Most Handsome Final Fantasy Characters

most handsome final fantasy characters
If that's not husband material, I don't know what is

Who made the cut for the most handsome FF characters?

For decades, we’ve watched Final Fantasy develop and grow as a franchise. One of our favorites has to be the advances in graphics. Naturally, it also means more detailed and high resolutionHD characters. Those old 8-bit styled characters we love are now more human and life-like.

Let’s just take a moment to appreciate all the wonderfully designed Final Fantasycharacters who we can now view in HD. Just so we’re clear this list is a mix between popular opinion and my own personal preferences. They are, also, in no way chronological order. I mean honestly, how am I going to rank them when they’re all handsome to varying degrees? Impossible.

With that out of the way, let’s get on with the list and let me know what you think!

10. Older Hope Estheim (FFXIII-2)

Hope is a teenager that you first meet in FFXIII, who lost his mother in a socialthe Purge. Initially, he joins the party to get strong and murder one of your party members, Snow. It doesn’t happen though, fortunately (or unfortunately depending on who you ask). In the sequels, he’s director of a research group called the Academy and continues to assist Lightning for the rest of the series.

Nobody really gave him a second glance at first. Obviously, it’s because he was a literal child, but he’s not the same baby face a decade later in FXIII-2. The mature, confident leader look with sharp features is definitely a step up from before. Our only complaint is that we don’t get to see enough of it in the game, and he goes back to being a teenager in the next game.

9. Edge Geraldine (Final Fantasy IV)

Who can forget the flirty prince/ninja from FFIV. He joins the party in order to get revenge on the Rubicante that destroyed his kingdom. Cocky, hot-headed, and more than a little rude, Edge is determined to help the team even after he saw his parents sacrifice themselves.

There’s something to be said when you can only see half a person’s face, but they still end up looking so fine. It’s pretty much canon in everyone’s minds that he’s the best looking guy in the game even before we get an HD version of their characters. I blame the silver hair and those piercing 8-bit eyes.

8. Kain Highwind (Final Fantasy IV)

Adoptive brother and childhood friend of FFIV’s main protagonist, Kain is the dragoon that works alongside the party. For a while, it looked like he stabbed you in the back by joining the other side. Turns out that he was actually being mind-controlled by the real enemy.

Now, he already looks really sleek and handsome even with his helmet on, but we finally get to see his face when he gets a change of color scheme in the sequel game. To be honest, I don’t know what fans were more surprised of: his absolutely beautiful face or the fact that the hair was actually not part of his helmet.

7. Reno (Final Fantasy VII)

Reno is a member of the covert intelligence and investigative agency, nicknamed the Turks, in FVII. He’s first seen as an antagonist and is even fought as a boss. Though, he does make a heel-face turn along with his partner, Rude, as they help Cloud in Advent Children..

Reno looks like that guy that you can feel is bad news, but you can’t resist approaching anyway. Obnoxiously bright red hair and cheek bone tattoos that pretty much demands your attention. He literally only has to give me a look, and I’d throw away all rational thinking.

6. Vincent Valentine (Final Fantasy VII)

An optional character in FFVII that eventually gets his own shooting game later on. He was a Turk who objected the use of human test subjects and eventually became one himself. As his body physically stops aging, he lay to sleep for three decades prior the main game.

Dark, mysterious, a vampire, Vincent pretty much hits all the marks in most teenage girls’ fantasy. It helps that he has those intense blood-red eyes that’ll make your breathing stop (whether out of appreciation or mild fear). It’s just too bad that most of his beautiful face is covered by his cloak, but I guess that just makes his close-up shots all the better.

5. Squall Leonhart (Final Fantasy VIII)

A 17-year old student in an elite military school, Squall is the main protagonist of FFVIII who try to prevent the conflicts caused by a sorceress from the future. He’s a stoic loner that was practically forced to become the leader halfway through the game.

Unkept brown hair and stony cold eyes, there’s no arguing that Squall is objectively handsome. Sure, some people may not like his attitude, but there’s a reason why he’s always making the hottest FF characters list. He has just the right amount of feminine features to look handsome but also has masculine traits that make him a step above boyish.

4. Zack Fair (Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core)

Originally the late best friend to FFVII’s main protagonist, Zack has become one of the most prominent faces of the game and a protagonist to the prequel game Crisis Core. He’s a 1st Class member of the military group, SOLDIER, that rescues Cloud prior to the game.

Have you ever met someone whose smile feels like it could bring world peace? Well, that’s what it feels like whenever I look at Zack’s face. No lie, I’ve had both women and straight men say that he looks amazing. Maybe it’s his youthful features and bright blue eyes, or maybe it’s his free-spirit and positive attitude that makes him look so attractive.

3. Older Noctis Lucis Caelum (Final Fantasy XV)

A face that shocked the fandom, the next on our list is FFXV’s own prince Noctis. He’s the game’s main protagonist and prophesied hero that would end the eternal darkness.

At first, he looked like your usual young, attractive, JRPG character but after the 10-year skip, we all just went ‘damn’. Don’t get me wrong, he was good-looking when he was younger, but his older, cleanly shaven (emphasis on the shaved part) look is one of the best designs I’ve seen in this franchise. The fact that we only get to see it for a short while at the very end of the game is just plain unfair.

2. Balthier (Final Fantasy XII)

One of FFXII’s main characters, Balthier is a sky pirates who travels around the world of Ivalice along with his partner, Fran. He accidentally meetssees the main protagonist, Vaan, as they’re both trying to steal the royal treasure. A couple of unexpected events forces him to get involved in their adventure.

Very rarely do you ever see a fandom collectively and unanimously agree that a character is the single most handsome man across the franchise. It’s hard to put into hardswords, but there’s something about his sharp features and overall aura that make him drop-dead sexy. He’s not over-the-top or trying too hard. This is what it looks like when a man exudes confidence. Plus, he has also has the wit and intelligence to back him up.

1. Ignis Scientia (Final Fantasy XV)

Ignis is one of the four main playable characters in FFXV. He’s a childhood friend and royal advisor to Noctis. Throughout the game, he gives you tactical advice, cooks for you, and drives for you.

If there’s one thing we should be thankful for, it’s that FFXV has graced us with a man who looks like his face was sculpted by the gods. His sharp jaw and piercing eyes, especially without his glasses, never fails to make me us stop and just stare at his face. It’s almost criminal, really, how good they made him look. How dare they design someone that can make a man question his sexuality. He even has a British accent and a sassy attitude to match! I swear, he can talk me into emptying my bank account, and I wouldn’t even be mad.

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