[Top 10] Smash Ultimate Young Link Combos

Smash Ultimate Young Link Combos
The return of Melee’s youngest swordsman

It’s been a long time since Young Link has been in a Smash game, 20 years at the time of this article, in fact, but everyone is happy that the swordsman is playable once again. Along with a sleeker design, Young Link has better combos than before. Whether you’ve been waiting to main him again, or you’re confused about why there are three Links in the game, you would be remiss if you skipped this article. Read on for all my favorite combos!

The Best Combos

10. Nair > D-Tilt > Fair

All's Fair in love and Smash (0:14)

To start, a lot of great strings can begin and end with Fair. It’s one of Young Link’s more reliable moves in his arsenal and a good one at that. The multi-hit move pairs well with a D-Tilt to get your opponent slightly airborne. 

9. D-Throw > Up Special

Versatility is key (0:04)

Down Throw is pretty versatile for our young hero. It can combo into lots of different things, but Up Special is one of my favorites. While it won’t KO as early as the older or toon Link’s, it can rack up damage pretty well, so use that information as you will.

8. Side Special > Fair

Comin' at ya! (0:22)

Young Link’s boomerang is annoying. Point blank, period. However, it can be useful in combo setups if used correctly. If you use it in the combo I’ve listed above, for example, you’ll get an exciting and not commonly seen true combo.

7. Grounded Up Special > Bair > Up Special

Twice as Nice (0:28)

Something about multi-hits and Young Link… couldn’t tell you if I tried. Anyhow, using Up Special twice feels so satisfying for no reason, so use it when you can. This true combo racks up damage fast, so if you can, follow it up with whatever you can think of.

6. Zair > Grounded Up Special

Chains are pretty cool! (0:25)

There aren’t that many characters that can use Zair, an attack only available to those with tether grabs. Young Link can make use of his Zair in his combo game. Following up with a grounded Up Special is cause for lots of damage to be given.

5. Side Special > Down Special > U-Tilt

Keep them away! (0:41)

Young Link has no shortage of ranged attacks, but what happens when you combine a few of them? You get this stunning combo, that’s what happens! Wow your opponent as you put the damage on them with this awesome bomb and boomerang attack.

4. Bair > Grounded Up Special > U-Air


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