Stardew Valley Best Fishing Spots (Top 5)

Stardew Valley Best Fishing Spots
Stardew Valley Best Fishing Spots

Not All Fishing Spots Are Equal in Stardew Valley....

Stardew Valley has something for everyone, but fishing is perhaps the most challenging part of the game. If you are looking to take your fishing to the next level or just need a bit of help, you’re in the right place. The five fishing spots listed here will land you gold star fish almost every time.

5. The Boulder near the Western Pier

Cast toward the rock, as far as you can.

Just off the western pier, a lonely boulder rises from the ocean. Cast your line just beneath this stone for gold star fish galore. Summer is the best season to fish here, when you’ll find pufferfish, super cucumbers, tuna, and red mullets. This area also boasts eel on spring nights. Although there are plenty of profitable fish, it takes an hour or two to walk here from your farm which complicates fishing at night. Fishing in the ocean can pull a lot of trash, too, but a lot of it can be recycled into useful items.

4. South of Jodi’s House

Petals fall and fish bite as this savvy fisher throws his line.

Head a few steps south of Jodi’s blue house for our next gold star fishing spot. You’ll find river fish here in all seasons, but this spot really heats up in spring. On rainy spring days, you can catch gold star catfish all day long. The starting price for these is 300 gold each, so you can turn a tidy profit in no time.

3. Far Eastern Pier

Whether you're looking for Sea Cucumbers or Crimsonfish, check out this spot.

East of Elliot’s cabin is a broken bridge that can be repaired for 300 wood. If you’ve already repaired this bridge, cross it to the east side of the beach and head down the pier for another excellent fishing spot. It comes with the same downsides as all ocean fishing spots—more trash, and it is far from your farm. However, it’s a great spot to fish for eel on spring nights. The best season to fish here is summer though, when you’ll run across pufferfish, super cucumbers, tuna, red mullets, and the legendary crimsonfish.

2. Mountain Lake

A player risks collapsing to reel in just one more fish from the mountain lake.

Between Robin’s house and the mines, you’ll find a beautiful mountain lake with plenty of opportunity for fishing. Keep an eye out for Sturgeon during summer and winter, and watch for walleye during rainy fall afternoons. Although tons of valuable fish can be caught here, the lake is overrun with junk fish, too. Cheap carp abound during all seasons except winter, which makes winter the best time to fish here. It is worth visiting in spring, too, to catch the legendary fish, Legend, while fishing is slow in other places.

That brings us to the best fishing spot in Stardew Valley...

1. The River South of Leah’s Cottage

Looks like this player isn't the only one that discovered this fantastic fishing spot.

The best fishing spot in Stardew Valley is not much further than your own backyard. Just south of Leah’s cottage, cast your line into the river for some of the best fish of the game. In summer, you can snag dorado and pike. In fall, look for tiger trout and salmon, and during spring rains you can catch valuable gold star catfish any time of the day or night. This fishing spot is close, so you don’t have to waste precious time traveling, and it is profitable all year round.

Whether you’re after the elusive crimsonfish or looking to rake in some catfish, casting into deeper water (dark spots) and toward bubbles will help. A better rod will land you better fish. Remember to pick up bait and tackle, too. Best of luck, and happy fishing!

Have you played Stardew Valley? If so, what is your favorite place to fish? Let us know in the comments below!

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