Devil May Cry 5 Ten Great Crossover Skin Mods

10 DMC5 Crossover Mods

Devil May Cry 5 has been out for over a year now, and in that time, people have created some amazing mods for the game. This includes gameplay changes, alternate effects for attacks, weapon skins and even an alternate playable character! For this list we will look at 10 mods that change one of more of the characters into characters from other well known series.

Death Note

V made a deal with a Shinigami

This mod will turn V’s book into the Death Note from the anime with the same name. While this mod isn’t nearly as involved as the others in this list, it’s great seeing V hold a book with so much power (while wishing you could write the names of some demons in there to get rid of them quickly).

Star Wars

V has mastered the Force

Want more Star Wars in your game? With this mod, V will dress up like Star Wars’ Kylo Ren. There’s a couple of options with this mod, letting you also replace his cane with Kylo’s lightsaber (either a red or purple version).

NieR: Automata

2B goes from fighting machines to demons

This is a mod for Vergil. In it, he becomes 2B from NieR: Automata. It includes a Devil Trigger form as well, which turns 2B’s dress white. Sadly, this mod doesn’t include any kind of voice or weapon changes, but it’s a nice mod if you want to see 2B slaying demons!

Iron Man

Dante suits up for his battle against the demons

This is a great mod for Marvel fans. Dante wears the Iron Man armor for this one, and they did a great job creating it. Not only is it a very accurate look of the armor, but they added lightning effects to his eyes and power source, and you can see light reflections off his armor.


He can’t make items explode, but he can still fight

Another Marvel mod, this one turns Nero into Gambit. This includes not only his outfit, but also Gambit’s eyes and hair. As an extra bonus the Red Queen turns into a staff! All that’s missing are some cards to throw.

FFXV Noctis

The Prince of Lucis will save the world again

This mod brings a little of the FFXV world to DMC. In it, Nero becomes Noctis, and it comes with options for his hair. You can choose to give Nero his or Noctis’s hair, and additionally make either style white or black.

You can pair this with the Engine Blade mod to get a full Noctis experience!

Resident Evil 2

HUNK and Tofu are ready to hunt demons!

This pack brings two characters from the Resident Evil 2 Remake’s 4th Survivor mode; HUNK and Tofu. Dante uses the HUNK outfit, which also changes his Devil Trigger and changes Dr. Faust into a racoon, and Nero becomes Tofu, giving him a new Devil Trigger as well.

There are other options for RE2 as well if you don’t want to use these. This includes a ’98 Leon model for Dante, and a RPD uniform for Nero.


Master Chief has a new energy sword

This is an amazing mod if you’re a fan of the Halo series, especially the first game. Dante becomes Master Chief from the original game, and all of his weapons change with it. This includes things like the Assault Rifle over Rebellion, Ghost over the Cavaliere and much more, all with original Xbox models!


From hell to the demon realm

This is the newest mod on this list, but also one of the most detailed. This is a mod for Dante that turns him into Spawn from Image Comics, but also comes with a lot of other changes. For one, it changes most of Dante’s weapons to match with Spawn, and changes some of the sound effects as well.

On top of that, the mod also changes Urizen’s third form in Malebolgia from the Spawn comics. Overall this is a great mod for fans of this character!

Metal Gear Rising

The cyborgs team up against the demons

This mod brings together skins for Dante, Nero and Vergil, as well as other additions. The MGR pack Turns Dante into Gray Fox, Vergil into Jetstream Sam, and Nero into Raiden, all from Metal Gear Rising. In addition to the outfits, several weapons from all three characters are changed, as well as many of the sound effects.

If you don’t want to use the whole set, you can pick and choose which characters you want to change, or which weapons you want swapped.

You can combine any of these mods with any of the other many mods people have made, and give yourself a fresh experience with Devil May Cry 5!

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