Top 10 Best Stardew Valley Farm Layouts

Best Stardew Valley Farm Layouts
One of the most important and pleasing aspects of the entire game.

Sometimes it can be extremely hard starting a new farm, looking at an empty canvas, and having absolutely no idea what to do with it.

I’m guilty and I can bet if you’re here you are too. Here, I hope to show you some fun yet organized ways to get a functioning and cute farm up and running in no time.

10. Andrea - Lonely Tree Farm

A beautiful yet simple layout that really captures the main farming aspect of the game.

What is awesome about this farm?

This farm is simple and sweet. The clarity makes it easy to maintain as well as get around.. The open concept doesn’t make things feel too crowded but there is obviously enough space to work your little farmer heart to his or her content.

Again, the simplicity of this farm makes it inviting. Personally, I can get carried away with placing so many things my farmer can’t breathe, and its nice to see a creator with a change of pace and style.

There’s so much room for activities! I absolutely adore the fact that even though this layout can come off as a bit bare, there’s still so much to do. There are tons of crops planted, two orchards at the bottom, as well as plenty of room for the animals too roam. Always having room for improvement is a good way to keep gameplay interesting.

She filled in the spaces, which overall completed this layout. I come across tons  of layouts that have no paths created, and I must say even I am guilty of doing so. However, Andrea nailed it with the stone path that seems too connect the entire farm together and I am living for it.

Farm Layout Guide

If you want to take a shot at this layout,  click here.

Farm Layout Rating 5/10

9. JeanLuc - Sancerre Farm

It's a little messy, but this layout was entirely too cute and thought out for me to pass up.

What is awesome about this farm?

I just want to say, snaps for this layout. I want to say it's crowded, but at the same time, it actually isn't and it almost annoys me how much I love it.. JeanLuc managed to incorporate a messy vibe at the same time as projecting a ton of functionality well.

You can tell the planning on this farm was thought out. The creator placed everything separately, which makes it extremely easy to know which areas are for farming, gathering, and taking care of all of their animals.

Does anyone else get gypsy fairy vibes from this? I do, and I love it. The use of all of the greenery was an amazing choice to liven up what otherwise could have been a very dull farm.

I love that he added crab pots to his own farm in the bottom lake. I never put crab pots on my farm, and in fact the idea never crossed my mind. Adding any other way to make a profit will always catch my attention.

Farm Layout Guide

To recreate this layout, click here.

Farm Layout Rating 5/10

8. JonSnow - Winterfell Farm

Is it wierd that I love the name of this farm just as much as the actual layout? Maybe a little.

What’s awesome about this farm?

This farm has a lot of just that; farming. In Stardew Valley there are multiple ways to make money but the main way is obviously farming. If you’re looking for a layout that is strictly about farming, I’d definitely go for a layout similar  to this.

Personally, I love a layout that focuses on the main farming aspect of the game. Depending on your play style, if you love farming, this farm is all about it and organized well to do so.

I love how this creator souped up grandpa’s shrine. In Stardew, your grandfather gifts you his farm after passing away and the main gist of the game is to get as many milestones done as you can before his return on year 3 so that he can rate your farm and work.. The fact that this creator made the shrine more noticable and memorable was a sweet touch.

The silos aligned against the bottom left hill is amazing. I always have issues on randomly placing my silos throughout my farm and had no idea they lined up in that position perfectly. Mind = Blown.

Farm Layout Guide

To recreate this layout, click here for a closer look.

Farm Layout Rating 5/10

7. Kimi - Luna Farm

I couldnt pass up the symmetry aspect of this farm. Almost makes me want to pass out.

What is awesome about this farm?

The sectional design of this farm made it stand out to me. There's plenty of farming, gathering, and ways to get artisan goods going in this layout and it all seems to mesh well. There’s plenty to do and plenty of room to do it.

One thing I like is the amount of non orchard trees. This may come off as strange but it serves a purpose so hear me out.. Many people, including myself, can struggle finding wood sources later in the game. The fact that this creator made sure to plant trees specifically for wood gathering is impressive.

I absolutely love the fence cornering done on the plots made for farming. I think that was such a neat way to accentuate where to farm. Kimi really brought out some interesting details for my next layout.

The idea of putting grazing grass for animals in their pen never crossed my mind but it definitely crossed Kimi’s. The animals can actually graze, and it adds such a nice realistic touch to the entire farm as well as can help with feeding them as hay can get expensive if you aren't prepared.

Farm Layout Guide

If you want to recreate this farm, here is  Kimi’s layout.

Farm Layout Rating 6/10

6. Isaac - Cogfield Farm

Here we have a very carefully thought out design that was perfect for this list.

What is awesome about this farm?

Isaacs farm is interesting. There’s a lot going on and a lot you can miss if you aren’t paying attention.. Isaac made use of all of the space given to him, but didn’t over do it which is impressive.

The perfect grass square around the bottom lake made my heart happy. I think we can all respect a little symmetry right? In this case, Isaac nailed it.

Again, I’m impressed with how this creator shaped things, particularly the beehive area in the bottom left. It can be easy to lazily place the beehives around your farm but in this case, Isaac went all out and made it an area that pops.

The tree lined walkway is a definite addition to my next farm. It brought the entire farm together and made it feel really well rounded. Plus, think of your  farmer taking a late night stroll through all of those trees, so cute.

Farm Layout Guide

If you’d like to recreate this look, click here.

Farm Layout Rating 7/10

5. Trudi - Reyes Farm

The winding river in this picutre is what initially caught my eye.

What is awesome about this farm?

This farm almost made me gasp out loud as I was sitting at my desk.. I love the winding river through the center of this map and I especially love the way this creator chose to make that aspect of the farm really stand out.. Not only that, but this creator managed to still have plenty of room for farming and other money making tools despite all of the distractions.

I love the usage of the hill for storage sheds. I usually plant crops up there, and to see a different usage of the hill is refreshing. It’s nice to see it serve an entirely new purpose.

The trees lining the river is what initially made me fall in love with this layout. How could you not appreciate the curve in those trees? That really makes me want to make better decisions about where I place my trees in the future.

Again, this farm really made a good usage of space with their beehives. The beehives in game can be a really great source of income if you have enough, and Trudi not only made sure she had enough but she also made an interesting area for them on her farm. Consider me once again, impressed.

Farm Layout Guide

If you’d like to recreate Trudi’s farm, click here

Farm Layout Rating 7/10

4. Luke - Basking Ridge Farm

Again, winding river. However the realism is what sold me.

What’s awesome about this farm?

Again, I just love this layout for the simple fact of the river running through the farm. Other than that, this layout interest me for the organization this creator involved with everything from crops to the space for their animals.. The bottom half of the layout caught my eye simply because Luke made it feel like more of a forest, which was a nice added touch.

The forest area at the bottom of this layout is adorable. There’s plenty of grass growing for harvest of hay. The well was also a nicely placed and adds an aspect of realism that I forget to add 99% of the time.

I love the flower crops next to the house. It almost makes me feel like there's a little  flower bed your little farmer can go enjoy themselves in the early hours of the morning.

Attaching the horse stall to the main house is genius. It makes the horse stall look like it’s part of the house and saves room. I’ll also be incorporating this in my next farm

Farm Layout Guide

To recreate this layout, click here.

Farm Layout Rating 7/10

3. Beatoriche - Pico Agudo Farm

Maybe its the dark vibe im getting, but I almost couldn't look away from this one. Almost..

What’s awesome about this farm?

The organization of this farm is mindblowing.. Everything was so carefully planned that this layout is easily one of my favorites. From the crops, to the orchard, and even the barn placement I was wildly impressed by how well Beatoriche did with this layout.

The three big crop layouts are impressive. They are all the same size, same shape, and same basic layout. It makes it super easy to maneuver the crops as well as see them all in one place.

I love how everything in this farm has its own designated section. The crops are all together, the orchards all together, and the animals are all together. Everything about this layout is so well placed and put together and I’m extremely jealous because my farm is nothing like this.

The stone path all throughout the farm really tied everything together and brought out all of the colors in the farm. The stone path cutting through the farm gave it this pristine finished look that would have otherwise not been accomplished. Claps for you Beatoriche.

Farm Layout Guide

If you’d like a closer look at this farm, click here.

Farm Layout Rating 7/10

2. TetePpani - Kingdom Farm

The arrow in the middle! Need I say more?

What is awesome about this farm?

This farm is beyond impressive. The creator put in so much detail, all the way down to drawing patterns out of plants, that there was no way I couldn’t include this layout in my list. A lot of the farm space was used for farming, which is admirable, but there's also so much else going on and it’s nice to see they didn’t leave anything out.

The amount of space used for farming in this layout is great. If your playstyle in this game is mainly farming, I entirely recommend this layout. There’s a lot of space used for farming but it’s so well organized that it’s easy for you to keep up with everything.

The arrow in the middle is a nice addition. If you’re into the aesthetic and look of your farm, this layout is also incredible for that. Who knew drawing pictures out of plants could be so satisfying? Probably everyone but me.

I love the checkered pattern of the flooring. Again, aesthetically this farm is a ten out of ten. I never thought that a checkered floor pattern would give me the feelings that the ones in this layout do. Needless to say, I’m shook.

Farm Layout Guide

If you like this layout and would like to recreate it, click here.

Farm Layout Rating 9/10

1. Canaria - Hayleen Farm

Everything about this farm is pleasing. Everything.

What’s awesome about this farm?

This farm is everything that my farm is not. The patterns drawn into the farm are absolutely amazing. Each area of this farm is well planned out, has its own purpose, and makes great use of the space it takes up. Canaria did an amazing job of adding everything you need as well as making this a gorgeous layout.

Everything is so well sectioned and I love it. There is a huge area for farming that is well placed and entirely symmetrical. Besides that, the areas for animals and storage also have their own little flares that tie the entire farm together beautifully.

The beehive space at the top is gorgeous. I love how this creator shaped it into a heart and made it just big enough to be noticable and profitable. So aesthetically pleasing am I right?

The use of the grey stone walkway shocked me. It gives the look that there is an runoff irrigation system running throughout the farm. That tiny realistic aspect of this layout is what entirely sold me. Amazing job done by this creator.

Farm Layout Guide

If you’d like to recreate this layout, click here.

Farm Layout Rating 10/10

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