remember to power up the bass cannon before slamming your enemies into the ground.

Claymore Stats:

  • STR - 16  (D)
  • DEX  - 13 (D)

What Claymore excels in: 

  • Amazing damage
  • Great for early level
  • Iconic design

How to get Claymore: 


3. Sacrificial Axe

Restore FP per kill

Sacrificial Axe is an Axe weapon that I would recommend to anyone. It’s a great weapon that you can fit into any build, especially with an Occult infusion. Give it a whirl and you’ll be throwing your enemies into panic. The biggest draw is, of course, for casters who benefit from its regeneration of FP but Ash of War reliant folks can also benefit greatly. 

That is because this weapon restores FP every time you slay a foe. While the number seems low at first, stack it with a few talismans and you never need to worry about FP again. As a caster, one of your biggest concerns is FP after all, which you can only increase by leveling up Mind. However, with this, you can simply spam your Incantations or Sorceries away because you know you’ll be getting returns eventually. While dual-wielding this weapon doesn’t stack the benefits, it’s still a very good weapon with respectable AR, and I can’t stop recommending it enough to anyone looking to play magic in this game.

Item Stats:

  • STR - 16 (D)
  • DEX - 10 (D)

What Sacrificial Axe excels in: 

  • Restores FP per kill
  • Stacks with Ancestral Spirit’s Horn and Sword of Milos. 
  • Pretty good at clearing out hordes of enemies

How to get Sacrificial Axe: 


2. Scavenger’s Curved Sword

One of the best Occult weapons

Something that you will immediately notice upon this ranking is that a lot of the weapons used for Powerstancing are the same weapons. This is because while Powerstancing does offer a plethora of creativity, sometimes the best option is the same tool all over again. After all, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Scavenger’s Curved Swords are weapons that take full advantage of the Bleed effect (arguably one of the strongest status effects in the game).

The beauty of this weapon is that you don’t need to play the Rip n Tear Doom music, this weapon plays it for you, as you start shredding boss health bars. Take a useful Ash of War like Seppuko and start blasting. With its unique moveset and devastating DPR, you’ll be putting the poor boss into a grinder of pain and suffering, all the while you sit back and enjoy. 

Scavengers Curved Sword Stats:

  • STR - 9 (D)
  • DEX - 14 (D)

What Scavengers Curved Sword excels in: 

  • Better than Uchigatana when proccing Bleed
  • Have an obscenely high DPR with the right setup
  • Have a unique look that makes it look threatening and cool

How to get Scavenger’s Curved Sword:


1. Uchigatana

An old classic

If you expected anything else, well I don’t know what to say. It’s very clear how much of an advantage Katanas have over other Dex weapons, and they are the closest to being Bleed killers. Uchigatana with Occult scaling with a proper Ash of War like Seppuko and you’re about to destroy everything within your path. It is crazy how overpowered this weapon is.

Uchigatana pairs excellently with any other Katana too, making it immensely versatile. It has relatively low stat requirements too meaning anyone can pick it up and insert it into their Occult build. It has a disgustingly beautiful combo with a lot of Occult weapons when powerstancing making it an excellent powerhouse and well deserving of the title of the best occult weapon in Elden Ring.

Uchigatana Stats:

  • STR - 11 (D)
  • DEX - 15 (D)

What Uchigatana excels in: 

  • Great and flexible Katana
  • Amazing synergy with Occult infusion
  • Great bleed

How to get Uchigatana:

These are the 10 best Occult weapons. Have fun with them!

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