Top 37 Best Yuna Cosplays We've Ever Seen

Best Yuna Cosplays
This beautiful Final Fantasy gal summons all the fans to her side

Final Fantasy X and and the characters it brought to fame are iconic staples in the franchise . Yuna is one such character. She stole our hearts in the first game with her sweet innocence and then shot it out of our chest in the second as a badass, gunslinging treasure hunter. It's no surprise that everyone's favorite Summoner-turned-Gullwing is such a popular choice in cosplay. After combing the internet for only the best, here's who we think had the best portrayals of all time.

37. Hikkikatastrophic

Yuna looks over her shoulder at her many adoring fans. Keep those thoughts to yourself boys, she's a girl of faith.

36. X110291

After the summoner garments are ditched, it's time to lounge in the rays. Wanna help her with some sunscreen?

35. SakuMiyuku

The details in Yuna's outfit are unreal. You should take a closer look at that skirt for sure though.

34. MostFlogged

Yuna shines bright even in the depths of despair. Try not to get blinded.

33. Tapyoo

Yuna seems like she's in a bad mood. You better hope she doesn't have to punish you.

32. Talfrynn

Barefoot on the beach. Is there anything more a man could ask for?

31. SweetAngelCosplay

Yuna looks like she's been waiting awhile. Hopefully someone has something to make it worthwhile.

30. Csepi

Yuna looking forward to her bright future. I'm sure her fanboys have plenty of ideas about what's in it.

29. Iori Moe

Even with the robes on, such a coy grin is dangerous. Is that any way for a summoner to act?

28. PeachMilkTea

That round angel face is impossible to say no to. At least after X-2, we know there's a little devil inside.

27. AliAnya

Someone looks lost in thought. She might need some help clearing her mind.

26. KaoriEtoile

Yuna looks like she needs a good sparring partner. Any volunteers out there?

25. Miou

Hands up! Even with that cute smile, she'll rob you stiff.

24. NaomiRoseCosplay

When the sun is out, so are Yuna's guns. I mean her pistols, of course.

23. Alyson Tabbitha

That ribbon looks a bit heavy to be wearing all day. Anybody willing to give the girl a break?

22. Amala

It can't be easy saving the world from Sin. Doesn't a quick rest sound inviting?

21. Tsuyato

From the front or behind, Yuna is prepared for all angles. She looks damn good from all of them too.

20. Micialgo

Is that howling I hear? Berserker Yuna is here to tame every wild beast.

19. Diriagoly

Yuna's Lady Luck dressphere is all about the roll of the dice. Are you feeling lucky?

18. Rii Cosplay

Island girls know how to sit back and relax. She looks lonely—care to join her?

17. Angel Lady Yunashe

Oh no, Yuna fell. She won't tell what happens down there if you don't.

16. Eyes 0n Me

Yuna's hips don't lie and neither do her pistols. She'll make honest men out of you yet.

15. Inushio

Songstress Yuna never shies away from the spotlight. Are you here to watch her perform for you?

14. Yumi Cosplay

Yuna's got sharp shooting skills for days. If her bullets won't kill you, those legs will.

13. Sasorin Odannaun

Yuna doesn't have time for fooling around. Although she might make time if you ask nicely?

12. Sana Cosplay

Ready, aim, fire! Think you can hit a bullseye?

11. Myrionette

Yuna's taking a break from singing right now. But if you're nice, she might have a special tune for you.

10. CuraCosplay

Have you ever noticed Yuna has two different colored eyes? I noticed you staring.

9. Monika Lee

She looks like she knows something you don't. Maybe you should test your curiosity.

8. AngelWing

Another Thief Yuna. Keep a good grip on her before she gets away.

7. Amie Lynn

Aww, she looks so happy. Bet you had to work hard to put a smile on that face.

6. Orauntia

This is a stick up! I'm sure you know what to do next.

5. Small Kaori

Songstress Yuna is prepped for the show. Can you keep up with her rhythm?

4. Geeky Sica

A pose straight off of the game case. And who says video games are unrealistic?

3. Narga Lifestream

Yuna looks like she wants a swimming partner. Don't keep her waiting.

2. Dolly Lollipop

Yuna's been searching for treasure for hours in the heat. What's a girl gotta do to get some relief around here?

1. Tomia

Our true number one spot goes to what looks like Yuna in real life. Try to pace yourselves boys, Yuna can only serve you one at a time.

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