[Top 5] Stardew Valley Best Honey (Ranked)

Best honey in Stardew Valley
Get on the money train by cashing in on honey

Behold, honey, a sweet income stream on Stardew Valley that won’t keep you too busy to explore the town. All you need to get started pulling in that money is a bee house and a single flower. Or many bee houses and many flowers. Or many bee houses and one flower (best option if you’re looking for a lot of honey with a little effort).

A bee house will set you back 40 wood, 8 coal, one iron bar, and one jar of maple syrup. Each bee house will produce a jar of honey every 4 days, but if you’re not placing the right flowers nearby, you’re definitely leaving money bee-hind.

A bee house can use any (the closest) flower within 5 tiles to make honey, and the honey type is set when collected, not when it spawns, so don’t accidentally pick those flowers bee-fore you collect your honey!

Honey isn’t edible, but it is an almost universally liked gift (hated by Maru and Sebastian), used in crafting farm totems, and it can be turned into mead. The mead doesn’t change price based on the honey used though, so reserve your basic honeys for mead making, and sell your good stuff. 

The working radius of a beehouse
The beehouse working radius is large, those bees work hard for their honey

5. Blue Jazz Honey

Bee house surrounded by blue jazz flowers
Blue jazz honey is music to my tastebuds

  • Season- spring
  • Seed price- 30g
  • Flower cultivation time- 7 days
  • Base sell price 200g
  • Artisan sell price 280g

4. Sunflower Honey

Fields of sunflowers and houses full of bees
Sunflowers stick around for two seasons, so bees can keep making honey. Your prospects are looking bright

  • Season- summer or fall
  • Seed price- 200g
  • Flower cultivation time 8 days
  • Flowers stay through summer into fall
  • Base sell price- 260g
  • Artisan sell price- 364g

3. Summer Spangle Honey

Summer spangles in a variety of colors surround the busy bee houses
Summer is sweet with a variety of flowers, and a wealth of honey making opportunities.

  • Season- summer
  • Seed price- 50g
  • Flower cultivation time- 8 days
  • Base sell price – 280g
  • Artisan sell price 392g

2. Poppy Honey

Poppies in red, orange, and white surround bee houses
Poppies... POPPIES...

  • Season- summer
  • Seed price 100g
  • Flower cultivation time – 7 days
  • Base sell price- 380g
  • Artisan sell price- 532g

1. Fairy Rose Honey

Fairy roses in blue, purple, pink, and lilac surround bee houses with honey
Rows of fairy roses create a magical treat

  • Season- fall
  • Seed price- 200g
  • Flower cultivation time- 12 days
  • Base sell price- 680g
  • Artisan sell price- 952g


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