[Top 10] FF16 Best Abilities to Master Early

Prime Time.

When on your first playthrough, you must be pretty confused as to how the skill tree actually works and what abilities should you prioritize upgrading first. Plus, you may not get other Eikon abilities unless or until you have progressed a significant portion of the game.

Fret not; I’ve got you covered. Eikon Abilities are important, that’s for sure, but some essential combat abilities are necessary as well which will help you execute some stellar combos as well as deliver massive stagger damage towards enemies.

Without further ado, let’s get started on the best abilities that you can master early on in your first playthrough of the game!


1. Precision Dodge

Precision Dodge.

First up, master the “Precision Dodge” ability when you start the game, no matter what. This tool will be your best friend throughout your playthrough and will give you some necessary suave and style during your combat showcase.

All you gotta do is Press “R1” on your DualSense within the right timing, and you’ll be able to execute the Precision Dodge. If you equip the “Ring of Timely Evasion,” it gives you the prompt to dodge while stopping time for a very limited moment.

Once you master this, you’ll be doing some good old trickster dodging in no time.

Precision Dodge details: Perform a dodge at a precise moment using R1 during an enemy attack. If executed properly, the enemy will be temporarily slowed, enabling you to counter using the Square or Triangle button.


2. Swift Recovery

Swift Recovery.

Next up, you have the “Swift Recovery” ability that you need to master, which is basically mastering the ability to recover your footing if you get hit or struck down by an enemy.

Once you master this, the window to get back up and continue fighting increases! Not the flashiest of all abilities, but definitely the most practical. Just press “R1” on your DualSense button immediately after you fall down, and you’ll recover in no time.

Swift Recovery details: Recovers quickly after being knocked down by an attack.


3. Downthrust

Clive, Cid, and Torgal

Downthrust is up next on the list, and this one is a must-upgrade if you want to improve your aerial combat prowess.

What you have to do mostly in this part is Press the Square and the X Button simultaneously when you’re in mid-air with the enemy, and it delivers a massive explosion when swinging the sword downwards while imbuing Clive’s sword with fire, creating an area of impact.

Downthrust details: Unleashes an attack downward while descending.


4. Charged Magic

Clive fighting enemies.

Charged Magic is next on the list, and this is a mandatory update that you need to do as soon as you gather enough AP Points to be able to afford this upgrade.

To perform this, you need to hold the Triangle Button on your DualSense Controller and release it once the charging has been done. This gives off more damage than your normal spell cast would give in the first place. 

Charged Magic details: Perform a dodge at a precise moment using R1 during an enemy attack. If executed properly, the enemy will be temporarily slowed, enabling you to counter using the Square or Triangle button.


5. Burning Blade

Burning Blade.

Another one to master early on is the Burning Blade skill, and trust me; this one is pretty useful when executing combos with your Eikon skills as well.

In this case, just press and hold the Square button on your DualSense Controller until Clive’s sword is covered in flames and launches enemies into the air. You can even charge while performing another move as well!

Burning Blade details: Obliterates enemies by engulfing Clive’s blade in fire and launching them into the air.


6. Stomp

Stomp like a pro.

Stomp is another one of the skillsets of Clive that you’ll have to upgrade to, sooner or later, even if you don’t feel like it.

Remember those Jump Cancel techniques in Devil May Cry? Well, you can execute those here, thanks to this. It can extend your combo timing as well as enemy juggling. Just press X on a mid-air enemy, and you’ll do the stomp.

Stomp details: Kicks an enemy while in the air, increasing both jump duration and height.


7. Taunt

Just Clive being Clive.

Good ol’ Taunt is making this list as well. If you need some crowd control

All you gotta do to get the enemies' attention is press R2 and the TouchPad on your DualSense controller simultaneously and then release them to get their attention.

Taunt details: Draws the Attention of the enemies.


8. Lunge


Lunge is up next, and out of all the list, this one is a lot more fun to upgrade and master! As well as essential, mind you.

Remember the Stinger from the Devil May Cry series? Well, this Lunge is the Final Fantasy version of it. Closes the distance between Clive and the enemies and unleashes a surrounding attack. Just Press the Square and the X Button combined on your DualSense Controller, and you’ll be good to go.

Lunge details: Unleashes an attack after closing in on an enemy.


9. Magic Burst

Magic Burst.

Next up is the Magic Burst, and this one’s a necessary upgrade to master.

It’s just Clive unleashing his spells, and mastery over it would allow Clive the ability to blast some “Fireballs,” “Windballs,” etc, depending upon the type of Eikon equipped. Just press the Triangle button on your DualSense Controller after you’ve swung some swords, and you’ll be good to go.

Magic Burst details: Unleashes a powerful close-range magic attack.


10.  Limit Break

Warrior Within.

Last but not least, we have the Limit Break ability, another one that is necessary to master.

With this, Clive enters the Semi-Primed state, which basically strengthens his attack and Stagger meter when dealing damage with enemies. Apart from that, you get this ability when you complete a certain mission, which is near the game's halfway point. 

Just press L3 and R3 at the same time to activate it, and you’ll be good to go. (L3 is the Left Stick, and R3 is the Right Stick, by the way.)

Limit Break details: Clive enters a strengthened state, boosting his combat capabilities for a limited time.


And that’s about it with the best moments in-game. Hope you have a great one ahead.


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