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Smash Ultimate Best Falco Combos, Smash Ultimate Falco Combos
The abrasive bird making his entrance


Falco Lombardi Reports for Action

One of the bolder members of Star Fox, Falco’s personality is what drew me to play him. His power, speed, and combo- heavy attacks are why I stayed. With a slew of multi hits and one of the fastest spikes in the game, I think you should give this bird a chance. Read on to see my favorite Falco combos for Smash Ultimate.

The Best Combos

10. U-Tiltx2

Simple yet effective (Starts at 0:05)

Falco’s Up Tilt is an excellent way to start aerial combos, but also combos into itself. Personally, I like to follow up with U-Air, but do whatever you think is necessary. Or you could make this combo go on forever, whatever works.

9. Fair > Jab

Rack up damage (Starts at 0:16)

If you want to put lots of hits on your opponent, this combo is one way to do that. Make sure to do falling Fair, since rising is more likely to send your opponent flying. This whole combo, if done right, is very satisfying, to top it all off.

8. Side B > U-Tilt > U-Air

Spacing is key (Starts at 0:41)

Side B, like U-Tilt, can start a few aerials. The difference is it can’t combo into itself as quickly, and it needs good positioning. However, it can catch opponents off guard, so finding a good opportunity to use it is important. Don’t overuse it, though; it’ll get predictable.

7. Up Throw > U-Air

Falco's got a lot of pillar combos (Starts at 0:07)

This combo works pretty decently at any percent, as long as you account for DI. At high percent, This can lead to a KO! Following the attack with a well placed U-Air (as usual) doesn’t hurt with Falco.

6. D-Throw > Up Smash

Nice setup! (Starts at 0:31)

Since Down Throw doesn’t launch opponents very far, it’s good to follow up with an attack most of the time. Up Smash is a decent option since it can lead to other attacks at low percent or even KO at high percent.

5. D-Throw > Dash Attack

Another option would be to Dash attack out of Down Throw. D-Throw > Dash Attack is a good way to knock away opponents that are getting too aggressive. It can also push opponents offstage at higher percent, setting them up for you to edgeguard.

4. Dair > U-Tilt > U-Air > Bair

Speed is Power (Starts at 0:00)

Like I said, Falco has one of the fastest spikes in the game. Doing a grounded Dair not only catches opponents off guard but also puts them into hit stun. From here, you can wreck house and rack up a ton of damage.

3. D-Tilt > Fair

Send them flying (Starts at 0:16)

The fact that this combo can go on for a while is great if you’re the one using it. For your opponent, not so much, especially if they’re large. Remember stale moves, though, plus the fact that this is more effective at lower percent.

2. U-Air > D-Tilt > Fair

A variation of the last combo (Starts at 0:27)

Another lead into D-Tilt is to use falling U-Air since you’ll have some momentum going already. Using it close to the ground gives you enough time to pull off the D-Tilt.

1. Nair > U-Tilt > U-Air

What a fun one (Starts at 0:44)

By far, one of my favorite Falco Combos, this one uses a falling Nair to start the combo off. Remember you can combo U-Tilt into itself, as well as U-Air, for massive damage and KO potential.

In Conclusion

Falco has seen some improvements since Ultimate’s release in 2018, making him more viable than ever. I honestly believe you’ll be blown away by his performance. Give him a try next time you have the chance!


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